Tuesday, October 06, 2009

11 Count Indictment Brought Against Rahn

WHEC-TV Reports:
5 Counts Related To Nick Joseph Case;
Other Charges Related To His Gun Found In A Drug House

1- Hindering Prosecution (6/7 -- 6/12 2008)
2- tampering with public records (6/10 2008)
3- falsifying business records (6/10 2008)
4- reporting false incident (6/10 2008) -- misdemeanor
5- official misconduct (6/7 -- 6/12 2008) misdemeanor
6- official misconduct (6/7 -- 6/12 2008) misdemeanor
7- tampering with public records (2/9 2001)
8- offering false instrument for filing (2/9 2001)
9- tampering with public records (2/18 2001)
10- offering false instrument for filing (2/18 2001)
11- tampering with public records (2/18 2001)



D&C Article details history of Rahn's legal troubles

SCATS ~~ I'm sure there's no reason to suspect that the timing of all this was politically motivated ... nope, none at all ;)


Anonymous said...

Auberger's schoolboy catechism statement belies the truth.

The bad apples in Greece are Auberger and his cronies. Get them out.

Anonymous said...

Why is Rahn's statement in this indictment? Is he accused of lying in that?
And AUO of the driver of the car that was hit? That is aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. Was she ticketed? Was that a lie too.
It sounds like the chief did shopping for DIY while on company time and that all he ever did was not know anything.

Anonymous said...

DA Mike Green is a former Republican. He switched parties to run for DA. This is unusual as it usually goes the other way in Greece Democrats becoming Republicans. They include el supremo himself, Auberger; Joe Robach, Jeff McCann, Town attorney, Ray DiRaddo, etc.

Mike Green is showing his true colors in the Rahn-Auberger saga. He is in bed with John T. It's so obvious, Ray Charles could see it.

The piling on of indictments that are essentially the same issue, to make Rahn look worse than he is before next weeks hearings which will be the other side of the story and, potentially, the last nail in Count Aubergers political coffin which will be returned to Transylvania for eternity.

Anonymous said...

Why are so many of these charges so old? I thought Rahn's gun problems were dealt with before. I think this looks like a political vendetta on the side of Auberger. Of course, he never knows a thing about anything!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be so dense but who is "john t"

SCATS said...

To 4:11PM ~~ John T. Auberger.

Anonymous said...

@2:05 - "to make Rahn look worse than he is"

Could you please elaborate on this belief you have?

Anonymous said...

Tee hee hee!

Anonymous said...

What I meant was Rahn is bad, but Auberger is worse. Auberger thinks that if he can make Rahn look worse than he is, he will get off scott free. Just another political ploy in "John T's" bag of tricks.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the older charges seem like piling on.

Anonymous said...

"Auberger thinks that if he can make Rahn look worse than he is, he will get off scott free."

How do you know that he thinks this? Are you a psychic?

I think Merrit Rahn looks as bad as he does, because he's as bad as they come. He doesn't need much help from anyone to look that way.

Anonymous said...

"I agree that the older charges seem like piling on."

Awww, poor Merrit. You won't find many (if any) residents that have any sympathy for him.

Maybe the investigation just did a better job than people here want to accept or acknowledge. That's ok. You're free to have your opinion.

SCATS said...

To 8:58PM ~~ If the investigation was so darned thorough, why is it that the only people charged were people we already knew caused trouble or were involved with Joseph?

SCATS said...

Fox News at 10 reported that Trowbridge, who hasn't been indicted, is cooperating with prosecutors. They also mentioned that the internal investigation is being paid for using salaries budgeted for but not paid to those who were suspended without pay, and from positions that have gone unfilled.

Let's "unfill" Auberger's position and save ourselves from more scandals, more lawsuits, more bad news headlines for Greece in years to come.

Anonymous said...

SCATS, please don't be argumentative. ;(

How did we all find out about everyone involved with wrongdoing, the investigation.

How did we find out everything they did wrong, the investigation.

How did we find out there was more these guys did wrong beyond the initial accusations, the investigation.

How was it that the town could take the steps to suspend, then suspend without pay these officers with confidence, the investigation.

SCATS, you may disagree with me, but I'll take DOING an investigation over NOT DOING one any day.

