Saturday, October 31, 2009

SCATS Endorses Karl Nielsen, Ward 4

Karl Nielsen, a Greece mathematics teacher, rolled up his sleeves and delved into the Town of Greece budget. He discovered we've been over-assessed, over-taxed and taken for granted, all good fodder for the scandals that erupted. This self-described "Blue Dog Democrat" pledges to contain costs that bloated the budget, reduce our taxes and bring accountability back to the Ward 4 Council position. I urge you to consider casting a vote for Karl Nielsen on Tuesday, November 3rd.

No Treats For Auberger!

Watch the action ~~ YNN Video & story

SCATS Endorses Shawn Lavin for Ward 3

SCATS endorses Shawn Lavin to serve in Greece's 3rd Ward as our Town Board Representative. Lavin speaks realistically about his aspirations to renew the 3rd ward to a community where crime is reduced through better support of Greece PD's efforts and he promotes the revival of neighborhood watch groups in the area. He wants to improve the aging infrastructure of this neglected part of Greece and spur economic development by filling now vacated businesses. His down-to-Earth approach causes him to question the lavish reserve fund totals retained in the budget by the current Auberger administration. Lavin believes the Town of Greece CAN reduce taxes. He is selfless and possesses a strong sense of duty to community which he showed through his military service record in the US Air Force following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I give my full support to Shawn Lavin on November 3rd and urge you to do so as well.

Loszynski's Campaign Contribution To Auberger: OPINIONS & "ALLEGATIONS"

The D&C interviewed the highly paid internal investigator, Joseph Loszynski just days prior to the election on Tuesday. The interview should be read with much skepticism since so much of it is based upon Mr. Loszynski's own allegations and personal opinion which supports (miraculously) John Auberger's "I knew nothing" defense for not managing his employees.

Example: "Loszynski, who is heading an internal investigation into the Greece police, also alleged that Rahn ..." and "I think it was an effort on the part of Chief Rahn to shift total responsibility (for the hirings) to John Auberger," Loszynski said.

While entitled to his own opinion, he should keep it to himself, since the taxpayers are footing the bill for Loszynski to UNCOVER THE FACTS.


No Other Explanation Needed!

(Click on image to read more easily.

Friday, October 30, 2009

"Closed, Clubby & Corrupt" ~~ Exhibit B

From the minutes of a Special Town Board Meeting, Sept. 9, 2009:

#248 - Councilwoman O’Keefe offered the following resolution and moved its adoption:

RESOLVED, that this Town Board approve the following special event:
Training mission of the 401st Civil Affairs Battalion of the Army Reserve:     
Saturday, September 12, 2009
Long Pond Road and Vince Tofany Blvd. will be closed
Intermittently from 7:30 a.m. –9:00 a.m.

Ayes 4 O’Keefe, Bilsky, Helfer, Morris
Nays 0


On Sept. 11th, SCATS BLOGGED about Berkeley Brean's report that Greece residents shouldn't be frightened by military exercises scheduled to begin at 7AM on Sept. 12th, the next day.


From the Sept. 12th D&C:
" ... three months ago, they started working with Greece to set up the training exercise. The battalion hasn't had a training exercise such as this since 2004."

"John Auberger, who is the son of the town supervisor, was out with his son Jack, 5, and daughter Alyson, 2."

"He (Jack) just saw the G.I. Joe movie, so he is really into this right now,'' Auberger said. "This was the talk of the ride home from school yesterday. He couldn't wait."


  • The Town Board voted to approve this event at an emergency meeting less than 72 hrs. before the exercise was scheduled to begin;
  • Media warned uninformed residents on the anniversary of September 11th, a mere 14 hrs. prior to the start of the training;
  • BUT Mr. Auberger had THREE MONTHS PRIOR KNOWLEDGE? And his 5 yr. old grandson knew before the rest of us???
This demonstrates very clearly that we, the taxpayers of Greece, can't get onto Mr. Auberger's or the current Town Board's radar screens. They do not respect us.




Anonymous said...

Please go to YNN Rochester and note the 3rd story under top stories (as of this timestamp). Joe Moscato has had a large mailing of campaign literature lost by the Jefferson Rd. facility. After three days of futile efforts to have them find the materials, it was prudent to tell the story. This also happened to Joe in 2005 when his school board campaign literature was lost for several weeks at the same facility and then found in a back storage room under a canvas tarp, going "nowhere". Makes you wonder, doesn't it? But the president of the union for the postal workers says that they cannot get the help necessary from management to keep up with the 3rd class mailing demands. So they ship stuff to the regional center in Pittsburgh and it comes back to the same loading dock two weeks later ready for delivery. (Or maybe it just doesn't get shipped?) No wonder the postal service is losing money.

Are there political operatives at work in the building? Probably not but one has to wonder. This is twice now for Joe. A full press release is available if you want to contact Joe.  10/30/2009 8:10 PM

"Closed, Clubby & Corrupt" ~~ Exhibit A

Speaks volumes, doesn't it?

Today's Bob Lonsberry Show ...

After a 30 minute interview (approx.) of Greece Town Supervisor John Auberger, two things continue to trouble Lonsberry about Auberger's administration:

1) - Auberger's failure to provide oversight that resulted in both GPD and assessor's scandals
2 ) - Auberger hired Gary Pignato into GPD despite background information that documented Pignato had previously hired a transvetite to perform oral sex on another police officer from RPD at that other officer's birthday party. Auberger claims he hired Pignato based upon recommendations, including those from Bob Duffy which later appear to have been falsified by former Sgt. Trowbridge.


Loszynski's "Unturned Stone" Is Auberger's Role In Greece's Corruption

"While it is unfortunate that Merritt Rahn has tried to inject himself into this political campaign by issuing this statement five days before the election, my objective has been to seek justice against those who have violated the trust of Greece residents, regardless of the political implications." ~~ John Auberger, regarding Rahn's complaint about campaign mailing


SCATS ~~ Auberger seeks "justice" as long as the finger of blame points away from himself! Things are looking particularly bad for you on Tuesday, Mr. Supervisor ;)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rahn: Auberger Violated Settlement Agreement

Rahn's attorney, John Parrinello, says Auberger violated a nondisclosure & non-disparagement clause in campaign literature he mailed to constituents by stating: “Merritt Rahn will never again wear the uniform of the Greece Police Department.”

