Monday, October 12, 2009

Auberger Says It Will Take Months ...

... Not weeks to find a new police chief. (

SCATS ~~ Why turn over more stones, Jack? You already know who you want.


Anonymous said...

Right, thee should do it Dan Maloney's way and rush it through without any thought, no public scrutiny and with a predisposed selection already decided.

Now Dan WANTS closed backroom deals! Poor candidate selection by the Democrats has left us with no option in this race.

SCATS said...

To 9:03PM ~~ What backroom deal are you talking about? Maloney has been ON CAMERA, not in any backroom ;)

Auberger makes it sound like he will take his time. In reality his decision is already made.

Anonymous said...

More cheap talk on the part of Jack Astor.

Now he's trying to convince the scared seniors that he must be kept in to make this all important decision.

Just 11 more months! That's all I need! I'm term limited, so I will retire and Yeffy can take over so he can be the incumbent!

Just 11 more months! For the Love of God! Just 11 more months - PLEASE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Auberger wanted to name a new chief ASAP hoping it would help him over the top for votes. SCATS helped call him out on those tactics so now he has to try to sound more reasonable. That doesn't change his choice. Just changes when it gets announced.

SCATS said...

To 11:32PM ~~ Thanks but I sure do hope there's more to it than that ;)