Wednesday, October 14, 2009

BOE Agrees To COMIDA Plan For Lidestri

  • By an 8 to 1 vote, Lidestri gets 20 yr tax plan
  • Will pay the current $92,000 tax for 10 years
  • Payments will rise by 2%/yr. for the next 10 years after that




SCATS ~~ And I believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy & the Great Pumpkin, too ;)


Charlie Hubbard said...

Let me understand this. Someone from Gates and someone from Greece apply for a job with this company. The person from Greece gets the job BECAUSE they are from Greece.

Are we serious? We could have law suits coming out of ###.
Does anyone have ANY idea how or who is going to monitor this 'new found' regulation that the school board has bought into?

Are we serious?????

SCATS said...

Charlie ~~ I'm convinced the person from Greece will have a distinct advantage IF they've donated to the appropriate campaign funds ;)

If they are serious, an application for these jobs should be mailed to every household in Greece.

Anonymous said...

I'll repeat my previous comment from the other post
Besides the question of the leglity of favoring greecers for jobs you have to realize either 1) most of these jobs are lateral transfers creating no new jobs or 2) the new jobs will come at the expense of some other food mgfr. I doubt whether any net jobs will ever be created.

Graehaven said...

Who cares if they create 60 new jobs, and who cares if they go to Greece residents.

Here's a question for the almighty BOE, why is it that it takes more than $15,000 per year per student to educate a student in the district, where the outcome is touch and go, but I can educate 2 kids at a private school for less than that? And the outcome is demonstrably better.

Are they serious??? That's pathetic.

SCATS said...

To Graehaven ~~ I admit I haven't done the math yet, but I think the cost is actually above $15K/student now that enrollment has dropped to 12,580 pupils this year.

SCATS said...

To 3:46PM ~~ When you mention food mfg I have to laugh. If I'm not mistaken this facility will be making probiotics ... you know, the bacteria they add to yogurt to keep you "regular." Very appropo!

SCATS said...

To Graehaven ~~ A message from a BOE member to you: "Get the New York State legislature to permit public schools to operate with the same "rules of the road" that private schools operate under and the cost per student will drop dramatically.

To wit:
No unions

No guaranteed pensions for life

No transporting kids to private and parochial schools

Drop the education of "special needs" kids

Take only students that are well behaved and serious about learning, send the rest home to momma"

I'm just the messenger, please don't aim for me! :)

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but why is the Board of EDUCATION having ANYTHING to do with COMIDA Funding and creating JOBS in GREECE?

Did someone down on Vinnie Toffany die and leave Boily in charge?

SCATS said...

To 6:29PM ~~ I don't know if this will answer your question or not, but here is the resolution the board was asked to consider:

WHEREAS, LiDestri Foods, Inc. (the “Company”), has requested that the County of Monroe Industrial Development Agency (“COMIDA”) provide financial assistance for the purchase, renovation and equipping of a 652,090 square foot facility on a 44.75 acre parcel in the Eastman Business Park (formerly building #642) (the “Project”); and

WHEREAS, the Company and COMIDA have requested that the Town of Greece (“Town”), the Greece Central School District (“District”) and the County of Monroe (“County”) enter into a
payment-in-lieu-of-tax agreement (“PILOT Agreement ”) with respect to the Project which has been negotiated by representatives of the parties; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Education (the “Board”) has duly considered the proposed PILOT Agreement and has received and considered the advice and recommendations of its Superintendent of Schools and of its special counsel, and is informed that the Town Board of the Town of Greece (“Town Board”) will consider the PILOT Agreement hereafter; and

WHEREAS, COMIDA has previously considered the Project in accordance with the requirements of the Sate Environmental Quality Review Act (“SEQR”) and has determined that the Project involves internal renovations and is a Type II action which has been determined not to have a significant impact on the environment , requiring no further environmental review;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Board determines the Project involves internal renovation and is a Type II action which has been determined not to have a significant impact on the environment and thus not subject to further SEQR review and, subject to and contingent upon approval of the PILOT Agreement by the Town Board, the Board approves and authorizes the President of the Board to execute the PILOT Agreement.

Anonymous said...

private schools are not the answer. They are allowed to 'discriminate" in ways that public schools don't scats notes a few of these.

As a society we have to be committed to a quality education for all.

We can't accept the views of those who want to take America back to the 18th century and tell the majority of citizens they are truly "second class"

Anonymous said...

Hmm did anyone see that LiDestri foods is also business of teh month on the county website? Coinsidence that the school boards and the Town grant this tax break?

"Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks announced that LiDestri Foods Inc., a full-service contract manufacturer and private labeler of pasta, sauces, dips, and salsas, has been named Monroe County’s “Business of the Month.""

Anonymous said...

What kind of uber-liberal drivel is that?

SCATS said...

To 8:43PM ~~ I assume your comment is in response to 7:14PM's ... ?

To Coffee ~~ I did not know that! Very interesting ... just what Greece doesn't need ... another Maggie connection.

Anonymous said...

Begging your pardon 7;14 but discrimination in the public school system called Greece Central is exactly what is taking place with schools of choice.

Anonymous said...

Charlie. This deals with the School Board simply agreeing to reduce the taxes received from a company for some period of time. The hiring practices of that company are theirs, alone.