SCATS said, "the internal investigation is being paid for using salaries budgeted for but not paid to those who were suspended without pay"

Again, you may disagree with me, but I think that's great. I didn't know that until reading it hear.

Thanks for being fair and reporting that.

SCATS said...

To 11:33PM ~~ You are welcome for the info ... but I must disagree with you. First of all, I don't believe what the media was told about how the investigation is being paid for since it has been contended by several (one of whom I know personally & have confidence in their knowledge of the topic) that the Town budget was based on having 94 cops BUT we never ever had close to that number employed BEFORE all the scandals hit. Instead, about 78 positions were filled. I call that kind of budgeting a "taxpayer scam."

Also, you asked a lot of questions that you answered with "the investigation." Maybe everyone's memory is short ... or tired after all these months. I contend that NOTHING would have happened or changed had it not been for Nick Joseph getting drunk, coked up and speeding down 390 in the wee hours of the night and hitting a car in the process. Had it not been for that, we'd all still be sitting here like suckers, believing our PD was keeping us safe. HA!

I also contend that UNTIL Rahn, Mackin & Ball were "caught" shredding documents, the chances we would have had any sort of meaningful house-cleaning were next to nil. Only after that, was an investigation begun. By that point in time, we already knew there were major problems with the biggest players. I don't think we got our $400,000 worth by bringing Trowbridge in for arraignment or by going back 10 years to find things the DA should have charged Rahn with years ago. Just my 2 cents :)

Anonymous said...

Scats at 10:26
Hey that's right. So except for that Joseph debacle we are to believe everything else at the police dept was perfect?
So maybe the investigation was putting a finer point on that which they knew was going to be exposed anyway and it is just a big spin. A preemptive presentation of wrongdoing that somehow never includes the town administration.
Let us hope for some change with the new administration and that the old guard at the police dept do not sabotage the new town leaders.

Anonymous said...

"I contend that NOTHING would have happened or changed had it not been for Nick Joseph getting drunk, coked up and speeding down 390 in the wee hours of the night and hitting a car in the process."

No kidding. Did you tell him not to do all that that evening? Why not? Cuz you didn't know the was gonna do that. My point is made.

It doesn't change the fact that AFTER he did all that stupid crap and caused that horrible accident, the investigation uncovered the cover-up, and so much more and now he and several other bad nuts are gone.

That remains a good thing.

And you are so skipping over and ignoring the fact that the investigation is what brought all those charges (what was it, around 25+ each? more for Rahn.) against these guys. NOT the D.A.'s office or the state police.

You might have "known" these were naughty boys, but the investigation is what provided the actual facts that lead (are leading) to indictments. Not the fact that we all knew these were very bad boys.

I appreciate your opinion, but we'll just have to disagree. I think the investigation will ensure that none of these guys successfully sue and get their jobs back.

Did you see that Merrit tried to do his own internal investigation? Seriously Merrit, really dude?

Do you see the irony in Rahn paying for the investigation that resulted in a grand jury indictment against him?

Now THAT'S something we can all chuckle about.

Well, not Merrit Rahn.

Anonymous said...

12:53, that absolutely makes no sense young one. Exposed how?

Your last comment is simply foolish and childish. The old guard sabatoging the new administration?

Do you even know who the "old guard" you speak of are?

Shouldn't you be in bed right now? Let the grownups talk.

Seriuosly SCATS, after 12:00, it it adult bloggers only?

Don't put this up if you don't want to SCATS, but c'mon. We're having a serious discussion, albeit way too late right now, but that's one of the worst plant comments (i know, i know - sorry 12:53) I've seen from either side.

SCATS said...

To 1:12AM ~~ In my mind, all the Greece cops are guilty. They all knew this stuff was going on and kept it quiet. They should ALL lose their jobs. They can't be trusted "to serve and protect" unless it means each other. And I believe Auberger knew all about Pignato's & Joseph's past with RPD ... but chose to hire them anyway. He as much as admitted that last spring. It wasn't until weeks later that he decided he didn't recall meeting Parrinello & Pignato in JP's office. Rahn might go down, but he has survived before. What's Auberger got going for himself? In fact, if you think about it, Auberger may well have been able to run unopposed again if he didn't mess up things so bad with his oversight (I use that term VERY loosely!) of GPD.

Anonymous said...

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