Monday, October 05, 2009

Cha-Ching! Internal Investigation Cost Nears $400,000

Auberger "unavailable" to discuss the $382,450 pricetag

Rahn due in court tomorrow


SCATS ~~ I'm wondering, WHEN is Auberger ever available, aside from shaking hands with senior citizens?


Anonymous said...

And that amount of money doesn't include the lawsuits, the salaries for Rahn, Mackin, Ball while suspended with pay, the lawyers fees and lots of other costs to taxpayers. In the end, the final tally will exceed several million dollars, if we're lucky!

Anonymous said...

I find it strange no one asked when this investigation will end. Are we making these men permanent residents of Greece? Wrap it up already!

Anonymous said...

Just one more week until the showdown between Rahn and Auberger, oh yeah! I'm putting my bets on Rahn, not because I like him but just because I think he's more slippery than Johnboy.

Anonymous said...

Please don't stop until it's DONE

Clean it up
Clean it ALL up

Anonymous said...

I'm beting on Mike Green! He seems to hates Rahn.

Anonymous said...

A bit off topic, however I was driving down Straub road on my way to my parents and the only AUberger sign I saw where in the lawns of seniors. ( I do know this as our grandma lived on Straub her entire life) And when I got to my parents track, there where 2 Auberger signs, one in a yard of a house that has been on the market for a LOOONG time and in the lawn of Cheryl Dinolfo's parents. Need I say more? Oh and in my area there is one Auberger and Conlin sign and it of course is is the Helfer front yard.

SCATS said...

To Coffee ~~ I discovered that people put up signs for the darndest reasons. I asked someone I know why they put a sign out for Conlon. The answer: "He graduated from SJF with my daughter." When I asked this person if they thought Conlon had the experience needed to represent the third ward, I got that deer in headlights look and suddenly he needed to go do something. It would be amusing if it weren't so typical and pathetic.

Graehaven said...


The same could be said for the democrat candidates and voters as well, in all fairness. The problem is, people vote for a "D" or an "R" regardless of knowing the person or the issues.

SCATS said...

To Graehaven ~~ Agreed!

Anonymous said...

While it many be true in general that many who vote do so without thinking, this particular case, i.e. the Town Greece Republicans and Supervisor Auberger is particularly egregious.

More then just automatic thinking one has to make a deliberate effort not to see that Auberger has problems. It's more like willful ignorance or the deliberate denial of obvious facts than simple conformity.

Anonymous said...

The Seniors are the ones that get out and vote, that is why Auberger focuses on them. He never misses a Senior party at the Senior and Community Center. Maybe he will put his picture on the voting machine--its everywhere else.

Graehaven said...

To 10:17 Anonymous:

Granted, I understand your viewpoint on uninformed voters re-electing a questionable town leader like Auberger. But, in defense of the process, and the voters (us) how is choosing his opponent a better choice? It's not. Maloney brings NOTHING to the table, other than an attitude of "we deserve," entitlement, "equal distribution" double-speak, "can't allow failure," taxation, spending. This "union" mentality will do nothing but hurt our town further.

So, what does one do?

SCATS said...

To Graehaven ~~ I'm just curious. How much has to happen under Auberger's watch before you're willing to go with the opposition? It's not like there's a third choice. Auberger has repeatedly said he knew nothing, nothing about Schwab, nothing about Rahn, nothing about Pignato or Joseph who he admitted that HE HIRED. In fact, last spring Auberger admitted he hires everyone who gets a job in the Town of Greece. And we also know that when the PD didn't get their accreditation last winter, in part they cited Auberger's hiring practices as one of the bigger problems.

I don't know about you, but for me, I've had enough. Regarding Maloney being a Democrat, well so was Auberger, DiRaddo and a whole host of others. Our taxes will skyrocket because of the lawsuits and investigation costs even if Auberger stays. I'm looking for a different flavor after 12 years. One that doesn't leave a bitter after-taste.

Anonymous said...

I can see the mailpiece now from Maloney...

Vote for me. Not because I stand for anything or because I'll do a better job, it's just that I'm not Auberger!

Great way to stump for your guy SCATS. You've sold me!

