Thursday, October 22, 2009

Maggie Uses Budget In Dirty Trick To Support Legislature Candidates

Insider Budget Info Used in Rep. Mailers BEFORE Budget Details Were Shared

"This is the equivalent of insider trading for political purposes." ~~ Dem. Chairman Joseph Morelle.

"There's absolutely nothing wrong with the county executive sharing details with her partners in the legislature."  ~~ Noah Lebowitz, County spokesman


SCATS ~~ The Republicans are looking more desperate each day! Not so surprising after all the different scandals on their watch, I guess.


Anonymous said...

In my opinion, that was the weakest "Dirty Trick" argument I've ever heard the Dems make.

Again, imho, it's the democrats that look desperate if they're going after something like this for free media political publicity.

I guess Democrat electeds don't talk to Demcorat candidates.

How rude, and arrogant of them.

SCATS said...

To 8:09PM ~~ If you want weak, please look at Auberger's excuses for all the scandals he allowed to happen on his watch. "I had faith in them." ... "I trusted them." ... "I didn't know." ... "If only they changed the law so I could have fired him..."

If that isn't weak enough, check out the guys who defend the indefensible: MoronsRising

Anonymous said...

I just went there. They suggest firing the Democrat who got away with cutting up his girlfriend's face.

Doesn't seem indefensible, but I don't really care. I came here.

Sorry if that bothers you, but it's look like your comments have been dropping off quite a bit. If you want one less and all you'll take is a bunch of yes-SCATS like the boards you oppose, just let me know.

I think that's boring.

SCATS said...

To 12:09AM ~~ You must have had a bad day. How nice that you signed online at the midnight hour to come to this BLOG and leave over half a dozen critical comments. There are maybe 2, possibly 3 people who complain about how this BLOG is run. As they say, I can't make everyone happy. I often get comments asking me not to post but that tell me what a great job I'm doing. There was one of those again this morning. I BLOG for free and you read it for free. You're not even bothered by ads.

As far as comment counts are concerned, they are as high as they've ever been. However, they are spread among a wider array of BLOGS, since the number of posts I make has grown with so many topics to cover. People are still leaving comments on some threads that are weeks old.

It's too bad you only read the latest on the other site. They love to ridicule senior citizens, union members, Democrats, the Independents and probably even children & puppies over there.

Anonymous said...

I understand why they fire at unions and democrats, but where did you see ridicule of senior citizens?