Anonymous said...

9:11 PM-
Discrimination is not illegal. Only certain types are. The world isn't fair, but it is our reality.

Anonymous said...

Who including me would ever hold up he GCSD as the model of inclusive universal education we need.

Certainty the actions of the GCSD doesn't invalidate that goal for all Americans

Graehaven said...

Thanks Scats for passing along the info from the BOE member. I agree that there should be NO UNIONS, NO pension plan, and the ousting of problem (behavioral) kids. However, I have to disagree with the transportation issue. If you're going to charge me taxes, then, by golly, you're providing bus transport to wherever I want my kids educated. All things being equal is NO kids are transported to ANY school.

And to 7:14 -- None of the private schools in the area are of circa 1800s in any regard. What a ridiculous statement. Rather than reinforce your point with actual fact, you choose to malign - a clear sign of a weak argument. Tell you what, we've tried it your way for more than 6 decades. Let's try it the other way for say, half that, and see if there's a difference. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. Well, the public system is insane.

And as far as the discrimination issue goes, that comment was absurd. Private schools cannot discriminate, I know, since it's a legal consideration for the school I send my kids to. (Is there an application process? Yes. It's not open to just whoever - for instance, if the student doesn't want to be there, they can't go there. If they have a history of behavioral problems, they can't go there.) So, offer some examples if you would, rather than make a blanket statement, please.

SCATS said...

To Graehaven ~~ On the issue of transportation, I think people would agree with you IF GCSD would allow us ALL to send our kids where we wanted to send them. The bigger issue here is that we have two or three schools (schools of choice) that have had VERY LENGTHY waiting lists for almost two decades! Combine that with the application of what is called the "sibling rule" and you'll find that few new families get to try out those schools in a given year, compared to the number who are waiting ... or who would like to go but even gave up being on the waiting list. That makes those schools rather EXCLUSIVE, not INCLUSIVE. So in the end, the majority foots the bill for exclusive education of the minority accompanied by the ridiculously high costs of transporting the few all over town.

SCATS said...

To 6:21AM ~~ Please give us some examples of "legal discrimination."

Charlie Hubbard said...

to 6:20; from d+c article 10-14-09
that quotes attorney Dennis Barrett representing the district.
The agreement would be void if LiDestri fails to create the jobs or defaults on payments. ALSO, he said the agreement requires LiDestri give *PREFERENCE* to Greece residents for any jobs created at the new plant.
I checked with the d+cto confirm and was told this same resolution was passed by the town board.

Frankly this whole thing makes no sence to me - how about you?

SCATS said...

To Charlie ~~ I'd be truly shocked if Lidestri was held to the job creation figures! I've seen so many COMIDA deals, like the one at the mall, where years after the original deal is made, the "jobs created figures" NEVER materialize. And no one goes back and changes the tax payment arrangements.

Anonymous said...

Graehaven reads and thinks very poorly

I understood perfectly well that the poster is not referring to schools operating since the 1800's but to the inception of American public school system in the 1800's mostly by Horace Mann. it is one of the greatest achievements of American society. We need to fix it not destroy it.

SCATS said...

To 7:30PM ~~ Don't look now, but I think it may already be destroyed. Especially in the 'burb of Greece. Three things have destroyed it for me ... 1 - the unions and their unrelenting demands; 2 - tenure, tenure, tenure!; 3 - schools-of-choice which is a particular problem to Greece NY.

Anonymous said...


I hope the schools can be resuced.
I really don't think unions are at the core of the problem. Before unions teachers had very low wages and not such good conditions.
wages have gone down 16% in our town. Probably it would be 20-25 without the unions. Blame Kodak 1980's + management and their screw Rochester policy. That's what 50 years of anti union Kodak policy got you.

Please look at what is going on at the top end of our society. Our tax structure is wildly unbalanced and the unions are not responsible for that.

After gutting the country some basks arr giving even bigger bonuses than before and executive compensation is shamefully high. Corporate and income taxes on the highest are far less than the post war period. Talk about a sense of entitlement.

SCATS said...

To 2:08PM ~~ Bringing up how things were BEFORE unions is probably not going to help any modern day argument about taxes, govt & business. If unions disappeared, you would NOT see a return to days goneby. Too much has changed, including the law.

Charlie Hubbard said...

To 2:08 (anonymous)
Your shot at Kodak is not only wrong but reaks of demonstrating being part of the uneducated.

Kodak did big things for this community 'lots' of big things. Unfortunatly there big profit products are antiquated.

Kodak had expectations of their work force and that work force was well compensated. One of the big items was if there was a better way of getting the job done Kodakers always felt comfortable bringing a new idea forward - an idea you no doubt cannot relate to.

Out of respect for Scats I cannot tell you what I really thing but feel free to get in touch and i'll do just that. If you can't handle the truth don't bother.

Anonymous said...

9:57 SCATS...
There are many examples of "legal discrimination".

One example can be found in the antiquated civil service laws which mandate that only municipal residents may take civil service examinations. Such "protectionist" legislation limits the talent pool artificially.

There are lots of examples, but you get the idea.

SCATS said...

To 7:59PM ~~ Thanks for the example. I really wasn't sure what you were getting at ;) This could go in quite a number of different directions, IMHO.