(SCATS, I know you won't put this comment up but someone had to call you out on your blantant silliness on your comment. That was weak at best.)

SCATS said...

To 5:15PM ~~ You think you know me, but obviously you don't. Just like you don't know much about the candidates, their history or what the future of this town will be because of what current "leaders" have done ;) Watch your wallet. Auberger's legacy hasn't hit the tax bills ... yet. But when it does, YOU WILL FEEL THE PAIN.

Anonymous said...

There's a rate cut proposed for this year in the town budget. That sure as heck sounds good to me! :)

Anyone here who wants to poop all over that can free to refuse it. :(

The rest of us residents will gladly absorb additional savings. :P

SCATS said...

To 9:09PM ~~ Since you are so happy to get a "rate cut" this year using funds they taxed you for in the past, could I get you to pay my tax bill for the next 5 years this year? Let's keep a good thing going ;)

Graehaven said...

Ok, Scats. Let's ask that question. Why isn't there a third choice? I'm certainly NOT happy with Auberger, but I don't want to replace him with merely the "other side of the coin."

I really don't know what to do. Like a lot of people, I feel totally without any voice / representation at all. I'd like a normal, working, every day person (who's not a politician), with integrity, to go in and clean house. That's the person I want to vote for.

Totally frustrated.

SCATS said...

To Graehaven ~~ Please don't think I'm being argumentaive here, because that's not the case at all. You said you want "a normal, working, every day person (who's not a politician), with integrity, to go in and clean house." Between the two choices in front of us, I do believe you described Dan Maloney. I know a lot of folks would like to choose whoever is behind door #3. Unless you and several thousand of your best friends write-in a vote for "SCATS," I'm afraid you're stuck with the known evil in Auberger vs what some believe is a perceived evil with Maloney. Personally, I don't think we can afford to keep the status quo.

Anonymous said...

SCATS 10:29 - Um, no I'm not going to pay your taxes for you.

Why would you even ask me that? I don't even know you guys.

Take responsibility for your own homes.

SCATS said...

To 11:42PM ~~ If you read 9:09PM's comment then you would understand why I said that. 9:09PM thinks it's wonderful to get a tax rate cut this year based on taxes he/she overpaid in past years ;)

Anonymous said...

You supposed anti-tax people have no idea what you're going to do to the rest of us Greece taxpayers with your blind following of Dan Maloney.

He's already said he'd wipe out the fund balance and then force us to pay for a dredge and now an aquarium? Smart people know a college won't build here unless they're offered tax breaks.

You don't like John but the option you are pushing is only going to make taxes worse here. Face it. The Democrats made a poor choice in candidate selection this year. They should have picked a person that people could believe would cut taxes.

Taxes in Greece have not gone up more that inflation each year for the last 11 years. There's been a zero increase and now a cut.

Dan's already proposed two costly expenditures and you willingly ignore/defend it. I won't say it because you won't put this comment up, but you know what that makes you.

Stop trying to make people believe that a Democrat union boss will cut taxes in Greece.

I'm really sorry this isn't what you want to hear but you are letting your anger towards Auberger cloud your judgement of Dan Maloney.

Get behind a better candidate next time. Jo Meleca is the Greece Democrat Party leader. Go tell her you want a tax-cutting Democrat candidate next time.

You don't like it when someone mentions these are essentially all union candidates, but the truth is they are, and there's past practice there that all people don't feel comfortable with.

Meleca (GTA union) selected Maloney (UAW union), Byfield (UAW union retiree), Nielsen (GTA union), Moscato (police union).

There's no understanding people have that union candidates won't become "union thinking" board members. It's going on in Irondequoit.

I'm sorry for the long rant but like Graehaven, I need more than "Dan's not John."

SCATS, if you support Dan, that's fine. Good for you. Just give us something more if you want us to do the same.

Dan's got the Greece budget info. He used it in his press conference. Where is his plan that states exactly what he'll cut to reduce taxes and how much will it save?

Anonymous said...


He opposes Walmart and assumedly Walgreen's for similar reasons (they're not union). Great, so will he only allow union businesses locate here?

