Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rahn's Fate Decided In A 3 Minute Meeting

The D&C Reports: "The Greece Town Board met in a hastily called meeting Friday and unanimously approved a settlement with Rahn. The meeting began at 5p.m. and ended, after a vote, three minutes later."

"The next natural step is I can now turn my interest to the two indictments (facing Rahn) to see whether or not we can turn this into a global resolution ... It's a relief for Merritt and his family, who can now go on and focus on his criminal case." ~~ John Parrinello Rahn's atty.

Democrat candidate for Supervisor, Dan Maloney, questions decision to "suddenly" save money after spending nearly $400,000 ~~ "If it would take just a little more money to get the truth out, why not go the extra step?"

SCATS ~~ It's Business As Usual At Greece Town Hall, Dan! NOTHING stops Auberger from controlling everything that the people of Greece get to know. Actually, 3 minutes is a LONG TIME for this group. Last month's meeting was 10 minutes long and they made 19 "decisions" then ;)


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have spect more than 1 minute getting rid of Rahn. I think they took too long.

Anonymous said...

I don't get how we "saved" money on this deal. It cost $400,000 and we still don't have the truth.

SCATS said...

To 11:57AM ~~ Well, I'm sure they had to at least pretend they deliberated ;)

SCATS said...

To 11:58AM ~~ What we really "saved" is Mr. Auberger's backside!

Anonymous said...

The "truth" is that Auberger is as corrupt as they come. He had to shut up Rahn from letting us see how bad he really is. Not bad for $10,000 out of other people's pockets, right Jack?

Anonymous said...

You really believe that if Rahn had anything worthwhile and substantial against Auberger he would be bought for $10,000? They would have at least paid out his sick time and some other stuff.

I am sure come criminal trials he will blame Auberger, but it will just be "he said, he said". If he had the goods, he'd be walking away with a lot more than ten thousand if that was the intention of the town accepting the redignation.

Ten thousand may seem like a lot to some people, but it is ridiculous to think that Rahn was approached by Greece with this deal and actually took it if he had any leverage. Yet some people want to try to spin it that way! LOL. Too bad though. it's a shame. The evidence is probably out there to tie in Auberger - no way I am proclaiming his innocence - but Rahn doesn't have it.

SCATS said...

To 7:07PM ~~ I agree that $10K is pocket change in this deal. On a different thread this morning I wrote about what else I think was part of this deal in response to someone saying the DA would have access to Rahn's testimony for use in court. Here is what I said:

"That access works both ways. The Town's atty. stated that the taxpayer's would have spent $87,000 paying for what amounted to a very costly "discovery process" for Parrinello.

After spending some time thinking this over, I can see what's going on here. Rahn got slammed with 11 new charges earlier this week. I think that was timed by Auberger who was waiting to see if Rahn would blink before going into the open hearings set for next week. Rahn didn't, so Auberger used the extra charges to motivate Rahn to want to back down and accept this "deal."

Parrinello has to advise his client as to what is in his best interests, so the deal of $10K for not holding Greece responsible for anything (and likely getting something in the form of a plea deal on the criminal charges with no jail time, yada, yada, yada ... or something similar) was taken.

The reason - it's likely that Parrinello could confidently fight against one charge in court, but defending against a dozen (or more ... another grand jury inquiry was threatened) charges with a satisfactory outcome on all of them imperiled his client. You just can't be certain with that many charges out there.

The truth can still come out in court, but by then the election will be over. Even if Auberger gets caught with his hands deep inside the cookie jar, at that point, he could resign. I think the Republicans would get to plug in their replacement for the duration of his term. Long story short - Greece taxpayers get played for the fools they are (if the re-elect Auberger) once again."

Anonymous said...

You claim to know a lot about what is happening SCATS. You know Auberger used the charges to force a deal and you know Mike Green will yank the charges later. That's quite a claim SCATS. If I was Mike green, I'd want to talk to you about how you supposedly know what he's going to do with Rahn's charges.

SCATS said...

To 9:18PM ~~ Yeah, if you were Mike Green LMAO :D