Friday, October 23, 2009

Vince Tofany Blvd: The House That Jack Built

Auberger loves to take credit for building the Community & Senior Center. To hear him talk, it seems to be the biggest feather in his cap from his dozen years as Supervisor. But let's face it. He is in his "castle" anywhere within the complex of buildings that adorn Vince Tofany Blvd. He behaves as if he owns it all.

An example: When various community groups (GRASP, AARP, etc.) gather to conduct business in one of the meeting rooms, he has no problem disrupting everything by popping in unannounced to say hello. Often, he brings other politicians with him, like Joe Robach. It doesn't matter that he might he might be interrupting a guest speaker. He makes no apologies. He seems to think people await his appearance. They don't. I'm sure he thinks it's "friendly." It's not. In fact, he's often laughed at and people talk under their breath about how he will do anything to promote himself, even if it's rude. Or out of place. Or entirely unwanted.

In sharp contrast, when a resident wants a face-to-face meeting with him, he seems to hide in his upstairs office. He relies upon "I am him" to juggle the residents who seek his counsel. Getting an appointment to meet with Jack Auberger is like getting into the Guiness Book of Records. It takes stamina, persistence and time, lots of time. Getting him to return a phone call isn't easy either. It seldom happens. It gives the impression he is just too busy. Or maybe it's that he's just too good to talk to the folks that pay his salary ... unless it's on his terms.

By interrupting someone else's meeting, he makes himself "available" in the phoniest way possible. He's there but he's unapproachable. You can see him. You can hear him. But you can't talk to him. Yes, everything is tightly controlled in the house that Jack built. Too tight. On November 3rd, we'll see whether Jack's "castle" is but a house of cards in the wake of a dozen years of scandals ... and whether or not the people of Greece reclaim Vince Tofany Blvd. as their own.


Anonymous said...

you nailed it scats!

Anonymous said...

You forgot the part about how the Senior Community Center was built on the settlement dollars Jackie got from the Assessor scandal.

Instead of giving us a refund, he built an addition to "Camelot" where he could draw all his seniors into his lair, and then brainwash them into believing he is the second coming of Christ at the prayer session of the Town Bored Meeting, all the while Uncle "Piggy" is outside molesting their granddaughter, and Brother Nick has stolen their vehicles, and is currently driving 190mph down Latta Road in the dark without headlights. What a risk taker!

Yes, good things come from those who worship the Jackie!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see today's paper-
page 2A - paid advertisement by "Concerned Citizens for the Town of Greece" Not sure who they are but article says they are Republicans, Democarts and Independents and question why Auberger will not debate Maloney. They claim the voters want to sort fact from fiction and that Auberger declined to a debate in public (WHEC) and that they want the opportunity to use their vote wisely. They claim that if the Supervisor is correct in everything he says he should jump at the chance to prove it. Ends with "Let Democracy rule and may the best canidate win"

SCATS said...

To 9:09PM ~~ I don't subscribe to the D&C any longer, but that is facsinating info. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

How appropriate! Luv the cuffs! I envision them hauling Jackie away in them before the ROBUTRAD deal is done. Too many birds in his roost involved or arrested. The big rat is next - especially since that Marone gave ONLY JACK AUBERGER money!