What business does he know of that will buy the property and build there? We've heard of none, other than RAW saying what they WANT there, which doesn't explain what they have that WILL GO there.

The investigation has done what the D.A. and state police couldn't/wouldn't do, the bad apples are gone. Sooo gone.

Taxes are being cut and Greece still has a fund balance for emergencies. Taxes haven't risen as high as in other towns over the years.

We have a great library, a great community center, aren't paying rent for a crappy court building, our roads are maintained and plowed better than in any other community. We have leaf/brush pickup. A dump for brush, grass, concrete, etc. Access to free soil, wood and mulch piles. Our own police force (I still want one) and probably a whole bunch of other good stuff.

Mock me all you want...

But I really do like living in Greece and I'm proud to say that. I don't care if you and the others here are proud to be ashamed, I'm not. And anyone who wants to trash my town and my family and friends who live here can feel free to take a very long walk over to Brighton where I hear those arrogant, uppity elected fools are actually proposing a raise for their upper management and town board members. Ya, you wanna get ticked off, go live there for a few years and see what it's like to really have it bad.

Back to Dan Maloney. I can't bring myself to support someone who hasn't been sold to me yet.

And please don't tell me to call him. He wants my vote, he can post here or come to my door. Although I haven't seen him yet, but I've seen John.

All the Dan info. I see is anti-Auberger. I've seen the website, anti-Auberger. I've seen the brochures, anti-Auberger. I've seen the press conferences, anti-Auberger. Checked out blogs like yours SCATS which supports Dan, vastly anti-Auberger (except for 1). Seen candidates night coverage, anti-Auberger. Spoke to campaign volunteers, (holy crap!), anti-Auberger.

Can we PLEASE get something from Dan other than he's the anti-Auberger!!!

If not, Dan's done. People I know have had it with Maloney's anti-Auberger crap.

Again, sorry for the long comment.

Anonymous said...

@SCATS 11:54

How do you know they overpaid thair taxes?

SCATS said...

To 12:55AM ~~ Because the
$13 million in reserve funds didn't grow on a tree and I'm pretty sure the Tooth Fairy wouldn't look that kindly upon our current Supervisor.

Anonymous said...

overpaying taxes is when i get my tax bill and i pay more than what the tax bill says i owe.

just because Greece had a healthier fund balance than other communities doesn't mean people overpaid their taxes.

SCATS said...

To 1:15AM ~~ Overpaying is also when you get billed for more than was needed. You sound like one of the school district accounting marvels.

SCATS said...

To 12:52-12:53AM ~~ Blind following? LMAO! I'm definitely NOT blind. I'm probably better informed than 98% of the people who have ever cast a vote for Auberger during his 12 yr. reign :)

Maloney did NOT say he would buy a dredge. That work can be done under contract, or equipment could be leased or other arrangements made. He did NOT say he'd wipe out the fund balance. What he did say is that even the NY State Comptroller agrees it is much bigger than the recommended amount. Auberger is going to wipe it out paying off all these uninsured lawsuits he is responsible for but didn't know anything was going wrong ... right under his nose, on his watch, with his hires ;)

You have a problem with tax breaks but you give Auberger a pass on all the tax breaks promised to Walmart??? Do you recall the Dewey Ave Corridor scheme & all of the tax breaks handed out back then? Probably not. Selective memory ...

What about all the COMIDA breaks given to places like the mall who never came through with the PROMISED JOB CREATION in return? And where the heck did you get the idea Maloney opposes Walgreens? Are you saying he opposes having THREE NEW DRUGSTORES, which is how many permits they have to build, so far. Certainly, more drugstores are the answer to our troubles ... NOT.

Of course, in its current rundown state no one wants Northgate Plaza except Walmart and they only want it because of TAX BREAKS! Now if we were to force the plaza owners to clean up their mess and make some repairs ... but I digress. This is Greece. If they contributed to the proper campaign funds, then of course they get to let their property go ;)

Show me that Auberger will "cut" taxes. Spending down a HUGE fund balance that never should have accumulated to begin with doesn't cut the mustard for a real tax cut! That's spending today money he collected from a bill I paid last year, and several years before that ...

