Tuesday, September 22, 2009

With Just 41 Days Until Election Day ...

Andrew Conlon's
"Important Message"

He's Campaigning




Anonymous said...

What do you mean by no experience scats? He's been under Auberger's tutelege on the taxpayers dime!!!!

Anonymous said...

And now he works for the county! How cute.

Anonymous said...

No more table and chair set-ups or clean-ups at Vince Tofany for him? He looked so hot adjusting window shades for AARP!

Anonymous said...

He only purchased a home here on 5/29/2009!

So he hasn't even been a homeowner here for 4 months and he knows it all? No prior entries, mortgage date matches as well. Send the Welcome Wagon, but hell - get elected? NO WAY!

From the county clerks office:


Anonymous said...

This kid either has terrible handlers or doesn't have a brain in his head. Well, he can embrace "motherhood" and I suppose he might be able to buy an apple pie. Other than that his qualifications appear to be wiping up the snot and drool from the unfortunate but clueless voters that the Republicans will drag to the polls, prop up and tell them which row to pull. Then back on the buses and back to the home; nice folks being USED. This is the Republican strategy to remain in control. The strategy certainly isn't to offer compelling candidates with the credentials to properly serve the citizens. This year the only viable opportunity we have to end the scandals and the wholesale incompetence of the incumbents is to vote for any political party candidates except the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but his opponent for the seat is also young and works for Dan Maloney at the union. Where's the calling him out for his inexperience and reliance on the Maloney's union machine?

Anonymous said...

What a waste of postage and ink. All he has to say is that he'll be ringing doorbells? The election is just a few weeks away. He needs to find SOMETHING that's an issue and start talking about what he's going to do to make Greece better.

Anonymous said...

8:27 says:

I'm sorry, but his opponent for the seat is also young and works for Dan Maloney at the union. Where's the calling him out for his inexperience and reliance on the Maloney's union machine?

9/22/2009 8:27 PM

Shawn Lavin is his opponent and he works for Paychex. Since when does Dan Maloney control Paychex?

If you are going to make your hatred of union workers a priority, at least get your facts straight. And while you're at it, be careful of who you say all your union spew to...they are your police, your fireman, your nurses, your teachers, your doctors, your grocery store clerks, your postal workers, the Fed-Ex man, your town workers who plow your streets, your clerical town workers who keep the records, your town maintenance workers who keep the town hall clean, and make sure the parks are mowed and beautiful.

Yeah, there is alot of people you obviously hate. And Jack's latest mailer says he hates them too.

I'm voting Maloney. Character above Corruption.

Anonymous said...

Not for nothing, but how the hell is a kid like this going to be prepared to handle all of the litigation and lawsuits that will come from Auberger's scandals?

How is he supposed to know how to review a budget? Lavin has a masters degree in public administration.

What does this young man bring to the table?

I'm sorry, but this is using someone who will end up getting a mess dumped on him, not to mention Jack will probably hire ANOTHER investigator to investigate the new people if he gets re-elected. It's always somebody else fault when Jack Auberger brings down the town.

He must have been a real gem as a kid. Steal a cookie, blame your brother. Watch the brother get his butt spanked, while you munch down the cookie with a smile on your face.

You make me sick Jack Auberger. Andrew - run - far, fast and don't look back. You are much too young to get messed up with this mob.

Anonymous said...

You don't neeed an elastic mind to be a rubber stamp.

Anonymous said...

You're attacking Conlon for inexperience and ignoring Lavin's lack thereof is hypocritical.

Lavin does phone sales for Paychex. He's basically a telemarketer. He's tried to convince people that he's a business consultant but he obviously hasn't done too well in that department. So he's mans the phones instead.

I wouldn't expect phone sales makes you all that capable of budgeting in a major town.

I overheard someone affiliated with the Dems campaign say that Lavin served in Iraq. Is that true or is that made up too? I can post the name here but SCATS may not want me to.

SCATS said...

To 7:57AM ~~ You make it sound like serving in Iraq would be a bad thing, why is that? There's no reason to "name names." There seems to be a big attempt to try to dirty the names of extraneous people to the actual campaigns going on. Sounds like you are with MR ... possibly ... and I think if they keep on the road they've chosen, they will have to face some consequences for it.

Anonymous said...

"You make it sound like serving in Iraq would be a bad thing, why is that?"

Where did you read that in that comment or are you just guessing and assuming?

Don't participate in the "sounds like you are..." crap. Leave that to the party hacks on both sides. ;)

Anonymous said...

SCATS, you are concerned about "dirtying the names" of non-candidates? But so I understand, you're ok with this right?

"There is a person I won't name who heads communications for the county who is known for sleazy dirty tricks.

Google his name for a sample of his work as a of r student. Why do such people have jobs?"

You left that one alone. How come? Before I "assume" I'll let you explain.

SCATS said...

To 12:19PM ~~ Bringing up someone's military service especially when you combine it with the "Is that true or is that made up too?" line is intended to call their integrity into question and making it contingent upon serving our country to boot. THAT's WHERE I heard it ;)

SCATS said...

To 12:23PM ~~ I see no name given in the example you just gave.