Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Property Owner Ends Attempt To Clean-Up Odenbach Site

  • Site Remains Highly Contaminated After Ten Years Of Efforts
  • Owner Seeks Variance* From Greece Zoning Board (Tonight) To Begin Auto-Dismantling Work There
  • NY Added Site To Its Superfund List For Future Clean-Ups


*Applicant: 4800 Dewey Avenue, Inc.
Location: 4777 Dewey Avenue
Mon. Co. Tax No.: 046.01-1-2.1
Zoning District: IL (Light Industrial)
Request: A Use Variance to permit the dismantling, storage, processing
or sale of salvageable parts from wrecked automobiles or other
machinery, including scrap metal or other discarded but
recyclable material, an IG (General Industrial) use, in an IL
(Light Industrial) district. Sec. 211-18 B (3) (a) [2]
SCATS ~~ Greece's own little Love Canal is located adjacent to environmentally sensitive areas - wetlands, ponds, Lake Ontario and the Monroe County Water Authority's Shoremont facility. The site is contaminated with some highly toxic suspected carcinogens like vinyl chloride, TCE, cyanide and other chemicals that pollute not only the groundwater, but can collect in vapors beneath the buildings situated on the property. I'll bet you thought we only had Kodak to worry about ;)


Anonymous said...

What a crappy use of that space.
Won't the auto shop cause more pollution?

Why hasn't this site been cleaned up for future use.

Another do nothing decision by Auberger.

Anonymous said...

Does greece really want an auto junkyard so exposed? Does greece really care is the question.
And these autos will have oil that has to be properly disposed of as well as the freon of the air conditioning and some of the older cars will have asbestos in the brakes. Will there be one of those crushing machines? That should be entertaining. Possibility of movie sets. Lots of seagulls and vermin. This should make northgate look good by comparison.