FYI, I'm not supporting Jo Meleca-Voigt. She's MIA in my opinion, as are Byfield & Nielson. Moscato already established a record of financial conservatism on the Greece BOE. YOU really ought to check that out before you go throwing names around.

And regarding everything being anti-Auberger, I can tell you that the ONLY candidate who came to doors in my neighborhood is Andrew Conlon who has NO EXPERIENCE AT ALL. When asked about GPD, he looked scared according to my neighbor. (I can find only one person in my neighborhood who said he came to their door!) He had no answers, none at all. If things seem overwhelmingly anti-Auberger, maybe YOU SHOULD ASK JOHN ABOUT WHY THAT IS ... but I doubt he'd actually take or return your call. He's not known for making himself available to his "constituents" ... unless you gave to the campaign I suppose, maybe then.

You know, your arguments have so many holes they make Swiss cheese look solid! I think I've poked enough extra holes in them for tonight :)

Anonymous said...

stop with the snide accusations. i didn't see a ;) at the end.

from your experience you know that you don't know exactly what you needed until AFTER you tax and after the fiscal year ends.

you project based on previous year data. this is only one example, but you collect taxes assuming it's gonna be a bad winter. bad winter doesn't come but in rochester than reality always looms. also, try figuring out how much you're gonna need to pay for gasoline. hasn't been too bad recently but look back over the previous 2 years. pretty scary.

now look at state madated pension and healthcare costs. what was it this year, a 20+% jump each. ya baby!

nothing wrong with having some room. it keeps the credit ratings good. if you end up having a better than decent chunk saved up, give some back.

looks like this is what happened, generically speaking. better it's going back to people when the economy is lagging pretty bad.

sorry, i'm done capping letters this late.

SCATS said...

To 1:58PM ~~ I'm very familiar with budget building procedures. I've attended scores of school board meetings over the years. I'm very familiar with the concept of and reasons for having reserve funds too. The issue is, how much is enough? The Comptroller said the Town is carrying about THREE TIMES MORE than the recommended amount. That's way too much!!

It's our money. Let us have it to live on. I don't allow the IRS to take a lot more out than what I'm going to owe at year's end. I don't make free loans to them and I sure as heck don't want to be giving it to the Town of Greece either.

Graehaven said...

To Scats:

Sorry, had to go to bed. Too tired to continue. Back to our discussion on "normal everyday, non-politician guy" for post of town Super. I don't think Dan qualifies, on the merits of: "regular working guys can LOSE their job tomorrow (like me), and regular working guys fund their OWN retirement (also like me). Those are two huge things in my estimation.

It's also a little scary that so many of the candidates have union backgrounds. I think that the guy you had late conversation / debate with made some valid points - but then, I think you do too.

I don't know how I will vote yet, or if I will vote at all on this race, but, if Dan wins, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and the four years to do something. If by year 3 he hasn't, then, I'll look for a third party person to support, or, I just may start pounding the pavement to meet everyone in Greece to get my name on the ballot (signatures) or however it's done. I'm that fed up.

Of course, if we get four more years of the same political and spending song and dance, then, others may do the same.

Anonymous said...

and yet you still have given us no reason to vote for Dan Maloney. :(

once again, please don't give me the "my friend told me" garbage. let it come directly from you. then if you're being honest or lying, it's just on you.

i threw moscato's name in there as yet another union-related candidate. he is a union retiree, isn't he? moscato doesn't matter to me. you guys love him but personally i don't think he stands a chance.

[[[[CUT THIS PART OUT WITH MY PERMISSION: i won't say why and you wouldn't post it anyway, but we both kinda know, right? there's a lot more people that know the history in this town than i thought. still kickin!!!]]]]

besides what fiscally conservative stuff did Moscato do on the school board anyway. i;m seriously asking. did he keep school taxes flat or cut them while he was on the board?

i don't have a problem with tax breaks, YOUR side does, and yet you're ok with Dan handing out his personal freebies. you just don't like anyone else doing the same.

