Thursday, October 08, 2009

GCSD Serving FREE DINNER Tonight

Over 700 students & parents expected for tonight's "Math & Meatballs" event at Apollo School


SCATS ~~ Free dinner for 700+ !! I wonder exactly how much this is costing taxpayers???

"I'll have mine with a side of swine flu please ..."


Anonymous said...

There are already too many meatballs in in the district --especially in administration

SCATS said...


Anonymous said...

Will Grease's finest be wearing their union t-shirts while they wait on, serve and bus tables for the commoners? I'd go just to see that!

Anonymous said...

It is too bad that you could not commend the dedicated teachers that volunteered their time tonight after teaching all day. Families enjoyed the evening and learned some math games to play together. This type of event takes a great deal of effort to coordinate. BTW we are required to provide these types of events for parents as a result of the Federal funding that we receive. So yes it may have "cost" taxpayers but if we didn't do these types of events it would cost you a lot more. Congratulations to all for the coordinated effort to pull of such a successful event!

SCATS said...

To 8:17PM ~~ It's too bad you couldn't commend all of the parents that volunteered their time tonight after working all day, you know the 8 or more hour day that nonteachers work.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad you can only take cheap shots 8:59.

Anonymous said...

This even was funded by a grant so I don't see why it is a big deal. It helped alot of parents learn how to help their kids and the people that may not have usually had a good meal had the opportunity. Teachers that did volunteer their time should be commended, they get their share of the bad press and rightfully so sometimes, however some times they deserve props.

SCATS said...

To 9:20PM ~~ Excuse me, but I think the really "cheap shot" is that whenever someone attempts to make Greece teachers accountable, the focus ALWAYS gets twisted back to the subject of this district's "horrible" parents. Please show me an example where Greece teachers have EVER STOOD UP and provided praise & support for Greece's parents. I won't hold my breath, because everyone knows it never happens ;)

What makes that so "cheap" is that we the parents are footing the bill for the teacher salaries, retirements, health care and 180 days off from work.

Paul said...

Scats for all your hatred of teachers I would actually love to hear you proposals of actual change. And don't just say hold teachers accountable. Describe how you would implement such a system. How do you compare a PE teacher to a science teacher? Or an elementary teacher to a high school teacher? How do you compare a teacher of AP students to that of a teacher of low level students. And when you get rid of all of these bad lazy teachers, who is going to replace them? I am all for teacher accountability but I never hear anyone actually have a good idea on how to do that.

SCATS said...

Paul ~~ I don't hate teachers. It's their union and their blind following of anything the union tells them to do that I can't take. Until we get rid of the teacher's unions and tenure, there's little hope for public education in NY State.

Charlie Hubbard said...

Paul; Let me be as nice as I can. As is always the case you want ALL the answers to step 2 before having all parties agree it needs to be done (step 1).
It is nothing but cloudy bs.
The public education monopoly has no interest or insentive to buy into any form of meaningfull accountability.
This is why I brought up 'abseenteeism' - simple, straight forward. Should not matter what subject you teach, what school, what students you teach you have an obligation for your pay to come to work everyday on time.
Guess how much interest there is? This district had no idea when I came on the board in 2005 what there absenteeism rate was.
I was at a mcsb meeting in 06 - 4 supers were there - I ask what there absenteeism rate was - NOT ONE OF THEM KNEW. I will suggest if you asked today they know as it did not take long to explain the meaning of incompetence. I got no presents at christmas.

So the bottom line is don't try to 'fix' a problem until the powers to be agree there IS a problem.
Have you heard administration or the school board say publicly accountability is a problem?

SCATS said...

I finally got official word back that federal Title I funds were used to subsidize this event. I think it might be a good idea to mention such things when GCSD puts out their publicity in the future ;)

Anonymous said...

@ "It is too bad that you could not commend the dedicated teachers that volunteered their time tonight after teaching all day."

You make it sound as if it was a chore.

Sorry, but for guaranteed 4% raises, no one should whine that they don't get praise for "volunteering."

A lot of us volunteer and don't get raises at our jobs.

SCATS said...

2:26PM makes an excellent point. Besides, we're not paying teachers to serve meatballs, we're paying them to produce results in our schools. I'll praise people who do something extraordinary IF/WHEN it results in better educational outcomes (i.e. standardized scores, graduation rates, etc.) for the district.

I wonder if 10/08/2009 8:17 PM is aware that true charity as in "volunteer work" comes with NO expectations (i.e. no strings attached) of receiving anything in return for what is given.

To 10/08/2009 8:17 PM ~~ Where is the praise from the teachers to the parents who also volunteered their time? Oh that's right. I almost forgot! GTA EXPECTS something everytime they lift a finger! But Greece parents are put down and blamed for most of the district's ills. I got YOUR number ;)

SCATS said...

I find it almost humorous that when I give kudos to a teacher ... like I did with Mr. Ebersole ... hardly anyone else comments! It speaks volumes to me that other Greece teachers wouldn't want to say something about one of their own who has clearly gone above & beyond the call of duty. Of course, that's exactly why they don't say anything ;)