Rahn's statement maintains Auberger should be voted down on Nov. 3rd.


Read Rahn's Statement

Read Rahn & Auberger Letters

Local Economic Scorecard Under Current Republican Control

1 ~ Monroe County Near The TOP in the USA For Property Taxes

2 ~ Monroe County Has the WORST Credit Rating In NY State

3 ~ Greece NY Property Taxes Are the HIGHEST in the County

4 ~ Greece NY Resident's Income Loss Is the SECOND LARGEST in the Area (down 13%!)

SCATS ~~ Before you vote on November 3rd, ask yourself: "How's that working for me?"

An Inside Look At GTA ...

CoffeeReady said**...

A bit off topic I know but I got this newsletter by chance and I thought that you may be interested in a few blurbs under GTA news:
Does a good teacher need a union?

A good teacher cares about the pupils...

A good teacher cares about the quality of teaching...

A good teacher cares about his/her family and knows that one needs a defined school day to set essential boundries between personal and prof. life. We are PAINFULLY aware of the obligation to provide for the material needs of our family, and make no excuses about our concern for adequate salary. (greed spun into a poor me tune)

A good teacher knows that one alone can not negotiate the condition requisite to a healthy teaching and normal family life.

A good teacher knows that to guarantee theses conditions, each must band together will all other good teachers- in a union.

( then a little blurb)

Team GTA; Big thanks to those who dedicated time to opeing day GTA rally. As we enter our 4th year with no contract we commend those who go above and beyong to show support ( IE t-shirt wearing friday's)

Althought the first event was very successful, we must be candid and let you know...if we are going to make positive change your attendence MUST increase! Our attendence at these event are recongnized by local community leaders and influences their willingness to work with us and listen to our concerns. We hope to see you soon. ( they really don't get that it is the tax payer paying for them, not the local leaders. And this shows they don;t care what john q public thinks as long as they get the support of those that influnce the BOE)

CoffeeReady- I need a pot.   10/29/2009 8:35 AM
** (SCATS took the liberty of fixing a few of the typos to make this easier to read. I think we can all relate to that need for a cup of coffee ;)

Lonsberry Invites Maloney & Auberger

Update ~~ 11AM FRIDAY on WHAM 1180AM ~~ That's when the fun begins.

Several folks tell me that Bob Lonsberry has extended invitations to both John Auberger & Dan Maloney to be on his show on Friday, for a half hour each, but appearing seperately. I'm told that Maloney has accepted the invitation. Has Auberger? I believe this is to start at 11AM. If anyone has any other details (or possible corrections about the time), please let me know.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009



Read here

Related Article


The folks on MoronsRanting are having a fit that Auberger's new website reveals the truth.

From the Town of Greece website:

Form of Town Government
The Town is a suburban Town of the first-class and was organized on March 22, 1822. Greece Central School District, Spencerport Central School District and Hilton School District serve the Town and rely upon their own taxing powers granted by the State to raise revenues.

The Supervisor of the Town is the presiding member of the Town Board, is elected for a term of four years and is eligible to succeed himself. In addition to the Supervisor, there are four members of the Town Board who are elected for two year terms with term limits of 5 consecutive 2 year terms. The Supervisor is elected at large and each council member is elected from one of four districts.

The Town appoints its Town Clerk, Commissioner of Public Works and Town Attorney. The Tax Receiver is an elected official who serves a four year term.

Who Sent This Letter?

I'm told that this letter "went out to all registered Republicans in the Town, it went to the Monroe County Board of Elections (both Democrat and Republican) as well as Monroe County Democratic Headquarters and Monroe County Republican Headquarters. It did not come from Maloney's election committee." Apparently, there was no signature and no return address on the letter.

Here's the start of the letter. The rest of it is continued in the "Comments" section due to space considerations.

The campaign manager for John Auberger has certainly designed a variety of colorful postcards. John Auberger sitting with two people at a table, topped with tea and crumpets. Another, a photo of John Auberger with the Elliott Ness look. These political campaigning postcards were somewhat catchy, however, the written content was boring and redundant. The unusual overuse of John Auberger's statement, "Merritt Rahn will never wear the uniform again" seems quite strange. Now Kirk Morris is chanting it. We understand. Every single Greece resident is fully aware of all allegations printed on those postcards. Every bit of information has been public knowledge for several months now. It strikes us Greece residents as very disheartening to see how John Auberger is using GPD issues to politically sell himself to Town of Greece residents. Is it really any surprise though? Recently, John Auberger has jumped on a brand new bandwagon- Dan Maloney, union boss ... So? Why does John Auberger continually try to deflect attention/blame onto others? Frightening to think that this man has been in his position for years. Of course, we must take into consideration; John Auberger sadly fell into the position by running unopposed.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One Last Meet-Up ...?

Auberger & Maloney Both Invited ...
Will Auberger Show-Up?
Will He Contain His Anger?

Also invited: Candidates for Sheriff; Monroe County's 7th Legislative District; Candidates for Greece Wards 1 & 3; Receiver of Taxes Candidates

Northgate Neighbors "Candidate's Night" Event
Wed. Oct. 28th, 7PM
Our Lady of Mercy Community Center
36 Armstrong Rd (corner of Denise)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Administration Plays The BOE For Fools

An honest admin said...
The Board of Education believes everything that is brought to them. I have sat in the audience on board nights incredulous as to how much crap they are fed. They'd both eat it and then thank administration for it.

And before Charlie or Joe chime in, I will also say that I saw them get deceived by administration, too.

It was/is a sad thing to watch happen.   10/24/2009 9:24 PM

Can You Tell It's Just A Week Until Elections?

Fear-mongering ratchets up!

Desperate candidates do desperate things!


Candidate's Night at FBBC ...

... A friend provided this overview of his impressions for me:

Candidates each had 3 minutes to speak, but no questions were taken from the audience.

