Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Campaign Finance Disclosure Reports Missing for Greece Republican Town Board Candidates

The MoronsRanting group has posted a BLOG berating Dan Maloney's campaign finance report for showing some "cash" withdrawals. OK, fine. I looked it up and they are correct. 

Can you guess what they apparently "overlooked?"

For some reason, they don't seem to mind that NONE of the 4 Republicans (Bilsky, O'Keefe, Conlon & Morris) seeking Town Board seats in Greece can be found in the Board of Elections Campaign Finance Disclosure Reports for either receiving contributions or for making expenditures! How can that be with their signs posted, literature arriving in mailboxes and the elections just days away?

However, each of the Democratic candidates for Greece Town Board (Lee-Byfeld, Moscato, Lavin & Nielsen) are listed in the database.

If one Republican candidate was missing, I might say "OK, it's just an oversight." But all FOUR!? Seems VERY shady and planned!


Anonymous said...

Once again, Uncle Rico shows his true ignorance. It is perfectly legal for Dan Maloney to take cash out of his campaign fund and use it to pay bills, or whatever he chooses. He must account for it this coming Friday, when the reports are due. I think Uncle Rico has jumped the gun.

As far as the Republicans are concerned they are not required to report anything. All the Greece campaigns are joined in a PAC. Everyone contributes to John Auberger and he doles out the money to his underlings as he sees fit with no accountability. This is how they operate and all they have to show is who contributed and how much. There is no accounting as far as the outflow of money is concerned. The Republicans are very experienced at this sort of thing and are doing things the smart way as far as legally hiding their expenses are concerned.

Anonymous said...

Maloney probably needed the cash to buy more signs to make up for the ones Auberger had the DPW destroy.

Anonymous said...

I looked at these and it seemed they were listed under fundraising or campaign lit. Whether wise or not they seem legit expenses.

I believe that Abilify is a currently popular drug for the delusional ravings of those afflicted with Moron's ranting syndrome. If in a crisis a shot of Thorazine still works.

Please contribute your used abilify to the
Uncle Rico defense fund

Anonymous said...

4:40pm Then what you're saying is they don't want to "disclose" so they choose to hide it under a lumped header?

Anonymous said...

New laws should be written to make all candidates have to disclose itemized accounts.

Why should the Republican Board be expected to produce itemized reports? Duh!! Do people know how much money John has access to? Would they continue to pay their dues if they knew? I don't think so!!! People need to wise up and think. If it smells fishy, looks fishy, tastes fishy, costs you money every year, and it not a fish. Throw it out!

Anonymous said...

It's called a PAC (Political Action Committee). They use these to hide where their money is going. This is a legal way around the Campaign Finance law. Everyone (and I mean everyone) contributes to "Friends of John Auberger" and then, if they wish, they can throw a big party and no one will ever be the wiser, or they use the funds to pay for their multiple mailings full of lies.

I think Auberger had around $150,000 in his PAC. This was made up of "contributions" from all town hall employees under threat of losing their jobs. He told them, "If I don't get elected, you are out of a job." In other words, he made them an offer they couldn't refuse. This is a fact, ask any town hall employee.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Robert "Robu-u-trad" Marone is an Auberger campaign fund contributor.

Anonymous said...

I heard unions are giving money directly to candidates to avoid being identified. Can anyone verify this?? Who is benefiting)

SCATS said...

To 8:09AM ~~ So that who can "avoid being identified?" By this time, I think we know who is running. That sounds rather silly don't you think?

Anonymous said...

I think they meant the gifter wouldn't be identified??

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with Maloney having a little walkin around money. Good for him.

Anonymous said...

"It is perfectly legal for Dan Maloney to take cash out of his campaign fund and use it to pay bills, or whatever he chooses."

No it's not. Where did you read this? There are state election laws that govern how it can be spent. You can't just take out cash and go crazy with it.

Are you kidding me that you actually believe that?