Sunday, October 11, 2009

McCann: Confident Republicans Will Retain Majority

"Im pretty confident of our chances of holding the majority. People when they make a decision in their particular race when its time for them to vote will be voting on the individual candidates." ~~ Jeff McCann, Rep. candidate 19th legislative district

"Albany gets alot of the attention for being dysfunctional. But Monroe County government is just as dysfunctional." ~~ Mark Coon, Dem. candidate for 7th district.


SCATS ~~ From what I've heard, McCann will flip parties (like so many of his current Republican cronies already have) in a heartbeat, if he must. As always, time will tell ...


Anonymous said...

Let's hope Jeff doesn't hold his breath. He would turn blue, then purple, fading away to get my point :)

Gigs up Jeffy. Time for you to find a REAL job!

Anonymous said...

Has he ever held a real job?

Anonymous said...

Jeff is a double dipper.

he needs to go on a political diet.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, the double dipper party flipper. He's just like most of his other pals.