John Auberger ~~ Spent his 3 minutes shouting his outrage over campaign donations made by Linda Stephens and the fact that she is suing him and the Town of Greece over prayers given at Town Board meetings. Now she can sue us again, for defamation.
Kathy Trimmer ~~ "Exceptional" ... talked about her top secret security clearance and stated that she is an accredited security expert with information technologies. She wants to apply the same level of commitment to the residents of the Town of Greece.
Kathleen Turner ~~ Noted her experience in working at a bank previously & her service to Greece without any problems.
Mark Coon ~~ "Phenomenal"
Jo Meleca-Voigt ~~ Reminded crowd that Greece residents have a choice for the first time in years
Dan Maloney ~~ Challenged Auberger to a debate again. Of course, Jack ignored it to go on a rant about Linda Stephens ...
Karl Nielsen ~~ Delivered a solid speech despite a few blips
Bob Bilsky ~~ Sounded arrogant as he claimed things in Greece are just fine and thanked Maggie Brooks whose leadership resulted in no tax increase.
Karen Lee-Byfield ~~ Out of town, so couldn't attend.
Joe Moscato ~~ Talked about how his 23 yrs. as a cop would help him to rebuild the Greece PD
Shannon O'Keefe ~~ Touted her role as a wonderful step-mother.
Shawn Lavin ~~ Gave a very solid speech and was applauded for his military service.
Andy Conlon ~~ Said he wants to "give back" to Greece since he's lived here his whole life (all 23 yrs. of it).
Kirk Morris ~~ Cited his connections to Robach (who came in 30 minutes late), claimed he's done so much for Greece and stated that he is a parishioner at FBBC.

All four judicial candidates spoke:

Campbell ~~ Well spoken, talked about his years of experience on the courts in Greece
Nitti ~~ Spoke about his accomplishments on the bench, although not as eloquently as Campbell did.
Bill King ~~ Talked about his love of his community, and how he has also served as an EMT, and an attorney.
Indivino ~~ Spoke about wanting to give back, and how her husband worked at Kodak for 30 years, and that they are dedicated to their community.

Pastor Grace ~~ Eloquent, sincere, and dedicated.
The crowd ~~  Reserved and polite.

The reception afterwards featured "an incredible meal with enough food to feed the entire city school district population."

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Uhrmacher Wants To Be Chief

Support For Him Grows;
Auberger Insists Selection Process Must Play Out

"We're still looking to narrow down the qualifications and put out a job posting in the next couple of weeks." ~~ Supervisor Auberger

"I would like to be chief because I've been involved in seeing the department through this difficult time and would like the opportunity to continue the rebuilding process." ~~ Acting Chief, Brian Uhrmacher

"Brian is no doubt the best candidate for Greece right now. He is someone who always wanted to be a cop and moved his way up through the ranks. This is what the department needs right now, not someone from the outside." ~~ Kevin Degnan, retired GPD

"He has already brought calm and stability to the department at a time it desperately needed it," he said. "I don't know anybody with more honor and integrity than Brian Uhrmacher, and as far as I'm concerned, the right guy is already in the job." ~~ Steven Smith, Orleans County undersheriff


SCATS ~~ Brian Uhrmacher already comes with a better track record AND better references than anyone you've hired previously, Mr. Auberger. Other than your own control issues and political troubles, what's your problem with naming him chief?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

SCATS Endorses Joe Moscato for Ward 2

Joe Moscato is not your average candidate. He's tough. He's committed. He is a man of principle who will never shy away from asking the hard questions and pursuing the issue until he gets the complete answer. He has a law enforcement background and established a fiscally conservative track record while serving on the Greece Board of Education.


(Don't forget to check out all of SCATS' endorsements ;)

Does The Right Hand Know The Left Hand?

Anonymous said...

Copied these from the Board DOCS for you....
Minutes from 9/8/09

# Name Title Start Date Effective Date Comments/Location
1. Crowley, Barbara 1.0 School Counselor 01/21/87  07/26/09  22 years of service
Athena Middle

Next meeting minutes...8/11...she was approved for a stipend...

47. Crowley, Barbara
Counseling and Student Support
Department Leader
Athena Middle $350.00 09/01/09 Leadership

Retired 7/26
Received stipend effective 9/01

So, just how closely does the BOE look at what they are approving?   10/23/2009 6:53 PM

Anonymous said...
From what I know, this person retired and moved to California. She can't be a leader from there.
10/23/2009 6:57 PM

SCATS ~~ You've both raised an excellent question. I'm wondering what GCSD administrator submitted this stipend request to the BOE for approval? There should be repercussions to any administrator who makes these sorts of ridiculous requests. Not knowing isn't an acceptable excuse. These folks are paid the big $$ to know what's going on.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Who Are "The Concerned Citizens of Greece"?

How many are in this group? How much of a threat to Auberger do they pose? Who is funding them? Where can I send MY check??

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see today's paper-
page 2A - paid advertisement by "Concerned Citizens for the Town of Greece" Not sure who they are but article says they are Republicans, Democarts and Independents and question why Auberger will not debate Maloney. They claim the voters want to sort fact from fiction and that Auberger declined to a debate in public (WHEC) and that they want the opportunity to use their vote wisely. They claim that if the Supervisor is correct in everything he says he should jump at the chance to prove it. Ends with "Let Democracy rule and may the best canidate win"   10/23/2009 9:09 PM

Candidate's Night: Sunday October 25th, 6PM

First Bible Baptist Church will be "the" place to hear many different candidates running for Greece Town Board, Greece Supervisor, County Legislature and other seats around the area Sunday evening, October 25th. The 30th annual event will begin at 6PM.

According to their website, Maloney & Auberger will BOTH be there, as will seven (of the 8) contenders for a seat on the Greece Town Board. Check out their website to see who else is scheduled to attend.

Vince Tofany Blvd: The House That Jack Built

Auberger loves to take credit for building the Community & Senior Center. To hear him talk, it seems to be the biggest feather in his cap from his dozen years as Supervisor. But let's face it. He is in his "castle" anywhere within the complex of buildings that adorn Vince Tofany Blvd. He behaves as if he owns it all.

