Tuesday, November 03, 2009

BOE Budget Pre-Hearing & Policy on Coaches Conduct Tonight

Pre-Budget Hearing @ 6:30PM TONIGHT
Followed by Study Session on:
Policies 6150 & 6151 Coaches Conduct While Supervising Students

SCATS ~~ If they truly (truly is the keyword here) wanted public input then I think they would have given us some advanced info on the budget so we could prepare some intelligent remarks for the hearing AND they would have scheduled this for a different night instead of election night! 


Anonymous said...

Such a good logic example. The teachers could use it as a truth table exercise.
You pose an if "p then q or r" and since we know that q..giving us time to offer budget ideas....and r....having it on another than the election night....are BOTH in the "not" that means that the "p" is not true.
(This is an inside math nerd comment. Might be mixing up the converse with the contrapositive but we all know they really truly don't care about public input. )

Anonymous said...

These hearings are just more charades to make it look like they got input. The only input they actually listen to is when parents, teachers and other whiners scream about something they decide to cut. Then they "care."

Anonymous said...

How it used to work was this: They pretend they are going to cut something and then "leak" the information to the PTA council and teacher's union. Then the usual suspects come out to plead "for the kids" which really means "for my wife's job so I can spend more time on the school board"

SCATS said...

To 4:27PM ~~ Used to work? Seems like it still worked last time it was tried ;)

Are you saying it no longer works? Or that they've changed tactics?

Anonymous said...

Scats good question.

I'm saying since I have the luxury of all my kids out of the school system that I know longer know what the school administration does to . But when my kids were in school the emotional blackmail and scare tactics got all of the parents in a tizzy and playing their parts in the pleading to not cut positions and services. We can only assume since it worked then they are trying it now too.
Who are the leaders of the PTA council? We never seem to hear from them. Maybe the trickling away of the economy has finally reached the depths and even those people have more productive activities to pursue.

SCATS said...

To 5:25PM ~~ Thanks for clarifying. I suspect the PTA'ers have been busy helping their Shamber pals get our corrupted "leaders" re-elected.

I bet 3 or fewer people talks to the BOE tonight.