Sunday, October 04, 2009

Read About Town of Greece Candidates

D&C provides short bios about Supervisor, town ward & other seats up for election in Greece

Supervisor ~ Incumbent John Auberger (Rep) vs Dan Maloney (Dem)

1st Ward ~ Incumbent Shannon O'Keefe (Rep) vs Karen Lee-Byfield (Dem)
2nd Ward ~ Incumbent Bob Bilsky (Rep) vs Joe Moscato (Dem)
3rd Ward ~ Andrew Conlon(Rep) vs Shawn Lavin (Dem)
4th Ward ~ Incumbent Kirk Morris (Rep) vs Karl Nielsen (Dem)


Anonymous said...

Kind of a bland article. It is typical of d and c election coverage. There were a few sentences at best about each candidate. If you call the paper,I bet they will tell you this discharges there obligation to cover Greece.

I think I could have mailed that piece in myself in several months ago It took only a minimum amount of work to prepare. To be fair this may not be the fault of our intrepid reporter, but the way the editorial board chooses to cover local races. Still if I were that intrepid reporter I'd make more of an effort to sneak a bit more content into the story.

I would really like to see more in depth coverage of Greece politics and less space devoted to fluff news.

Anonymous said...

Dammit! I already put it in the bottom of the birds cage, and now I have to read between the lines!

You wouldn't believe the aim my bird has!

Anonymous said...

Have you forgotten that the boss of the paper is Karen Magnuson who lives in Greece and rules with an iron fist on what makes it into the paper? She is buddies with the Chamber and Republican gang and has absolutely no interest in presenting a fair and unbiased picture of the crap that really goes on in Greece government. It is rumored that the D&C will have extra editorial endorsements for Greece candidates to further the prospects of a Republican sweep. So much for crusading and in-depth reporting of the many illegal deeds that have been swept under the rug by the D&C gang. Oh sure, they report the basic news as they must. But just one example....Why has it been a month since the special investigation of the police dept. was to have ended but they are still there spending 1,000's of $ each week! Not a word in the D&C!

SCATS said...

To 3:12PM ~~ Just click on the link I posted ... if you are able to aim ;)

To 3:21PM ~~ For the record, I asked Meaghan McDermott about updating us on the GPD investigation status on Sept. 23rd. Her reply the next day ended with: "It's probably time for an update."

I've also asked Berkeley Brean from WHEC-TV ... TWICE. No response ... instead he asked me for info on a different topic :(

Anonymous said...

3:21 - Don't worry, Jim Lawrence controls the editorial page, the political scene blog and the editorial blog. The editorial board (Jim controls them) is interviewing Greece candidates (no other town from what I understand) so don't be surprised when you see D&C endorsements of all the Democrat candidates. It appears that the Dems have their "in" too and the one that matters most!

SCATS said...

To 5:13PM ~~ You betcha that I'd be surprised. Shocked actually.

Anonymous said...

5:13 Karen Magnuson outranks Jim Lawrence bigtime. If she doesn't want it in there, its not going to get printed.

Graehaven said...

And nothing on Maloney in the article. What's up with that. Who is this guy? All we know is he's a UAW union boss? How is that going to be good for Greece?

I'm not saying I want to stick with Auberger, because I don't. If it looks dirty/fishy, it just may be. And there are too many unanswered questions on his involvement. That's a red flag.

But, electing a union guy? They believe in entitlement and privilege, and they believe in taxation. Neither is good for the town.

I want someone who will STOP spending money. PERIOD!