Thursday, October 15, 2009

Republicans Violated Fair Campaign Pledge

Independent oversight board calls mailer unfair that ties Dem. legislature candidates to Gov. Paterson and property tax increases

Monroe County Rep. Chairman William Reilich blamed the Dems for the Republican's mistake by claiming he modeled the mailer on previous mailers used by the Democrats : “We try to follow (the pledge) as best we can. It’s kind of like trying to follow a moving target."


SCATS ~~ So then Bill ... after "borrowing" your opponent's campaign tactics to use against them, you then blame them for your problems when you get caught? Now that's hysterical!!!! And did I mention desperate???


Anonymous said...

Reilich is not being honest
The republicans have been running dirty trick campaigns

Someone needs to submit Auberger's hack job on Dan M to that committee

Anonymous said...

Reilich's campaign tactics against Maloney are despicable. Gutter trash talk in slick expensive mailings. Unfortunately the town is filled with people that A. don't care because they aren't paying attention, B. don't care about anything anyway, C. complain about this and that but won't lift a finger or a vocal chord about substantive issues, D. want to be liked and only know Republicans, E. are intellectually incapable of understanding what is going on around them. I know many of these people. Here and there I find the really good folks who "give a damn" and want to get fresh honest folks into town government. Of course, most of this group wishes that they had bought homes and raised their kids in a town that "gave a damn".
So much for Greece. Perhaps the last chapter is about to be written. Or a new beginning.......