Monday, October 05, 2009

NY's Tax Burden Amongst Nation's Highest

A report by the Washington, DC-based Tax Foundation says New York is near the top of another list. It's fourth in the nation for high property taxe.

New Jersey ranked highest, followed by Connecticut, then New Hampshire, and finally Rhode Island.

New Yorkers living in a $318,900 home, the median home price, paid over $3,600 in property taxes last year.

These five states "have consistently high rates of property tax and taxes on estates, inheritance and other forms of property."

SCATS ~~ I don't know about the rest of you but my home is valued at less than half the stated price of the median NY home and I pay over $4,000 in property taxes!


Graehaven said...

Ha! I pay over $3700 in property taxes and my house was $100,000 when I bought it 5 years ago, in the town of Greece. What numbers are these guys using?

They really need to separate upstate from downstate to get a true estimate.

Anonymous said...

Agreed same here. House is assessed at 114,000 and total tax after star exemption is $4,000. A 300K house in Greece would pay taxes of $14,000 per year. Those downstate people have a sweet deal.
Does that mean we are paying for the difference in the state aid to their schools in the hamptons and westchester districts with our sales tax and state income tax?
No wonder Hillary didn't move to our area when she became a carpetbagger.

Anonymous said...

Not much response to this heading. Maybe it is because most people don't know what they are paying in property tax since it is escrowed with their mortgage payment. This state of blessed ignorance is what the state is banking on to keep the masses oblivious as to what a "yes" vote means on school budgets.

Anonymous said...

They keep them ignorant "for the kids."

Anonymous said...

The extra money being spent = what are we getting for that?