An example: When various community groups (GRASP, AARP, etc.) gather to conduct business in one of the meeting rooms, he has no problem disrupting everything by popping in unannounced to say hello. Often, he brings other politicians with him, like Joe Robach. It doesn't matter that he might he might be interrupting a guest speaker. He makes no apologies. He seems to think people await his appearance. They don't. I'm sure he thinks it's "friendly." It's not. In fact, he's often laughed at and people talk under their breath about how he will do anything to promote himself, even if it's rude. Or out of place. Or entirely unwanted.

In sharp contrast, when a resident wants a face-to-face meeting with him, he seems to hide in his upstairs office. He relies upon "I am him" to juggle the residents who seek his counsel. Getting an appointment to meet with Jack Auberger is like getting into the Guiness Book of Records. It takes stamina, persistence and time, lots of time. Getting him to return a phone call isn't easy either. It seldom happens. It gives the impression he is just too busy. Or maybe it's that he's just too good to talk to the folks that pay his salary ... unless it's on his terms.

By interrupting someone else's meeting, he makes himself "available" in the phoniest way possible. He's there but he's unapproachable. You can see him. You can hear him. But you can't talk to him. Yes, everything is tightly controlled in the house that Jack built. Too tight. On November 3rd, we'll see whether Jack's "castle" is but a house of cards in the wake of a dozen years of scandals ... and whether or not the people of Greece reclaim Vince Tofany Blvd. as their own.

In-Fighting Among Greece Democrats? Or Is It The Republicans?

UPDATE ~~ 12:30PM : From an email - "The INFIGHTING is in the REPUBLICAN PARTY - not the DEMS.

The Riley family is SO furious with the Greece GOP in putting Antelli in the 7th when they wanted Riley's son to have it that they are now supporting MALONEY."  

For several weeks, rumors of in-fighting among Greece Democrat campaign workers and supporters have swirled about town. In my opinion, NOTHING GOOD could come from such behavior. If you can't get along with the people who agree with you, how will you be able to convince others to sign onto your candidate's platform? Supporting a candidate should NOT be about personal power within your party/campaign! Rather, it should be about mutual cooperation while working towards a common goal - election of your candidate. 

This "Thumb's Down" entry from the D&C says it all:

poor supporters (submitted by realGREECEdemocrat)
"Big thumbs down to those who say they are supporting what is a great candidate, but act so crazy and belligerent that they actually hurt my candidate's campaign. Fighting with other supporters of the same guy. Calling undecided voters stupid for not already agreeing with you. 2 examples of how to alienate the votes you are trying to get. Are you secretly supporting the opposition?"

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Online Petition Fights Paterson On Requiring New License Plates

Petition gathers over 5000 signatures in first week

New plates to be required starting April 1st at a cost of $25 per vehicle


"The Dog That Ate My Town" ~ A Political Fable

by Greece Town Supervisor John Auberger

Local Teachers Must Compete For Job Openings

Budget Cuts Pit Laid-off Teachers Against New Grads For Limited Openings

More Teachers Seek Jobs As Subs, Aides To Get Foot In District's Doors

GCSD reports an 88%  increase in the number of job applicants this year


SCATS ~~ Greece should capitalize on this, hire only the very best and use this opportunity to rid itself of nontenured teachers who don't measure up.

Maggie Uses Budget In Dirty Trick To Support Legislature Candidates

Insider Budget Info Used in Rep. Mailers BEFORE Budget Details Were Shared

"This is the equivalent of insider trading for political purposes." ~~ Dem. Chairman Joseph Morelle.

"There's absolutely nothing wrong with the county executive sharing details with her partners in the legislature."  ~~ Noah Lebowitz, County spokesman


SCATS ~~ The Republicans are looking more desperate each day! Not so surprising after all the different scandals on their watch, I guess.

Some Facts & Omissions From New Website

New Town of Greece website still has some of the same old problems ...

Information Disclaimer (from Greece Town website)
"Information provided on this Web Site is intended to allow the public immediate access to public information. While all attempts are made to provide accurate, current, and reliable information, the Town of Greece recognizes the possibility of human and/or mechanical error. Therefore, the Town of Greece, its employees, officers, agents and agencies make no representations as to the accuracy, completeness, currency, or suitability of the information provided by this Web Site, and deny any expressed or implied warranty as to the same." (They really mean it, too ... and they collect and keep info about your visit!)

Did you know that Auberger can succeed himself? ~~ "The Supervisor of the Town is the presiding member of the Town Board, is elected for a term of four years and is eligible to succeed himself. In addition to the Supervisor, there are four members of the Town Board who are elected for two year terms with term limits of 5 consecutive 2 year terms. The Supervisor is elected at large and each council member is elected from one of four districts."

Unfulfilled Promises:
  • Most Meeting Minutes Not Available
  • Unable to pay taxes online
  • Finding your town ward is still a crapshoot
  • Kirk Morris is the only Town Board Member to NOT provide his personal phone number
One positive improvement is that I discovered a link to the 2009 budget.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Campaign Finance Disclosure Reports Missing for Greece Republican Town Board Candidates

The MoronsRanting group has posted a BLOG berating Dan Maloney's campaign finance report for showing some "cash" withdrawals. OK, fine. I looked it up and they are correct. 

Can you guess what they apparently "overlooked?"

For some reason, they don't seem to mind that NONE of the 4 Republicans (Bilsky, O'Keefe, Conlon & Morris) seeking Town Board seats in Greece can be found in the Board of Elections Campaign Finance Disclosure Reports for either receiving contributions or for making expenditures! How can that be with their signs posted, literature arriving in mailboxes and the elections just days away?

However, each of the Democratic candidates for Greece Town Board (Lee-Byfeld, Moscato, Lavin & Nielsen) are listed in the database.

If one Republican candidate was missing, I might say "OK, it's just an oversight." But all FOUR!? Seems VERY shady and planned!

Trowbridge Gets Deal From DA; Auberger's Memory Fails Him

Parrinello Claims Trowbridge Has Been "Bought Off"

Cooperation agreement: if Robert Trowbridge tells the truth on the witness stand, the DA will drop the felony count and ask for no jail time

"Trowbridge got the deal of the century. If he comes in and tells the truth in quotations. He's got to tell the truth in the perception of the D.A.'s mind. They bought him off. They bought him off. Trowbridge to save his own butt has turned on Merritt Rahn." ~~ John Parrinello

In a related story ...

