Monday, October 19, 2009



D&C Editorial

In other editorials, the D&C Endorses:

Shannon O'Keefe - 1st Ward
No one - 2nd Ward
Shawn Lavin - 3rd Ward
Karl Nielsen - 4th Ward

SCATS ~~ Now I know why "clubby, closed & corrupt" Auberger has been scrambling. Not getting this endorsement is HUUUU-JAH!


SCATS said...

Dear Readers ~~ I hadn't anticipated the cowardly and ridiculous decision by the D&C editorial folks to endorse no one! It's mind-boggling!

Of course, I do NOT encourage people to stay home on election day. Quite the contrary. I hadn't planned to do my own endorsements, but I now feel that I must say something after all that's transpired. And I will ... soon ;)

Anonymous said...

Voting for the lesser of 2 evils is not a good enough reason for an ENDORSEMENT.

Anonymous said...

I'm ending my subscription to the d and c. Tha faster they leave town the better.

Also notice:
They d and c didn't endorse the union guy the working class italian american and the african amercian. They are all disruptive

Great work Karen: Keep greece looking lilly white.

Anonymous said...

I feel that this lack of support for Auberger by the D&C speaks volumes. Remember, this is the same D&C that until now has been nothing more than a puppet for Greece's Republican party. While this further confirms that they lack the back bone necessary to (point blank) snub him, it also proves that even with all the "strings" still attached to them, they cannot support him.

Anonymous said...
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SCATS said...

BLOG Administration is reposting an edited version of the previous comment below, minus the name-calling:

Anonymous said...
Karen Magnuson must be between a rock (love of Greece Republicans) and a hard place (the disastrous record of her beloved Republicans). She has made the D&C irrelevant at best and an outrageously manipulated local newspaper at worst. I don't understand how her publisher puts up with her Greece crap.
But on the brighter side, getting two endorsements and two cowardly no endorsements is better than expected. Only the political xxxxx, O'Keefe, got an endorsement. If you remember she was the ADA that prosecuted Larry Baldasare for whispering during a school board meeting. She called it a heinous crime! Tell me she is going to be open minded and creative in bringing fresh air into Greece. Ha! When Auberger (if elected) says "jump", she will say "how high, your highness!". A pathetic choice for public servant. Why would anyone want her as their attorney now that she is in private practice. Maybe she and Boily-puppet Tydings should create a new law firm so that we only have to remember one firm that we want nothing to do with. 10/19/2009 10:34 AM

Anonymous said...

We need a clean sweep at the D and C too.

IF the readers most informed on issues think the paper is doing a terfrble job them the paper is doomed.

SCATS said...

BLOG Administration is rejecting three comments for posting. All three appeared to be written by the same impaired author that wrote 12:56PM's comment ~~ riddled with typos, spelling errors and grammar issues.

Reminder ~~ Don't drink & BLOG.

Anonymous said...

The D&C endorsements are a total joke! I hope they become the final nail in the coffin of the D&C too. It's time to put them out of their misery, out of their jobs and their business. Let them go to the Greece Chamber group for help. Now that's "clubby."

Anonymous said...

I know why you deleted mine. It wasn't supportive of Dan Maloney.

Dan blew his D&C interview and SCATs is very upset with everyone BUT Dan. Maloney needs to take responsibility for his failures! ;).

SCATS said...

To 2PM ~~ I love it when people play mind-reader with me. The comments I deleted were very poorly written just like 12:56's is, but longer. Obviously, you know how to write, or did you have mommy correct it for you this time?

Sounds to me like Auberger blew his D&C interview. After an entire hour, they couldn't get him to accept an iota of responsibility for a long string of scandals. Way to go, Jacko.

Anonymous said...

Auberger could have gotten the D&C endorsement without doubt if he hadn't put on the arrogant persona of the all-knowing all-powerful all-the-time RIGHT infinitely experienced administrative wizard. The editorial board is greatly influenced by the wicked witch but these people are not stupid. They saw Auberger for what he is.......a consummate political manipulator whose top 10 priorities are self preservation and the continuation of total control of Greece. People working in town hall told me just today that a prominent Republican's niece has an administrative assistant job there and she couldn't type the day she was hired and still cannot to this day. But since town government is Auberger's sandbox he can do whatever he wants.
Maloney may not be everybody's cup of tea but if we can get the finest slate of candidates that ever ran against the Republicans elected on Nov. 3rd, then Greece will have a chance. It will take time, there will be a learning curve but the Moscatos, Lavins, Nielsens and others will help Maloney build an open honest town government that we will be proud of.

Anonymous said...

The more AUberger speaks, the more obvious it becomes that he is a man who has lost touch.

He has to go.

Vote for him at your own peril

Anonymous said...

Back in the late 80's and early 90's, I was a member of the Democratic Committee. At that time John Auberger and Jeff McCann were also members.

During that time, it was not unusual to see Auberger, McCann, Ray DiRaddo and Joe Moscato sitting in a booth at the old Ridgeside Diner on Saturday mornings. They could be heard joking about the ongoing feud between Town Supervisor Boily and Police Chief Gerry Phelan. Auberger worked at Kodak and McCann was on Roger Robach's staff. McCann was also the Chairman of the Greece Democratic Committee. In fact, Jeff talked Joe Moscato into running against Boily in 1991.

My point is this, Joe, John and Jeff are well acquainted. To no one's surprise Auberger switched parties and was part of the revolt in the Republican Party which replaced Boily with Auberger. Jeff also switched parties to become deputy Supervisor and speech writer for John. I am sure there is not much about Auberger and McCann that joe doesn't know. I believe that with Joe on the board he would become John Auberger's continuing nightmare and a threat to his complete control of not only the board but the entire town because he knows Joe is unbreakable and will put up a stop sign when called for.

If by some terrible scenario Auberger wins, it is even more imperative that Joe be elected. He is the candidate who can effectively stand up to Auberger's dictatorial style of governance and Auberger knows that all too well.

Anonymous said...

Please post union affiliation for all candidates. Thanks.

Too much effort?
I'll pass it on if you like.


SCATS said...

To 8:02AM ~~ I'm not quite sure what you are asking (challenging seems more fitting) me to do. I've seen no listing anywhere to show me all of the candidates and their union affiliation, or lack thereof. Yes, I'm aware some are affiliated, but I do not know for sure that all are not. I will not make that sort of assumption. Your question is better suited for the D&C or the Greece Post and one of its reporters.

Anonymous said...

Beware of any candidate that says he/she will lower taxes (or tax rates). That's easy, just spend down the reserves; or the hard ways is to increase assessments.

But do watch SPENDING! What is their intent regarding spending and how to do they intend to acomplish that objective? If they ignore the spending question, then ignore them at the polls.

Anonymous said...

To 8:02 why don't you pass it on? It doesn't matter what union people are affiliated with. There are many in this town that are voting for anyone that is not in office now and in some cases that will spill over into a democratic takeover of the county. Greece-gate. Relate it to lists and cronyism and corruption.

Anonymous said...

Pretty obvious that 8:02 is trying to rile SCATS who nicely side-stepped without using claws. Assumptions will always come back to haunt in situations like these. Very smart handling SCATS.

Anonymous said...

Full disclosure says union affiliation useful in understanding where a candidate is coming from. Thanks for the info if you get it.

SCATS said...

After all the scandals, I hear more people who are concerned about voting out the incumbents and their associates than I hear worried about unions. Don't forget, post-Kodak Greece is something of a blue collar community and they are quite at ease with unions.