Sunday, October 25, 2009

Uhrmacher Wants To Be Chief

Support For Him Grows;
Auberger Insists Selection Process Must Play Out

"We're still looking to narrow down the qualifications and put out a job posting in the next couple of weeks." ~~ Supervisor Auberger

"I would like to be chief because I've been involved in seeing the department through this difficult time and would like the opportunity to continue the rebuilding process." ~~ Acting Chief, Brian Uhrmacher

"Brian is no doubt the best candidate for Greece right now. He is someone who always wanted to be a cop and moved his way up through the ranks. This is what the department needs right now, not someone from the outside." ~~ Kevin Degnan, retired GPD

"He has already brought calm and stability to the department at a time it desperately needed it," he said. "I don't know anybody with more honor and integrity than Brian Uhrmacher, and as far as I'm concerned, the right guy is already in the job." ~~ Steven Smith, Orleans County undersheriff


SCATS ~~ Brian Uhrmacher already comes with a better track record AND better references than anyone you've hired previously, Mr. Auberger. Other than your own control issues and political troubles, what's your problem with naming him chief?


Anonymous said...

Auberger wants to reward Lozynski by hiring the guy he recommends to be chief. That keeps Maggie happy too so Jack can continue pretending he's "doing his job" in Greece. I laugh when someone suggests it takes "experience" to run this place! Auggie's done it for a dozen years using his crony connections and we're the fools for letting him.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Uhrmacher is a nice enough guy. Having said that he knew about the corruption going on all around him. If he didn't then he just proved he isn't a good detective and we need someone better. The first qualification should be someone who can smell the odor of BS even if its old andd dry or new but faint.

Anonymous said...

The police chief has already been selected. Its Mike Cerretto from the NYSP...Its just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

And what do you believe he could do with this knowledge -- Go to the Chief? Go to Auberger? Fat Chance.

It was the Chief and Auberger who were in on it.

Don't be so naive.

SCATS said...

To 3:06PM ~~ I must admit, I've become a bit torn over this argument. On the one hand, I do believe all of our cops knew things (at least something?) were amiss in GPD. That makes them part of the problem. On the other hand, they had other option like going to State Police, the FBI, the NY Atty General ... there are all kinds of agencies that investigate corruption that don't have ties to GPD or Greece govt.

To 3:05PM ~~ I fear you are correct. Sadly, the choice that's best for Auberger will be hired, not the one that's best for Greece.

Anonymous said...

He could have left and gone to work somewhere else.
We all knew about the corruption of the police chief but could do nothing about it. Noriega was corrupt but how long would you live if you told on him. It's a stretch comparison but whistle blowers do not survive in greece the town or the school district. It is only because of the Nick Joseph "accident" that there are any changes and charges.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, there are very few agencies around here that will investigate.

Look at corruption of the former school district superintendent. Although there was absolute proof and a lot of people knew it, there was no help from the GPD, the District Attorney, the Sheriff's Department of the State Attorney General. The word gets out and the investigatory agencies don't want to get involved in the power politics. Sadly, the only place to go is to the Feds. or the media and even that ia iffy.

Imagine the plight of the lowly patrolman in the GPD. The best policy there was to keep your mouth shut and do your job.

SCATS said...

To 5:39PM ~~ If I buy what you're saying (mostly I do), then it seems to me that the culture of corruption from within may still be in place despite all that's happened. Even more worrisome is that the ones who remain are now used to operating in such a culture and may cause any newcomers to also become corrupt given time. Sounds like we need to get rid of everyone and start fresh, beginning with the person who did all the previous hiring - Auberger. Dittos for GCSD and the remaining administrators.

Anonymous said...

If Ceretto has already been eyed then let's just get this done. If not then stop playing games with Uhrmacher. The way this town (schools too) treats employees is shameful. Games are for children.

Anonymous said...

News Flash: Auberger will be making the qualifications for the new chief based on the conservative and republican favorite State Police Captain Mike Cerreto's qulifications. This will eliminate Brian Uhrmacher from the running and satisfy the politicians. Good excuse for John Auberger. Politics as always.
As for the nay sayers. People with more power then Uhrmacher new of the scandals.
Uhrmacher was doing what we would like all of our police officers to do. "be dilignet in performing the duties of a police officer and stay away from the politicians.