Saturday, October 17, 2009

Karl Nielson On Property Taxes

Karl Nielsen 4th Ward said...

Dear SCATS Readers,
I have spent many hours researching the property assessments across Monroe County. The data that I am about to provide can be accessed at Greece residents need to compare their 2009 property assessment to their actual Town and County Tax Bill. In the Town of Greece a home assessed at $187,500 will pay about $3557. A home is Ogden assessed for $234,500 will pay about $3,517. A home in Brighton assessed at $189,000 will pay about $2880, a home in Perinton assessed at $284,700 will pay about $3005. What does this mean?

We pay the most in Town and County Taxes in Monroe County! Our Town and County taxes are so inflated that a true property assessment comparing Greece to other communities in our area is not realistic at this time! Greece residents have to sell their homes cheap to factor in the Town and County taxes.

Don't be fooled-- the Republican Town Board is comfortable with their current practices. I believe a change is needed, and I can provide "Leadership with Integrity." Join me in making Greece a community where people are placed above politics.


Anonymous said...

very interesting analysis

did you see John Auberger's scripted remarks in today's paper. Do you recognize this script

Anonymous said...

So according to this our property taxes are much higher than other towns. Is Gates the same way?

Yet our services seem to be below these towns Our management of money seems poor.

Where is fabled excellence in Greece?

Anonymous said...

At last, someone who could be a town board member who knows something about what's going on. Unlike our present board members who only need to know what Auberger tells them and who will obediently follow instructions and vote as they are told.

How refreshing to hear from someone who is knowledgeable and prepared. This year there are some excellent candidates for town board seats, Mr. Nielsen is one and so is Mr. Moscato. As a matter of fact, almost all the candidates are better than the bobble heads who sit there now.

Anonymous said...

Read today's D and C.
Just unbelievable. I'm at a loss for words.

Perhaps we could have an excuse contest for Auberger. For the best excuse the winner gets a week at the senior center. There s/he might actually run into Auberger Bring your best excuse to Tuesday's town board meeting ad give it to Auberger for future use.

Just to start the ball rolling
"The Dog ate my town"
or even better "The Dog ate my brain"

PS Kari is right. Go Kari get this stuff out to the public.

Anonymous said...

That article this morning was the biggest bunch of claptrap I have ever seen. First of all the notion that Greece is one of the safest towns is a complete and utter falacy. It's easy to be a safe town if no crimes are ever reported. This town is famous for that. I personally know of several very serious crimes having been committed here and there has never been one word in the press or anywhere else about them.

Second, I have to laugh about Boily chiming in on the police chief situation. When Boily was supervisor, several police officers came to him with written statements that Rahn was stealing from the property room. Boily ignored these statements. Finally it got so bad Boily had to do something and he fired Rahn. However, because of his do-nothing administration, the statute of limitations had run and the Town had to hire Rahn back and pay him for his lost time, something like $144,000. Rahn would have been long gone had Boily been on the job.

Next, politics has always played an important part in the hiring and firing in the police department and every other job in Greece. Pignato and Joseph had political connections and that's why they were hired. Auberger had a big hand in that mess. Rahn also has or had powerful political friends in the Conservative Party.

Of course, all of this would not be reported in the D&C because we all know there are some strong political connections there too.

This whole thing is a complete sham and everyone knows it and I hope they won't forget on November 3.

Karl Nielsen said...

8:49am-Thanks for the question. Gates is in a similar tax problem, but Greece his higher! I looked up a home in Gates that is assessed at $145,000 pays about $2,661. A cheaper home in Greece at $141,000 pays about $2,717.

At you can find the Greece Republican Principles that the current Greece Town Board stands for. The fourth line reads, "I believe government must practice fiscal responsibility and allow individuals to keep more of the money they earn." How can they say this when this Republican regime taxes residents more than any other town in Monroe County which is among the highest in the United States? Your support is a vote for lower taxes and a family friendly community.

Anonymous said...

Auberger and friends state that they have kept our taxes level and have not raised them. This is all a load of you know what.

What they have done is over tax us every years, partially by saying we are paying for 94 police officers, when, in fact, we are paying for about 70 or less. They take this money, place it in a slush fund. When tax time rolls around, in spite of increased, spending, they tell us no tax increase. This is done by applying about $3 million from their $12 million dollar slush fund to taxes and, ergo, no tax increase and all the dummies here in town say "how wonderful."

Anonymous said...

"Auberger and friends state that they have kept our taxes level and have not raised them."

I've not seen or heard that said anywhere. Where did you read or hear that? I believe what you're hearing is that any rate increases were below inflation. That's true. One year there was no increase. Now there's a rate cut being proposed.

D&C will endorse either all the democrats or at least a majority of them. Jim Lawrence writes more favorable articles about Dave Paterson and the Democrats despite the tax increases state Dems shoved down our throats this year.

Maloney will get endorsed not because he's the better candidate, but because he's not Auberger. It's because Greece has issues right now. Not because Dan's done a great job showing how he'd cut taxes, increase jobs or provide better services. That's my opinion.