Saturday, October 17, 2009

Is It April Fool's Day Already??

There's lots of "news" that just leaves me shaking my head lately. To quote Dr. Phil, I can't help but wonder "WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!?"


According to the D&C, Greece received an Excellence in Equity Award from the state Office of Real Property Services for its "fair & equitable" assessments in 2009. The article goes on to note that this is the 8th time since 1999, the year the program began, that Greece has received the award.

Obviously, the people in the Real Property Services Office don't read the newspapers, have never heard of Chuck Schwab or John Niccolo and his cast of shady characters!! This is unbelievable!


According to MPN News, Greece's very own good 'ole boy Sen. Joe Robach plans a timely “Update to Seniors on U.S. Government” at Legacy at Park Crescent (AKA mini-Republican HQ) on Monday. I can't help but wonder if this might not be more appropriately titled "Convincing Granny & Gramps to vote for Auberger ... and other Greece Republicans ... again." One thing I'm pretty sure of is that Senator Joe doesn't want to discuss his own role in Albany's ongoing dysfunction. And he sure as heck won't discuss issues relevent to current Greece politics. I know, I've been in the audience at a few of his functions this Fall. That leaves the Feds to point his finger at. Just remember Joe, when you point that finger at someone else, three more are pointing back at YOU ;)


In the realm of dirty politics, the folks over at MoronsRanting have been rolling in the slime they spew. I wonder if any of them are out helping Auberger by stealing the signs for Democrat candidates in Greece ... and, I wonder if Auberger realizes these sleazeballs are slamming senior citizens, like Joe Moscato? Auberger needs to wise up! Counting on Senior Citizens' votes while letting your supporters slam that same group is the lowest form of Republican shenanigans.


I just got my taxpayer funded Auberger propoganda/town newsletter in the mail. Auberger's ego knows no bounds, I see. He dedicated a full page to advertise a Veteran's Day ceremony for Nov. 7th. Guess what Jack? Since that's AFTER the election, putting your name on the piece doesn't ensure you'll be there in any capacity, other than as an onlooker ;)


Speaking of Auberger, I wonder when he's going to let Joe Loszynski stop holding his hand and return home to his family? I also wonder when we'll be told: "Who took Nick Joseph home?" ... "When will we get our new chief?" ... "Why isn't our acting chief good enough to be named chief?" ... "How much have we spent covering Auggie's backside to date?" ... "Why would Brian Ball change a police report?" ... "Why do so many GPD officers earn six figure salaries?" ...

I could go on and on and on! Anyway, I won't hold my breath that we'll ever get the answers we've dearly paid for, though. Jack isn't known for transparency, just for "mystery" and scandals ;)


Anonymous said...

"According to MPN News, Greece's very own good 'ole boy Sen. Joe Robach plans a timely “Update to Seniors on U.S. Government” at Legacy at Park Crescent (AKA mini-Republican HQ) on Monday."

The Greece Post actually wrote that in their paper?

PS-C'mon SCATS, don't start throwing stones from your glass litterbox. All sites commenting on Greece politics have been pretty intense to say the least, including yours.

Anonymous said...

Re the Excellence in Equity says Greece was one of 16 Monroe County towns to get the award. Why is Greece singled out in the article? Nothing like politically controlled news, Ms Magnuson?

By the way SCATS, do you realize this is a rerun topic? It was reported months ago.

Anonymous said...

Robach got cagey after his own scandal, pre-election time last year. He always steers the topic to some narrow area. When the heat gets turned on, he runs. You won't find him in any honestly 'open forum' situation. He just can't risk it.

SCATS said...

To 11:54AM ~~ Do you see quotes around it? No? Then I guess not. Nice try though ;)

To 12:07 PM ~~ I thought it sounded vaguely familar. Now I know why, thanks.

To 12:12PM ~~ I'd say you got him pegged ;)

Anonymous said...

You democrats certainly are an angry lot aren't you!

SCATS said...

To 12:33PM ~~ Stating facts is a show of anger? Ha! And, I really don't like name-calling. I'm not sure who you were pinning that label on. FYI, I'm not a Democrat. It's my understanding that quite a number of Republicans are FED UP this time around. They want something different. They've become scandal-weary and are ready to pull a different set of levers this election. Who can blame them?

Anonymous said...

People are so sick of politics in Greece that I think a lot of them have tuned it all out. They've shutdown from the bad news headlines. It's more than most people can take but it sure doesn't stop the Republicans from trying to spin the word every opportunity they get. Personally, I can't wait for November 3 to be behind us. I hope Auberger is behind us then too.

Anonymous said...

I have a horrible feeling the Democrats have blown their chances once again. Too quiet for too long from some of their candidates. Auberger's got an army of foot soldiers who do his bidding. They will break laws to get him in because he's still running the pd and everything else. So sad. How much more can one town take?

Karl Nielsen 4th Ward said...

Dear SCATS Readers,

I have spent many hours researching the property assessments across Monroe County. The data that I am about to provide can be accessed at Greece residents need to compare their 2009 property assessment to their actual Town and County Tax Bill. In the Town of Greece a home assessed at $187,500 will pay about $3557. A home is Ogden assessed for $234,500 will pay about $3,517. A home in Brighton assessed at $189,000 will pay about $2880, a home in Perinton assessed at $284,700 will pay about $3005. What does this mean?

We pay the most in Town and County Taxes in Monroe County! Our Town and County taxes are so inflated that a true property assessment comparing Greece to other communities in our area is not realistic at this time! Greece residents have to sell their homes cheap to factor in the Town and County taxes.

Don't be fooled-- the Republican Town Board is comfortable with their current practices. I believe a change is needed, and I can provide "Leadership with Integrity." Join me in making Greece a community where people are placed above politics.

SCATS said...

To Karl ~~ Thank you. You are right. Greece has the highest property taxes in Monroe County and Monroe County is near the top in the nation!

Anonymous said...

If there is a reason that residents of greece have tuned politics out, it can only be because of all the drama that goes along with the shady politics that we have all witnessed.
John Auberger wants everyone to thing that he knew nothing about the goings on in the police department if he did not, then he is an ineffective leader. If he did know and did nothing he is an ineffective leader.