Parrinello failed to get charge against Rahn dropped in Pignato hiring case;

Auberger's affadavit shows he admits he met Parrinello in his office and that Pignato was recommended to be hired, but can't recall if Pignato was present.

Auberger denied request for interview


SCATS ~~ Something is starting to SMELL really bad here. I'm getting the distinct impression that the DA's office is "helping" Auberger ... and anyone else they must "help" to continue to protect Auberger ... even if it's to the detriment of other people, specifically Merritt Rahn ... 

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm Supporting The Better of Two Candidates ...

... Not the lesser of two evils!

I attended several Greece Town Board meetings this year. Although I've sat in the audience previously, it's always an eye-opener to see how closed-off and tightly controlled the government in Greece has become. I suspect Communist China may resemble the way Greece is governed these days, except for the prayers. The prayers are anything but generic in their religious content, thus the controversy.

Agendas are printed in advance with the names of those who will move or second a motion assigned next to each item, even if they haven't been sworn-in as yet! The meetings are conducted with the precision of a military drill team. Aside from the "public hearings," there's no discussion, no dissension. Residents are forewarned that they have a limited time to speak and that there will be no response. They mean it, too.

For example, despite a number of people pleading for a public hearing and some two-way discussion between the Town Board and residents on the Time-Warner vs. Edu-Cable issue, the Supervisor and Board Members showed them exactly who was in charge in that chamber. They moved the item up on the agenda, quickly voted to make the switch to Time-Warner, and went on to the next item, barely taking time to exhale as the crowd left the room in shock and disgust.

It's stunning to watch for anyone who hasn't attended a meeting before. For the few who have, everything is predictable. All votes are "Aye" all of the time. Aside from the rare question, all agenda items are ticked off and dispensed with in mere minutes, regardless the impact any given item may come to have on the town or a neighborhood or an individual.

This is the John Auberger style of iron-fist governance. This is the atmosphere that permits scandals to brew on a backburner for years before they explode in the newspaper's headlines. This is why your phone calls go unreturned and your written inquiries remain unanswered. Inside Town Hall offices, there is much more interest in who you are than in how they can help you. I wonder if they check all names against the campaign donation list or the membership to the Chamber of Commerce. It seems they must. My neighbor who knows Auberger socially can get attention paid to his problems. Another neighbor who never met the Supervisor can't get anyone, including our council-person, to respond to his questions.

The D&C is accurate in describing Auberger's government as "clubby, closed and corrupt." I would go a bit further. To me, it's evil. It's all one-sided, all of the time. It's one party rule at its worst. And it's ruining Greece.

Auberger claims his opponent, Dan Maloney, is uneducated about the budget and knows nothing about how to run the town. However, Auberger remains stubborn about not wanting to debate Maloney to show us that his contention is true. Well John, if you can't stand the heat, it's time to get out of the kitchen.

Auberger plays "victim" claiming he trusted the people he chose to run the assessor's office and police department. It seems to elude him that he has the ultimate responsibility for what happens in those areas. His continued lack of insight about his own role in the various scandals that have plagued his career as Supervisor is a promise that his oversight will remain presbyopic should he be elected again.

Dan Maloney, in comparison, favors open government. He seeks out debate and varied input on the issues. That's a breath of fresh air that Greece desperately needs.

While somewhat inexperienced politically, Maloney is articulate in conversation and has much experience in leadership from his career. He does in fact understand the budget and the reserve funds. I've discussed some of the budgetary issues with him when he canvassed the neighborhood recently. I'm confident he can handle the job.

In the aftermath of all the scandals on Auberger's watch, Greece needs leaders who know how to supervise. We need open, honest two-way communications in the Board Room, and between our elected officials and their constituents. We need someone who doesn't fear an opposing viewpoint to bring a sense of balance to the table. Again, I agree with the D&C's description that Maloney is "a solid, concerned citizen." Isn't that how most politicians get their start? He's ready, willing and able to bring Greece back on track. I urge you to give him a chance.

For all of these reasons, SCATS endorses Dan Maloney for Supervisor of the Town of Greece.


The Greece Town Board Meeting scheduled to begin at 6PM this evening is forecast to last ...


... unless significant modifications are made to the 13 item preliminary agenda or unless one or more residents shows up to speak ;)

Property Owner Ends Attempt To Clean-Up Odenbach Site

  • Site Remains Highly Contaminated After Ten Years Of Efforts
  • Owner Seeks Variance* From Greece Zoning Board (Tonight) To Begin Auto-Dismantling Work There
  • NY Added Site To Its Superfund List For Future Clean-Ups


*Applicant: 4800 Dewey Avenue, Inc.
Location: 4777 Dewey Avenue
Mon. Co. Tax No.: 046.01-1-2.1
Zoning District: IL (Light Industrial)
Request: A Use Variance to permit the dismantling, storage, processing
or sale of salvageable parts from wrecked automobiles or other
machinery, including scrap metal or other discarded but
recyclable material, an IG (General Industrial) use, in an IL
(Light Industrial) district. Sec. 211-18 B (3) (a) [2]
SCATS ~~ Greece's own little Love Canal is located adjacent to environmentally sensitive areas - wetlands, ponds, Lake Ontario and the Monroe County Water Authority's Shoremont facility. The site is contaminated with some highly toxic suspected carcinogens like vinyl chloride, TCE, cyanide and other chemicals that pollute not only the groundwater, but can collect in vapors beneath the buildings situated on the property. I'll bet you thought we only had Kodak to worry about ;)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Time-Warner To Show BOE Meetings On Ch 12

The October 13th Board of Education meeting will be shown at 7PM Tuesday night on Cable Channel 12. BOE meetings will regularly be shown at 7PM on the Tuesday following the actual BOE meeting.



