Sunday, October 18, 2009

Auberger's Career Marred By String of Scandals

Claims there was nothing he could have done differently

Auberger wants state law changed so he could fire police chief;
Claims that law ties his hands

"This law is a good thing. There are times when the appointing authority does not like the decisions made by the chief of police — such as the arrest of an influential person — but these hearing rights are there to protect chiefs from arbitrary decisions. It's quite clear that on occasion an appointing authority wants to dismiss or discipline because the chief won't do something the appointing authority wants done." ~~ Eugene Welch, an attorney with Harris, Chesworth, O'Brien, Johnstone, Welch & Leone

"Even looking back on this, it all comes back to faith in the people working for you. It was unthinkable to me that a sworn law enforcement officer would violate the public trust." ~~ John Auberger, regarding Rahn scandals

"I am proud of what's been accomplished here and am totally confident that when this detail concludes, this agency will be in good hands with good procedures in place and good internal controls." ~~ Joe Loszynski, whose probe is expected to conclude by year's end


Loszynski's probe reviewed


You need to stop praying long enough
so that you can open your eyes
and supervise your employees, Mr. Auberger!

After all these months and $400,000+ spent, it's time to have our Public Safety Director, Joe Loszynski, sit at the table during Town Board meetings. Have "I am him" make a name plate up and get him there Tuesday night! We're paying big bucks for this position. It's time he becomes available to the public.


Anonymous said...

Elections are just 2 weeks away and this is Auberger's best explanation for all the problems on his watch? HOW PATHETIC IS THAT?

If this man gets reelected, we will deserve all that plagues us!

Anonymous said...

I had a big laugh at Boily's comments in this morning's D&C. "If there's wrongdoing going on, someone has to come forward and say 'this is what is happening' and be willing to step up and testify."

When Rahn was doing wrong during his administration, a Captain and a Lieutenant came forward with written statements about Rahn and Boily did nothing until it was too late.

Think about it, Boily hired Schwab, Boily hired Rahn, and Boily hired Achramovitch, a dismal record to be sure. Who is he to make any comments. Maybe that's why he is hanging on to Achramovitch, so that he won't get that third strike.

SCATS said...

To 1:20PM ~~ You make an excellent point! Maybe the next headline will be "Auberger blames Boily for scandals" ... wouldn't that make for a good laugh? LOL

Anonymous said...

How timely this article in the D&C is. I think they are laying the table for their endorsements coming out tormorrow. Talk about CYA.

Doesn't this prove once and for all that top editors at the D&C who live in Greece are controlling what goes in the news.

Anonymous said...

if the d and c endorses Auberger I will cancel my subscription on the spot

Anonymous said...

Yepper- John Napoleon Auberger is a fitting tag for this inept politician. He couldn't 'lead' his way out of a paper bag without someone else's help. Then he would blame everyone else for the fact he got himself in it to start with. Enough already. I can't understand how anyone could be so blind to think that Auberger could do anything positive after all he has done wrong. Let's put him and the community out of its misery on November 3rd. We deserve better.I'm voting for Dan Maloney.

Anonymous said...

Auberger: Hear no evil. Speak no evil. See no evil.
Now we can add: Think no evil.
That should cover all his bases.

Anonymous said...

There could be trouble. I have talked to about 6 people in the past week that are friends or associates and asked them about their thoughts about this election. They seem to know about the issues but only on the surface. They have no idea who is up for election and which ward or district they are in. They have no intention of voting because it isn't an "important" year. If this is the case then those that have the ability to "get the vote out" will win.
If the incumbent group gets in I will cancel my subscription to Greece in general.

Anonymous said...

In living our everyday lives we have to obey the NYS Penal Laws. In driving our vehicles we have to obey the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Laws. But, when the Town of Greece obeys state laws for the Assessor and Police Chief it leads to CRIMINAL CHARGES AND ARRESTS. confused????????????????

Anonymous said...

The D&C has already endorsed Auberger, their article this morning was titled "Auberger Looks Ahead."

That article was so completely biased and one-sided I could not believe my eyes. They did not interview anyone other than former Greece Supervisors and a lawyer for the town Maloney got about one line.

No wonder the D&C is going down the tube. They are completely out of touch with reality.

Anonymous said...

Jim Lawrence controls the editorial board. In my opinion, there's nothing to worry about, Dan Maloney's and rest of Democrat slate endorsements will probably be forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

I am a long-time Republican. I will not vote for Auberger because I believe he has to go. I wish I knew more about Maloney.

I thought the D&C was endorsing town candidates starting tomorrow. Today's D&C was nothing short of a complete endorsement of Auberger and his administration and was, in my opinion, the kiss of death for Maloney.

You don't have to read between the lines to see what's going on here. This morning's news article was window dressing to justify the editorial board's endorsement of Auberger. I am not buy it and most of my Republican friends are doing likewise. It will be interesting now to see if they also endorse Auberger's board member Bob Bilsky, the only other long term incumbent on the board who by his voting is as responsible for our town's mess as Auberger. This would be the final insult to this community.

However, those of us who still read the printed news have little or no use for the content of the D&C. Their impending demise can't come soon enough for this area of the state.

Anonymous said...

Check out WHEC (10 news) Maloney wanted to debate Auberger - however Auberger says no point in it as Maloney does not know what he is talking about??????? WOW -
If this is true then Auberger should debate him as he has nothing to fear?????????

Anonymous said...

The problem is even if the d and c endorses Maloney there coverage or non coverage of the Greece scandals have framed the issues in such a way as to tacitly endorse him, So Magnuson can get her way and Lawrence can pretend he has power

Anonymous said...


THe d and c endorsed ....