Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Technical Troubles Posting Comments

Google's Blogspot website is experiencing errors associated with Comment Moderation. This has been ongoing the last several days. What it means is that at times (like right now), I can't access your comments to publish them. At other times, while trying to publish them, they simply disappear. Fortunately, I have copies of the comments in my email, so I can copy & paste them from the email into the comment area for posting which I am going to start doing as I'm able. It is a bit time consuming and you will notice that the time stamp on your comment may be different than when you actually wrote and depending upon the volume of comments, they may be out of order. That is the trade-off I'm having to make. Please be patient. Hopefully, they will get the issue fixed ASAP. Thank you :)


Anonymous said...

hey scats it is being reported on the noon news that Jim Smith has been indicted.

another black mark on Greece and on Maggie

Anonymous said...

Today I received Auberger's public sponsored press in which Bilsky is featured. It's very strange that no one has ever heard from him for two years, until election time, and suddenly he appears twice in a row in our tax paid propaganda sheet. I think it's terrible that our tax dollars are used to promote this do-nothing town board member. He spends 15 minutes a month rubber stamping Auberger and is inaccessable to his constituents the rest of the time and now for the first time in two years we see his name again.

Tax payer dollars should not be used to promote candidates for office especially those candidates who are responsible for the multitude of scandals in this Town. Bilsky is a guilty as Auberger, he voted yes to all the hirings we are now paying for.

SCATS said...

To 4:12PM ~~ You could just about ditto those words swapping the name Helfer for Bilsky ;)

Anonymous said...

I was surprised to see that Bob Bilsky actually takes credit for doing something, but at the Town Hall? Bobby, baby how about doing something for us poor slobs that live in the Ridge, Hiett, Fetzner are of your Ward?

What did you do at the Town Hall, paint the white lines on the new cross walk?