Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wild Car Chase Through Greece Ends With Arrest

Joshua M. Bracci, 21, of 199 Mill Rd arrested on Jade Creek Dr. following chase from I-390 through town to Long Pond Rd, Harmony Dr, Ballad Ave, Maiden Ln, North Ave, English Rd, North Greece Rd, and several other streets off North Greece Rd.

“The driver was clocked at 111 mph on I-390. He was definitely doing over 100 mph on the streets of Greece.” ~~ Acting Lt. Hank Kula, GPD


UPDATE ** ~~ Driver gets 56 tickets and charged with DWI, first-degree reckless endangerment, first-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, reckless driving, unlawfully fleeing police, resisting arrest, criminal mischief & leaving the scene of an accident

SCATS ~~ Sounds like lots of paperwork!!


Anonymous said...

I live near 390, between the parkway and Latta road. This is neither an isolated incident nor a surprise that *finally* someone got caught. You should hear the crazy drivers that race to/from the Parkway and along 390 during the night hours.

I very glad that this person was apprehended with no loss of life of innocent bystanders.

Anonymous said...

He can kiss HIS license goodbye..problem is these types think they don't have to play by society's rules and may even be out there driving without one in due time.

And yes, good thing no one got hurt.

This might be a good case for those school youth groups to observe in court ;).

SCATS said...

To 11:18AM ~~ He didn't have a license.

Anonymous said...

I hope he get jail time. 56 tickets?! No paper shredding on this case!

Anonymous said...

Who the heck sat around writing up 56 tickets for something like this????

Diane said...

I wondered where he had come from..who served him the alcohol, and let him get in his car and not take away his keys? Wouldn't they be in part "responsible"?

SCATS said...

To Diane ~~ He's 21 years old. I don't know the details but ostensibly, he could buy the alcohol and serve himself.

Anonymous said...

"No paper shredding on this case!"

Wow, you anti-police people here really can't help yourselves. The GPD trails this maniac, twice calling off the pusuit for safety reasons but monitoring his location and then finally apprehends and arrests this menace to society and you still feel the need to take a shot at the men and women working in the police department.

Keep it up the good work showing your support for these officers who are working every day to protect you (if you even live here) and our community.

I hope you aren't one of the democrat candidates running for office dumping on our police to play politics with what's going on in town.

SCATS said...

To 7:32PM ~~ How does a comment about "no paper shredding" get interpreted to mean "anti-police?" I think that remark is more of an "anti-corruption" message.

By the way, you said the "GPD trails this maniac" but the news clearly stated that citizens were instrumental in telling police where this guy went since he turned off his headlights to elude them.

It occurs to me that now that we've cleared out some of the corruption, we've also begun clearing the misperception about Greece being such a safe community. Look how many headline-making crimes GPD has solved in the last month! Unheard of before the shredding ;)

Anonymous said...

The comment was indeed meant to mean that now that the corruption has been removed (well almost..still have to get rid of Auberger)..the GPD can now finally be credited for their commitment to combating crime...I have always supported them!

Anonymous said...

It's a fact that those who did the shredding got charged with felonies. So I guess it's not really an antipolice statement. Too bad the police don't snitch on each other (but they want the public to snitch on criminals).

SCATS said...

To 10:48PM ~~ An interesting "double standard" there.

Diane said...

Can police go to Internal Affairs to "snitch" on each other? Or is that dept used only when John Q. Public makes a complaint against cops?

I remember IA coming to my home when James Comfort tried to press charges against 18 Greece officers.(This was before his final arrest when the rapes happened). Since I witnessed the scene, they interviewed me and I proved how all those cops were acting in a professional way.

So wouldn't a cop be protected if they went to them if they witnessed anything "criminal" or against policy?