Saturday, October 31, 2009


No Other Explanation Needed!

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Anonymous said...

Nice Ad Joe! Now I see why they didn't want it delivered!

SCATS said...

To 11AM ~~ Great minds think alike! My exact thought ...

SCATS said...

October 29, 2009
Greece, NY

The United States Postal Service in Rochester has once again lost or misplaced approximately 1000 pieces of campaign literature for Joe Moscato, currently a candidate for the 2nd Ward Town Board seat in Greece. This large mailing was properly delivered and received by the Jefferson Rd. USPS facility and met all conditions for normal delivery. However all addresses in the 14626 ZIP and also the 14615 ZIP were never delivered and the local USPS branches cannot find a record of those trays of Joe Moscato’s literature arriving at the appropriate branch. Efforts for several days with numerous USPS representatives in Rochester and calls to Washington have resulted in searches but no explanation of the loss of these trays.

In 2005 Joe Moscato ran for Greece school board and had a similar mailing “lost or misplaced” by the Jefferson Road USPS facility. Many phone calls to that facility resulted in several searches which eventually found the trays of campaign literature in a storage room covered by a canvas tarp. Under no circumstances should those trays have been in that location and not sent to a branch for delivery.

The loss that was identified early this week is similar to that loss in 2005 thus raising a real concern about illegal activity occurring within the USPS Jefferson Road facility. The value of the lost materials this year is nearly $1000 of Joe’s personal funds and was addressed to key Election Districts in Greece. The loss appears to be the deliberate destruction of US mail pieces within a postal facility. Clearly this is a criminal felony act.

Joe Moscato intends to file a formal complaint with the United States Postmaster General and pursue all legal recourse options including an investigation by the US Attorney General to identify those who conspired to prevent this material from being delivered. In the meantime, Joe will spend the equivalent amount of money on newspaper ads and try to reach those homes that never received the mailing. Joe is asking the USPS to reimburse his campaign for the full cost of the literature which “disappeared” in the Jefferson Road facility.

The ultimate damage to Joe’s campaign for a seat on the Greece Town Board from the 2nd Ward cannot be known and remains to be seen. However, it is obvious that his efforts have been compromised as a result of gross negligence on the part of management of this facility and top administrators.

Thank you.

Beverly Strehle, Campaign Manager, Committee to Elect Joe Moscato

Joe Moscato

Charlie Hubbard said...

This type of thing truly sickens me.
IF this was political heads should roll - win or lose.
I truly hope the results of the investigation is made public.

Sorry Joe that a government agency is so incompetent but as you and I both know 'incompetence' comes at all levels of governence and the taxpayers PAY.

Anonymous said...

Morons Ranting has once again taken a slam at the senior citizens of Greece. Must be they're all under 30 over there.

Most of the intelligent voters in Greece are senior citizens and I am sure they do not want to be dubbed as "one old white haired citizen".

Unfortunately they are attacking Auberger's constuency and I'm sure they will not like being dubbed "old and white-haired" with the implication that they have no brains. I know are seniors are a lot smarter than those over at "Morons Ranting."

Anonymous said...

The damage to the campaign cannot be know (ever). It will be interesting to see how this gets played after the election by those who think it can be "known".

Anonymous said...

If H M O endorses Joey, why didn't H sign it? Very interesting!

SCATS said...

To 2:54PM ~~ Hubbard's statement is three comments above yours ;)

Anonymous said...

@1:58 - I went there and don't see what you're talking about.

Anonymous said...

Who said HMO endorses Joe? This flyer says Republicans for Joe Moscato. That's exactly what it means.

SCATS said...

To 3:47PM ~~ They are mocking Moscato for being a senior citizen. Very shameful behavior.

Anonymous said...

Is Hubbard's statement meant to be an endorsement of the candidate or just a comment on the post office? I'm confused.

SCATS said...

To 8:11AM ~~ Why don't you ask him directly. He usually puts his phone number in his comments. They are scattered throughout posts on this BLOG. Look for a BLOG about teacher's contract related issues and scan the comments. You're bound to find it.