Sunday, October 18, 2009

Maloney & Auberger Trade $nipe$ On Budget/Fund Balance

"I do not understand why my opponent is misleading the residents of this town ... When you stand him up in front of the public limelight, he doesn't understand municipal budgets."  ~~ Dan Maloney (Dem), regarding the $12+ million fund balance

"That's a ridiculous assessment. This individual has absolutely no working knowledge of the budget. He does not know what a fund balance is. He does not have any understanding of what a tax rate is. To equate it to a home would be like having a savings account. It is a comfortable account that we have to be able to address emergency situations such as major storms being able to deal with increases in retirement contributions."  ~~ John Auberger (Rep.)

SCATS ~~ Well, John. There's "comfortable" and then there's ridiculous, a word you love. Even the Comptroller says the fund balance is three times higher than the recommended amount. I think THAT'S WHY you won't debate Maloney ;)


Anonymous said...

It's a good decision by Auberger to not debate Maloney. He wouldn't know who to blame if he lost the debate.

Anonymous said...

Now come on! This Supervisor job is SERIOUS business! You KNOW John Auberger is the ONLY one who understands this, and is the ONLY one who can EVER do this job!



Anonymous said...

Malone needs a better PR person. His use of numbers and charts is confusing and leaves me wondering if he knows what he is talking about.

SCATS said...

To 1:10PM ~~ Are you always this easily confused by facts? You prefer the incumbents who use party puppets?

Anonymous said...

to 10/19/2009 1:25 p.m. I have heard both Auberger and Maloney speak publicly to greece residents.
What I have witnessed is Maloney's attempt to give information to the audience. When asked by the audience for clarification Maloney does his best to do so, while Auberger consistently fails to produces relevant tax payer information but instead spends his presentation time attacking Maloney's lack of ability to govern the town.
How would Auberger know what Maloney is capable of. I don't thing they ever worked together in any capacity.
At this point as a town of Greece resident I prefer a person who will at least share information and who appreciates request for verification.

SCATS said...

To 10:14AM ~~ I agree with you. I think you may have intended to respond to the comment posted at 1:10PM instead of mine ...?