Thursday, October 08, 2009

W Ridge Participated in Intnl Walk-to-School Day

Out of 20 schools in Greece, just ONE participated in this annual, international event. (D&C)
I find this news most interesting since yesterday was extremely windy and since W Ridge is a school-of-choice. I had planned to do an upcoming BLOG on the topic of walking to school, but this provides the perfect opportunity to broach the subject.

How far is too far to walk? At what age can students walk alone or with friends? Are parents being hypervigilant or are their fears realistic?

In 1969, 41% of kids walked or biked to school, but by 2001 only 13% did. (Read more)


Anonymous said...

I guess I didn't know about the "official" walk to school day, however, one of my children attends Kirk Road, where they do so several times a year. At Kirk Road, the walk begins in the Bill Gray's parking lot, and travels along Latta. Not an ideal route as far as safety goes, but the kids all seem to stay on the sidewalk. Several parents & some school staff help along the way.

Anonymous said...

Staying on the sidewalk during the day on The Latta Speedway means they are like fish in a barrel waiting for the texting teen or confused elderly person or vice versa to hit them. Unless the parents are super heroes they will be unable to stop a car.
Wasn't there a story about a young man driving through a Chinese take out restaurant at Dewey Stone. Sure he had a medical condition but that wouldn't make your crushed legs feel any better knowing that. And a distracted driver ran into gas pumps at the 12 corners in Brighton just last week. Luckily no one was conducting a health walk there.

Anonymous said...

9;37 what are you saying = don't let them outside?
Things happen = yes accidents
The courts are full of people like you suing = blaming this person and that person = shoulda done this shoulda done that.
Do you want to put them in a cacoon?

Anonymous said...

Not standing 2 feet from traffic traveling at 50 mph. Outside in their yards yes or at a playground with a parent yes.
And when did litigation come up in the previous comment? Only possibly more risk of getting hit by a car. When you are dead or crippled the first thought is not of money. Maybe that would be your first thought?
There is a big difference between cocoon (yes that is the correct spelling) and walking with many children in a line close to traffic. I would hardly call it spreading your butterfly wings by feeling the wind and exhaust and noise of passing traffic.