D&C Editorial

In other editorials, the D&C Endorses:

Shannon O'Keefe - 1st Ward
No one - 2nd Ward
Shawn Lavin - 3rd Ward
Karl Nielsen - 4th Ward

SCATS ~~ Now I know why "clubby, closed & corrupt" Auberger has been scrambling. Not getting this endorsement is HUUUU-JAH!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Maloney & Auberger Trade $nipe$ On Budget/Fund Balance

"I do not understand why my opponent is misleading the residents of this town ... When you stand him up in front of the public limelight, he doesn't understand municipal budgets."  ~~ Dan Maloney (Dem), regarding the $12+ million fund balance

"That's a ridiculous assessment. This individual has absolutely no working knowledge of the budget. He does not know what a fund balance is. He does not have any understanding of what a tax rate is. To equate it to a home would be like having a savings account. It is a comfortable account that we have to be able to address emergency situations such as major storms being able to deal with increases in retirement contributions."  ~~ John Auberger (Rep.)

SCATS ~~ Well, John. There's "comfortable" and then there's ridiculous, a word you love. Even the Comptroller says the fund balance is three times higher than the recommended amount. I think THAT'S WHY you won't debate Maloney ;)

Auberger's Career Marred By String of Scandals

Claims there was nothing he could have done differently

Auberger wants state law changed so he could fire police chief;
Claims that law ties his hands

"This law is a good thing. There are times when the appointing authority does not like the decisions made by the chief of police — such as the arrest of an influential person — but these hearing rights are there to protect chiefs from arbitrary decisions. It's quite clear that on occasion an appointing authority wants to dismiss or discipline because the chief won't do something the appointing authority wants done." ~~ Eugene Welch, an attorney with Harris, Chesworth, O'Brien, Johnstone, Welch & Leone

"Even looking back on this, it all comes back to faith in the people working for you. It was unthinkable to me that a sworn law enforcement officer would violate the public trust." ~~ John Auberger, regarding Rahn scandals

"I am proud of what's been accomplished here and am totally confident that when this detail concludes, this agency will be in good hands with good procedures in place and good internal controls." ~~ Joe Loszynski, whose probe is expected to conclude by year's end


Loszynski's probe reviewed


You need to stop praying long enough
so that you can open your eyes
and supervise your employees, Mr. Auberger!

After all these months and $400,000+ spent, it's time to have our Public Safety Director, Joe Loszynski, sit at the table during Town Board meetings. Have "I am him" make a name plate up and get him there Tuesday night! We're paying big bucks for this position. It's time he becomes available to the public.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Karl Nielson On Property Taxes

Karl Nielsen 4th Ward said...

Dear SCATS Readers,
I have spent many hours researching the property assessments across Monroe County. The data that I am about to provide can be accessed at Greece residents need to compare their 2009 property assessment to their actual Town and County Tax Bill. In the Town of Greece a home assessed at $187,500 will pay about $3557. A home is Ogden assessed for $234,500 will pay about $3,517. A home in Brighton assessed at $189,000 will pay about $2880, a home in Perinton assessed at $284,700 will pay about $3005. What does this mean?

We pay the most in Town and County Taxes in Monroe County! Our Town and County taxes are so inflated that a true property assessment comparing Greece to other communities in our area is not realistic at this time! Greece residents have to sell their homes cheap to factor in the Town and County taxes.

Don't be fooled-- the Republican Town Board is comfortable with their current practices. I believe a change is needed, and I can provide "Leadership with Integrity." Join me in making Greece a community where people are placed above politics.

Is It April Fool's Day Already??

There's lots of "news" that just leaves me shaking my head lately. To quote Dr. Phil, I can't help but wonder "WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!?"


According to the D&C, Greece received an Excellence in Equity Award from the state Office of Real Property Services for its "fair & equitable" assessments in 2009. The article goes on to note that this is the 8th time since 1999, the year the program began, that Greece has received the award.

Obviously, the people in the Real Property Services Office don't read the newspapers, have never heard of Chuck Schwab or John Niccolo and his cast of shady characters!! This is unbelievable!


According to MPN News, Greece's very own good 'ole boy Sen. Joe Robach plans a timely “Update to Seniors on U.S. Government” at Legacy at Park Crescent (AKA mini-Republican HQ) on Monday. I can't help but wonder if this might not be more appropriately titled "Convincing Granny & Gramps to vote for Auberger ... and other Greece Republicans ... again." One thing I'm pretty sure of is that Senator Joe doesn't want to discuss his own role in Albany's ongoing dysfunction. And he sure as heck won't discuss issues relevent to current Greece politics. I know, I've been in the audience at a few of his functions this Fall. That leaves the Feds to point his finger at. Just remember Joe, when you point that finger at someone else, three more are pointing back at YOU ;)


In the realm of dirty politics, the folks over at MoronsRanting have been rolling in the slime they spew. I wonder if any of them are out helping Auberger by stealing the signs for Democrat candidates in Greece ... and, I wonder if Auberger realizes these sleazeballs are slamming senior citizens, like Joe Moscato? Auberger needs to wise up! Counting on Senior Citizens' votes while letting your supporters slam that same group is the lowest form of Republican shenanigans.


I just got my taxpayer funded Auberger propoganda/town newsletter in the mail. Auberger's ego knows no bounds, I see. He dedicated a full page to advertise a Veteran's Day ceremony for Nov. 7th. Guess what Jack? Since that's AFTER the election, putting your name on the piece doesn't ensure you'll be there in any capacity, other than as an onlooker ;)


Speaking of Auberger, I wonder when he's going to let Joe Loszynski stop holding his hand and return home to his family? I also wonder when we'll be told: "Who took Nick Joseph home?" ... "When will we get our new chief?" ... "Why isn't our acting chief good enough to be named chief?" ... "How much have we spent covering Auggie's backside to date?" ... "Why would Brian Ball change a police report?" ... "Why do so many GPD officers earn six figure salaries?" ...

I could go on and on and on! Anyway, I won't hold my breath that we'll ever get the answers we've dearly paid for, though. Jack isn't known for transparency, just for "mystery" and scandals ;)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Karl Nielson Speaks Out ...

Karl E. Nielsen said...

Hello SCATS Readers,
We need leaders “with Integrity” who will bring the cost of government into line with other communities in our area. This will result in lowering taxes! In Greece, the Republican Party has had such a dominant position that they have taken taxpayers for granted. Without challenge, they have over-assessed properties, taxed excessively, padded budgets, and rewarded party loyalists.