RE Walmart, if widewaters had someone else interested they would have gotten the same breaks. it isnt walmart specific, like you want to claim. btw, what is the exact tax break package they received since you keep referencing it.

everything maloney has done has been only anti-auberger (except for 1 response he sent here, which i said).

"If they contributed to the proper campaign funds, then of course they get to let their property go"

by your argument, then any union giving to maloney can expect to give contract kickbacks for funnelling union work their way. You started this one SCATS, not me.

who pays for the dredge contract SCATS. you're slipping here. taxpayers. maloney's gonna add that to our bill. Slaughter already said she aint kicking in.

area businesses want the walmart. a lot of residents in that area want the walmart. raw and the unions dont.

you have the benefit of seeing all the coments in the que. i gotta keep chasing you all over the place. ;)

Comment rec'd @10/07/2009 2:34 AM

Anonymous said...

there is no legally binding % amount for fund balances. comptroller's opinion is merely a suggestion. some localities are in budget trouble because they dont caryy enough. maloney's call for an investigation was bunk and he knew it (maybe he didn't which would be worse) because there's no set limit. maybe it was too conservative but better that than the other way.

Comment rec'd 10/7/2009 3:00:41 A.M.

Anonymous said...

Some of the replies on this discussion thread are silly.

There is no reason to vote for Auberger, unless you truly hate Greece or are so perverted that you think democrats are the coming of Lucifer --which it appears some of you think.

There are two obvious solutions both start with vote Auberger out and
a) have a mixed town board. This will check Maloney if you are worried or
b) vote in the dems and if in two years they such vote out all the Tb members and bring in more honest republicans
Again Maloney is stalemated.
Remember it was Auberger who initiated the four year supervisor terms so he could rule without any checks

I recommend b not just because I am not a republican but frankly local repubs you current party leadership stinks up the joint.
I know you have better folk in your party than the Auberger group.

Clean your own house then go back to the people for support. It's a simple and probably a winning strategy. Your current strategy of Auberger at all costs may do your party way more harm than good.

SCATS said...

To the comment I posted at 10/07/2009 9:07 AM ~~ Actually, I've given two reasons throughout the last several months. Each of them are comprised of a bunch of smaller reasons and there probably is some overlap. But I will reiterate them here.

Reason #1 ~~ We need to bring back a balance of power to our town govt. There has been none for years and it has led us to the scandals and other problems we are facing now! Our system of govt requires a two party system to be functional. We've become lopsided, dysfunctional and corrupt without it. Electing Maloney will go a long way towards correcting that.

Reason #2 ~~ Electing Maloney will bring back some semblance of Open Government. Auberger behaves as if all he has to do is run for supervisor then hide in his office for the next 4 years once he wins. His avoidance of community members is so bad even the Greece Post has criticized him for doing so!

Maloney has said the Supervisor must be accessible to the people he governs. Maloney has also asked for public discussion of issues such as the cable TV issue. Maloney has been critical of the use of too many closed door meetings by the Town Board, the lack of discussion among the board of issues at the public meetings, the lack of discussion with the community at those meetings, the completely scripted agendas and voting practices, the unreturned/unanswered phone calls, letters, etc. Maloney values getting input from more than a handful of people.

And by the way, to all of you folks who are using the "he's union so he will raise our taxes" fear-mongering hype, he can't do that without some supporting votes on the Town Board to accomplish it. But it only takes ONE VOICE to bring democracy back to the boardroom in Greece. We desperately need to do that if we want to ever get ourselves out of the headlines the way we've been the last two years.

SCATS said...

To the comment I posted 10/07/2009 9:10 AM ~~ I never said there was a legally binding amount. But there is an amount suggested by the Comptroller whose experience goes far beyond handling the relatively "small" budget for the Town of Greece. In fact, the Comptroller has criticized GCSD for their practices related to reserve funds in the past. At just under $200 million, the school district's budget is "huge!" in comparison.

SCATS said...

To the comment I posted @ 10/07/2009 9:07 AM ~~ Regarding Moscato's record on the Greece BOE, you can feel free to look up his voting records, etc. on the GCSD website. Go to GCSDBoardDocs then select "Public" then at the top on the menu go to Meeting Minutes. Have fun.