Sunday, October 04, 2009

Hidden Beneath The Glossy Veneer ...

The Shadowy
Figures On
Loszynski's Team

Cost $2750

That's in
addition to 
our inflated
property taxes !

Hit the road, Jack!
We can't afford you no more,
no more,
no more,


SCATS said...

A special thank you to the amazing "artist" for the handiwork on mailer/pics :)

Anonymous said...


Truth in media takes on a whole NEW DEFINITION!

Thanks SCATS! LMAO!!!


Anonymous said...

I'd remove the permit # stamp, unless you own it and are paying into it. Don't know if a legal charge can be brought against you or the person who doctored it for using it this way.

Another blog doctored an existing mailer in a similar way, giving the impression it was real. They pulled it down after realizing they were wrong for doing so. They're a bigger blog (no offense) that must have felt this could come back to bite them.

Just a heads up SCATS.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! Almost as good as the Robach Gay wedding one!!!


Anonymous said...

Is that ROBUTRAD money in that fist???

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, it's being "mailed" on the internet! HAHAHA - nutcase!

SCATS said...

To 9:09PM ~~ If you are talking about a doctored Robach mailer, it was removed for a different reason, I'm told. At any rate, thanks to my talented artist, Permit # is but a memory ... :)

SCATS said...

To 10:53PM ~~ A friend once told me that dealing with people on the internet is a lot like sorting through a box of granola: once you eliminate the fruit & nuts, you're still left with the flakes ;)

Anonymous said...

Great mockup! LMAO!!

Graehaven said...

What does Maloney stand for? If he's running on, "I'm not John Auberger" then we'll have more of the same.

I did a google search for him and cannot find a site which has a platform for his views on town issues. Anyone know a site?

I'm not for voting in a different candidate because he's NOT republican.

Anonymous said...


Graehaven said...

Great.... and this is what scares me:
"An equal and fair distribution plan for infrastructure improvements and development will be in place that contributes to each of our four wards, and provides real economic and community development that increases the quality of life that we all deserve."

I don't WANT THIS!!! That's union speak for spending MORE!

And this....."Failure is not an option."

Yes, failure IS an option. Unbelievable! Don't underwrite business development with taxpayer dollars. That's not development, that's robbery.