This has resulted in the scandals which have embarrassed every Greece resident.
Every time I opened a newspaper and read about corruption in Greece or received my ever-increasing Town and County Tax Bill, it was apparent that the Greece “one party control” was not working. As a father with a young family and a mortgage, I knew the only way that the voice of the Greece community would be heard was by challenging the current Republican regime. My goal is to decrease taxes and increase accountability.

I look forward to the opportunity to set aside partisan politics and to work cooperatively for the best interests of all Greece residents. With your vote on November 3rd , I will bring a new voice to the Greece Town Board.   10/16/2009 3:02 PM

GCSD Could Lose $3.3 Million In State Aid

Gov. Paterson's bid to close state budget gaps mid-year could leave district scrambling

"One of the difficulties we are going to have is looking at the teachers' jobs we created through the stimulus."  (officials can't take the federal money then cut the jobs.) "How are we going to go about closing the gap now? This is going to be very complicated." ~~ Supt. Steven Achramovitch

SCATS ~~ Well, Steve, that's why we pay you one of the biggest salaries in Monroe County's public sector! Schools-of-choice, transportation, extracurriculars and other "untouchables" are begging to become much leaner.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Republicans Violated Fair Campaign Pledge

Independent oversight board calls mailer unfair that ties Dem. legislature candidates to Gov. Paterson and property tax increases

Monroe County Rep. Chairman William Reilich blamed the Dems for the Republican's mistake by claiming he modeled the mailer on previous mailers used by the Democrats : “We try to follow (the pledge) as best we can. It’s kind of like trying to follow a moving target."


SCATS ~~ So then Bill ... after "borrowing" your opponent's campaign tactics to use against them, you then blame them for your problems when you get caught? Now that's hysterical!!!! And did I mention desperate???

With Only 18 Days Left Until Elections ...

... One Greece candidate is "racing to the finish line."

Go, Joe! Go!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

BOE Agrees To COMIDA Plan For Lidestri

  • By an 8 to 1 vote, Lidestri gets 20 yr tax plan
  • Will pay the current $92,000 tax for 10 years
  • Payments will rise by 2%/yr. for the next 10 years after that




SCATS ~~ And I believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy & the Great Pumpkin, too ;)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dysfunction On The BOE Revs Up ...

No matter who addresses this group - resident, teacher or another BOE member - they sit there in silence! They did it to all three of those referenced above early in tonight's meeting.

It's silly. It's awkward. It's downright RUDE! Let's get them all personal copies of Miss Manners' books on etiquette.

AND ... our BOE President Patrick Tydings is completely incompetent in this role! He's back & forth as they plow through the agenda. He interrupts people to get motions made, back-tracking because he "forgets" ... he's everything those attorney jokes say about lawyers.

Following some very telling discussion that shows just how frustrated several BOE members are with Supt. Steve Achramovitch, the BOE adopted the Supt's Goals on a vote of 5 in favor to 4 opposed! This points up the fact that they are essentially split over ridding GCSD of him ASAP.

Mark your calenders for Nov. 3rd. In addition to elections, the BOE has scheduled a pre-budget hearing followed by a study session on the application of the district's many policies regarding the use of alcohol, tobacco & drugs. To his credit, BOE member Frank Oberg brought up that he wants to be absolutely sure GCSD can never again replay the hockey coaching incident due to loosely worded policy. Kudos to you Frank!

Brian Ball's Atty Wants Indictment Dismissed

  • Charges against him include official misconduct
  • He's accused of changing a police report from a fatal accident in 2005
  • Atty claims prosecutors failed to provide legally required information before grand jury met last year
  • Ball didn't testify
  • Judge Francis Affronti to consider the arguments

"In this particular case, we had no idea as to what the allegations were for investigation purposes, and even to this date, when you review the indictment and the materials, we still don’t know what they're saying he did wrong.” ~~ Jon Getz, Ball's Attorney

SCATS ~~ Unlike the other PD scandals, this one poses a mystery ... WHY did Ball lie on a police report? What was his motivation? My guess is that it was a favor to someone ... possibly Rahn ... to help a judge save face ... ?

Greece: The Dysfunction Junction Lives On ...

“He's a good leader, he has a good track record and the town of Greece has a great quality of life. I think you have to separate the scandal from the victim and the town of Greece is a victim in this.”
(Maggie Brooks on Auberger's handling of GPD scandals)

"The County of Monroe is a victim here. We asked for the investigation. We say that over and over and over. We've done things internally to make sure that this can't happen again. So at the end of the day, people are going to focus on how did we respond to these issues as they came up."
(Maggie Brooks on the Robu-trad scandal)

SCATS ~~ Dr. Phil? Where are you? We need an intervention, STAT!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Auberger Says It Will Take Months ...

... Not weeks to find a new police chief. (

SCATS ~~ Why turn over more stones, Jack? You already know who you want.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures ...

In good times or bad ...

Maggie Brooks Stands By Her Man, Jack Auberger ...

“He's a good leader, he has a good track record and the town of Greece has a great quality of life. I think you have to separate the scandal from the victim and the town of Greece is a victim in this.” ~~ Maggie Brooks ** (

SCATS ~~ But Maggie,dear. Jack acts like (and looks like) HE IS THE VICTIM!

** And on WHAM News @6, she claimed the county was a victim in the Robu-trad scandal!

BOE Meeting Tuesday - 6:30PM

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session at 5:30PM to discuss collective bargaining & pending litigation.

Instead of listing the copious number of interesting items shown on the BOE's jam-packed agenda, I'm going to comment on a few that really caught my attention.

Report of Official School Opening Enrollment ~~ Are the numbers still on the decline? When will our taxes start to decline proportionately?

Superintendent's 2009 - 2010 Goals ~~ Finding a new employer should top his list! It's time the BOE own up to what's happening behind the scenes, and start the search.

Whistleblower Update ~~ This should be very revealing on a number of different levels!

Student Trips ~~ One trip has seniors from Odyssey asking to go to Disney in Orlando, miss school, hire 3-4 subs while they are away AND they have shown NO EDUCATIONAL BENEFIT for the expedition, thus making this a VACATION AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE! In these hard economic times, the BOE's answer should be "NO."  Then there's the trip where Amy McCabe wants to join the Outdoor Adventure Group to go along to Salt Lake City Utah from Athena ... must be nice having relatives who can OK a trip paid for by the students! Again, the BOE should say "NO" to this group of glorified gym junkies. But then, standing up to anyone takes something our BOE has shown they don't have ... rhymes with "gall" ...

