Saturday, October 03, 2009

Greece PD Scandals vs Robu-Trad

On Friday, the ninth person admitted guilt in the Robu-Trad scandal & investigation.

Friday also marks one month since our last update on the status of the Greece Police Dept. scandals & investigation.

Why does it seem like there is forward movement with resolving Robu-Trad, but none with GPD?

Is Mike Green, the DA, dragging his feet until after the upcoming elections as a favor to John Auberger?

Why haven't we been told why Loszynski is still here a full month after we were told to expect his departure?

Will Rahn's hearing be open to the public?

Mr. Auberger, WHERE ARE YOU?
Elections are only 30 days away!


Anonymous said...

No. I think it's more like "give them enough rope and they will hang themselves."

Remember - John Auberger was the ONLY politician on record to receive a donation from Robert Marone, the head of the ROBUTRAD scandal.

The ONLY one.

Here's some more rope Johnnie boy.

Anonymous said...

Auberger is busy getting doors slammed in his face!

SCATS said...

To 9:27AM ~~ LOL!!!

SCATS said...

To 9:25AM ~~ Yes, you're right. I wonder if he has returned it yet?

Just kidding!!

Anonymous said...

Difference between the 2 scandals: Even though both scandals involve public money to investigate and prosecute, the robutrad one involves the stealing of money during the crime and we know that "money talks". Stealing a woman's honor and strong arming hirings do not involve dollars theoretically. Such is the hierarchy of importance in the eyes of the bureacracy.

Anonymous said...

Not only that, but ROBUTRAD has no injured, dead, or damaged people that it has caused harm to.

Between the unborn baby, the cover-up of the teen girls death, and all the women that Pignato damaged, I'd say the police scandal TOPS all by a long shot.

One has blood. The other just money.

SCATS said...

To 9:46AM ~~ In a way, you are kind of demonstrating my point in that Joseph & Pignato are both behind bars. They both committed the more serious crimes. Pignato does have a second trial coming up but not until Nov. 30th.

On the other hand, Ball, Trowbridge & company who face less serious charges seem to be just biding their time ...

Anonymous said...

Mike Green - Any resemblance to an actual Democrat is entirely coincidental.

Anonymous said...

Guess where you won;t be able to see a tape of the Merritt Rahn hearing. GOP TV.

Anonymous said...

Nothing from stopping anyone from taping it and dropping it at TW to play. Nothing at all.

I would hope EVERYONE does that.

Anonymous said...

The guy is from Greece. He gave money to Maggie:


SCATS said...

To 6:02PM ~~ Since I'm sure this event will be during the workday, that's going to be tough for most people to do. If Auberger keeps it closed to the public, there will be no tape, no witnesses to what really happens ... UNLESS Rahn/Parinello step up and make it happen.

Of course, I'm counting on YOU, 6:02 :)

Anonymous said...

The ONLY people that can keep this hearing closed to the public are Merit Rahn and John Parrinello. SCATS, why do you keep spreading misinformation?

Dislike Auberger all you want. Beat him up as much as you like. But at least try to be factual in your posts/comments.

You seem to have enough at your disposal. You don't need to confuse people.

SCATS said...

To 10:03AM ~~ Spreading misinformation??? Do you really believe Auberger WANTS THIS TO BE OPEN?? I'm pretty sure he does NOT!

Using the excuse that it will cause trouble with ongoing criminal investigations is the logical defense on his side.

Anonymous said...

Auberger is fuming mad that he couldn't keep the gate shut on this. The last thing he wants two weeks before elections is to have to testify with Parinelo asking him the questions. Bye, bye, bye!

Anonymous said...

The hearing officer has complete control over whether the hearing will be opened or closed. The parties can make their wishes known, but he and he alone has absolute power.

After hearing today's news, I think the hearing officer has made the correct decision.

Anonymous said...

You last two posters have no idea what you're talking about. Your feighned confidence in your incorrect statements calls into question your knowledge of how this really works.

Only Merrit Rahn can decide whether this hearing is open or closed. It's called waiving his privacy rights. SCATS has correctly referenced this on several occassions.

Rahn (and only he) could choose to not waive them which would make all discussions (including everything in his personnel files) public knowledge.

You must be young or not from around here if you don't realize that this is exactly what Rahn AND Parrinello DO NOT want.

I'm sorry. I forgot to add "in my opinion" ;)

You'll soon learn why they don't want that. Again "in my opinion." I strongly suggest and encourage you and everyone for that matter to go to the hearing.

That is, if Rahn decides to stick with waiving his rights.

I even think Dan Maloney should go. I'm sure reporters will have some questions and will want to talk to him after it's over. It'd be a good thing for Dan.

Once, again, "in my opinion."

SCATS said...

To 1:36AM ~~ If Rahn doesn't waive his rights, there is no PUBLIC hearing. I suspect there are a few surprises awaiting Auberger in all of this. Maybe some he didn't realize. Time will tell.