Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dysfunction On The BOE Revs Up ...

No matter who addresses this group - resident, teacher or another BOE member - they sit there in silence! They did it to all three of those referenced above early in tonight's meeting.

It's silly. It's awkward. It's downright RUDE! Let's get them all personal copies of Miss Manners' books on etiquette.

AND ... our BOE President Patrick Tydings is completely incompetent in this role! He's back & forth as they plow through the agenda. He interrupts people to get motions made, back-tracking because he "forgets" ... he's everything those attorney jokes say about lawyers.

Following some very telling discussion that shows just how frustrated several BOE members are with Supt. Steve Achramovitch, the BOE adopted the Supt's Goals on a vote of 5 in favor to 4 opposed! This points up the fact that they are essentially split over ridding GCSD of him ASAP.

Mark your calenders for Nov. 3rd. In addition to elections, the BOE has scheduled a pre-budget hearing followed by a study session on the application of the district's many policies regarding the use of alcohol, tobacco & drugs. To his credit, BOE member Frank Oberg brought up that he wants to be absolutely sure GCSD can never again replay the hockey coaching incident due to loosely worded policy. Kudos to you Frank!


Anonymous said...

SCATS - I hate to say it but his sidekick the board vp is marginally better. I can't believe I just wrote that. Wow.

Anonymous said...

The Dem. woman running for county legislature knocked my door last night. Most of what she offered were positions on issues only Albany can address. I challenged her.

She offered that at least we should be doing a better job of sharing the wealth. I said I had heard enough and closerd the door.

Anonymous said...

So Scats........on the 5-4 vote regarding the Super's goals.....who voted for them and who voted against them? And was there any discussion on why the "NO" votes. AND just WHAT are his goals?

Anonymous said...

I was upset to read about tis COMIDA tax break passed by the board.

It is just a transfer of jobs to Greece not a creation of new jobs.

Taxpayers foot the bill for lateral transfers of jobs.


SCATS said...

To 5:34AM ~~ I can't tell you who voted which way, because that wasn't spelled out on the radio. When the Meeting Minutes get posted, we'll know ... unless someone wants to enlighten us sooner.

I think what caused the "NO" votes was the frustration several people expressed with the lack of adequate measurements, changing parameters, his reference to evidence of improvement but inability to SHOW THEM the improvement, etc. But then in reality, they kinda got what they deserved, in that they've allowed Steve to more or less set his goals.

SCATS said...

To 10:03AM ~~ Once again, the BOE was essentially "threatened." They were informed that the Town of Greece was OK with this project and that if it didn't go through, Kodak just might demolish the building and taxpayers will get stuck making up the difference anyway.

Anonymous said...

Kodak should be paying for environmental cleanup. Will we foot the bill for that too.

We better get what we can re cleanup of toxic waste, out of Kodak now. Given it's partial sale to a group that is really just a liquidator it may be gone faster then we think. That may mean your pensions too.

Who cares what Kodak thinks. They have already told residents of Greece what they think of us!!!

Anonymous said...

It is obvious some board members want a different super. The problem is the board has no idea what they want this or another super to do.
I have yet to see the board lay out an expectation.
I heard alot of talk about improving graduation rates but the board has yet TOLD the super we expect the graduation rate to be XX and we expect it to be XX by XX date.

3-4 hour meetings and nothing gets done, at least nothing significant.

Anonymous said...

Achromavitch is supposed to be a lame duck, so why are 5 board members voting on his goals for next year.

The 5-4 vote is an indication of the split on the board regarding the fact that he received an unsatisfactory evaluation, got no raise and was informed last JUne to seek other employment.

Pat Tydings is the double crosser in this continuing behind-the-scenes management by Roger Boily to keep this loser around for another four years.

I suggest you call or e-mail Tydings and demand that he put a stop to this stonewalling and tell us the truth and get on with what needs to be done.

One man's job should not impede the education of our children. Apparently Boily, McCabe, Smith, Stenglein and Tydings do not share that view.

We need a strong, capable superintendent NOW. The board needs to get of their butts and start the search for that person NOW. The key player is Pat Tydings as he waffles from one side to another on the dismissal of Achromavitch.

Call Boily and tell him to stop his brand of political arm-twisting of the four other brain runts under his control.

It's time to put the pressure on these people. Our kids education is at stake as well as the credibility of our school district.

SCATS said...

To 12:03PM ~~ They voted on his goals so they could continue pretending everything is fine in Mayberry.

You are spot on about Tydings!

Worse yet, after the hockey coach debacle (the ONLY time Achramovitch dared do his job, but was over-ruled by the others in this circus posse), the BOE still has NOT fixed policy to prevent a recurrence!

Anonymous said...

Will someone tell me why a reputable lawyer would put himself in a position to hurt his law practice? In my opinion Pat Tydyins, Esq. has done just that to himself. I don't know about you, but I would not want him as my advocate.

SCATS said...

To 5:34AM ~~ Good news! I have an update for you. Re the BOE vote: Oberg, VanOrman, O'Toole & Ferington voted against the supt's goals last night.

To 2:26PM ~~ My best educated guess is he has done this because his wife works for Greece Central & he's become (or possibly he already was) another Roger Boily sock puppet.

Anonymous said...

The BOE should be setting the BOE/Greece School District Goals and then the Supt./CEO of the district implements the BOE Goals.

The BOE allows the Supt. to write his own goals and the Boily group approves them.

It is all backwards as is the district. It is all a continued sham!


Doug Skeet

Anonymous said...

Tydings reminds me of the court assigned attorney in the movie, "My Cousin Vinnie." He even looks like him.