Public School Fire Safety Report ~~ I read through the entire document and it really caused me to take pause! In the category of "Major" violations, it's particularly disturbing to see noted little things like "Combustibles stored on a toaster oven" (No common sense??), "Fire Lanes not always maintained," "Emergency lighting or doors are inoperative."  Seems to me that SOMEONE could get burnt out bulbs replaced and doors working WITHOUT having to wait until the FD tells us it's an issue. Can't staff report it to maintenance as these problems crop up? DO THEY EVER? Then there's the part where the number of buildings inspected miraculously grew from 47 last year to 51 this year. How's that possible???

Swine flu ~~ Mysteriously lacking from the lengthy agenda is any mention of an update on swine flu. According to various news reports, a record high number of 19 CHILDREN died from H1N1 in the US just last week! So far, 76 kids under the age of 18 have died this year. Our normal annual death toll among children from flu is only 46-88 per flu season! Flu season has barely begun!

A Disturbing Report ...

Criminal mischief: The men's bathroom at Badgerow Park North, 4614 Dewey Ave., was defaced with racial graffiti on Sept. 29.

SCATS ~~ But in a town where we've done EVERYTHING humanly possible to promote diversity - in the schools and in town govt  and offices - what more could we do? (Please hear the sarcasm!)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Game of Politics, Greece Style ...

McCann: Confident Republicans Will Retain Majority

"Im pretty confident of our chances of holding the majority. People when they make a decision in their particular race when its time for them to vote will be voting on the individual candidates." ~~ Jeff McCann, Rep. candidate 19th legislative district

"Albany gets alot of the attention for being dysfunctional. But Monroe County government is just as dysfunctional." ~~ Mark Coon, Dem. candidate for 7th district.


SCATS ~~ From what I've heard, McCann will flip parties (like so many of his current Republican cronies already have) in a heartbeat, if he must. As always, time will tell ...

Friends or Foes? Rahn's Career Reviewed

Extreme loyalty to the point of dysfunction marked his professional relationships;

Public perception often not considered

"He just put himself in positions that a chief should not put himself in." ~~ former Greece Police Officer Kevin Degnan


After Rahn: Auberger & Maloney Campaign

Auberger thinks the PD scandal is all behind him now ~~ "I want to see the department move on. We've dealt with the issue."

Maloney thinks the scandals helped him ~~ "Without the scandals, I probably wouldn't have as good a chance as I do this year. I think folks are fed up."


Saturday, October 10, 2009 "Supervisor Dan Maloney" ~~ "Greece Democrat Supervisor Dan Maloney ..."

SCATS ~~ Captured, before they change it ;)

There's A New Police Chief Coming Soon ...

Who wants to bet that the ink on Rahn's agreement with the Town of Greece will barely be dry before Auberger announces his police chief's replacement? Back in August, I blogged about two possible choices from the NY State Police, in addition to GPD's Uhrmacher ( I mentioned the appointment would be shortly before the Nov. election ;). One of those two names has resurfaced, Michael Cerretto. He's said to be very well connected in political circles. Nothing but the best for Greece, right Mr. Auberger?

(Cerretto is on the far left side)

Anonymous said...

Cerretto is waiting in the wings. He is a political hack with the State Troopers. His field of expertise is traffic enforcement.
Some choice to build a new department.

All it takes to get hired by Auberger is a strong Republican background, Ceretto's father worked for Al Skinner and he has moved up through the ranks by knowing the right people. They had promised him he could be Deputy Chief a couple of years ago, however, Mackin held some of the right cards at that time and John had to turn Ceretto down.

He will hire Ceretto this time, even though he carries some baggage with him, but what else is new in this Town. Auberger keeps making the same mistakes. He and he alone hired Pignato and Joseph and I can't understand why this $400,000 investigation didn't uncover that fact. Something is really rotten in the state of Denmark.    10/10/2009 11:22 AM

Rahn's Fate Decided In A 3 Minute Meeting

The D&C Reports: "The Greece Town Board met in a hastily called meeting Friday and unanimously approved a settlement with Rahn. The meeting began at 5p.m. and ended, after a vote, three minutes later."

"The next natural step is I can now turn my interest to the two indictments (facing Rahn) to see whether or not we can turn this into a global resolution ... It's a relief for Merritt and his family, who can now go on and focus on his criminal case." ~~ John Parrinello Rahn's atty.

Democrat candidate for Supervisor, Dan Maloney, questions decision to "suddenly" save money after spending nearly $400,000 ~~ "If it would take just a little more money to get the truth out, why not go the extra step?"

SCATS ~~ It's Business As Usual At Greece Town Hall, Dan! NOTHING stops Auberger from controlling everything that the people of Greece get to know. Actually, 3 minutes is a LONG TIME for this group. Last month's meeting was 10 minutes long and they made 19 "decisions" then ;)

Friday, October 09, 2009



Deal struck with Greece Town Board for $10,000 !

Rahn waives all rights & claims against the Town of Greece including those for back pay, sick leave & retiree health care.

Auberger now free to appoint anyone he desires to Police Chief position.

Town Atty Paul Sweeney claims this deal saved Greece thousands of dollars (and saved Auberger an election, he hopes!)

SCATS ~~ There goes my chance to make a fortune selling striped t-shirts next week! :(

Congratulations To Teacher David Ebersole !

GCSD reports ~~ Athena Middle School Science Teacher David Ebersole received the Excellence in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and mathematics) Teaching Award from the Rochester Area Colleges Center for Excellence in Math and Science (RACCEMS). The Center recognized Ebersole and his fellow finalists for effective, engaging, and innovative teaching and awarded each of them a $2,000 stipend for the educational conference of their choice. As the grand prize winner, Ebersole will also receive a $10,000 classroom upgrade. In order to be considered for the honor, Ebersole submitted a lesson how the respiratory and circulatory systems work together, received nominations from his colleagues, and was observed by a panel of RACCEMS judges.

SCATS ~~ FINALLY SOME GOOD NEWS related to education!