Thursday, October 22, 2009

Online Petition Fights Paterson On Requiring New License Plates

Petition gathers over 5000 signatures in first week

New plates to be required starting April 1st at a cost of $25 per vehicle



Anonymous said...

Good old NY always trying to make a buck--driver's license renewals just went up, too...cost me $64.50 for 8 yrs now. (Many people in line weren't even aware of how long their license had been good for: others were for 5 yrs). Mine had previously been for 9 yrs.

(Should also take time to remind others how children 7 yrs and under require booster seats now-changed from 6 yrs.)

Anonymous said...

We are only up to "M" with these license plates!

Anonymous said...

Guess we have to keep the inmates "employed".