Friday, September 18, 2009

When Will Loszynski & His Posse Be Riding Out Of Town?

Well, Mr. Auberger, WHEN??

And why doesn't he have a nameplate for his position as Director of Public Safety and a seat at the Town Board table along with our other important "Directors" -- like Director of Finance or Director of Development?

We were told the internal investigation would be wrapping up around Labor Day. We were told a press conference would be held shortly after that. We were told the criminal investigation would start to unfold via the DA's involvement. That was almost three weeks ago!

What the heck is causing the delay? How much more do we have to pay?


Anonymous said...

Ya, they should just rush these things through and not do a very thorough job. An entire investigation lasting just over half a year is unreasonable even though others across the state have lasted almost two years.

Of course rushing things along only benefits the bad apples being investigated because they could get off scott free, but who cares. There's campaigns to win!!!

SCATS said...

To 11:20AM ~~ No one suggests "rushing" anything along. The issue which you seemed to have ignored is what we were told to expect (an end to this around Labor Day) and what has become a different reality. An explanation is in order ... if Jack ever gets done pumping the flesh of the elderly for some of thos easy votes!

SCATS said...


Anonymous said...

Ok 3 big state police vans are now at Ricci's restaurant. 11:37am Why? Obviously lunch is involved but why here and now?

SCATS said...

To 11:37AM ~~ Maybe they are getting reheated leftovers from yesterday's Citizen's Police Academy picnic up at Town Hall. Lots of people who said they planned to attend didn't show up.

Anonymous said...

From the Desk of John Auberger:

"When I'm good and damned well ready - that's when!"

Ever see him react if anyone protests say item 12 on the agenda at a town bored meeting?

He'll get PO'd and skip right to item 12 and vote it down just to make his point that "he" is the man.

Must be something that stuck with him from a child due to his small size or something.

It's classic Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which will manifest itself after this November election. When he can no longer have the "adoration" of "his" society of Greece, it should bring on the severe inferiority complex that is the underlying basis for the disease.

SCATS said...

To 7:02PM ~~ Thank you, Dr. Phil ... or is it Phyllis?

Anonymous said...

I like what somebody wrote on one of the TV station blogs. They said something to the effect that even the COUNTRY of Greece has filed to petition a name change to avoid confusion with the town!

SCATS said...

To 8:18PM ~~ That's amusing LOL

Something interesting I noticed is that someone at Town Hall recently removed Merritt Rahn's nameplate from the Town Board table. I wonder if they are keeping it in a safe place, just in case ...?

What I also noticed is that they have failed to provide a nameplate for "Joseph Loszynski Director of Safety" and invite him to attend Town Board meetings along with our other important "Directors" of note, like for Development, or Finance.

It seems strange to me that this very important "Director" (who was hired in a rush and apparently in secret) isn't important enough to sit with his colleagues in the same room where community members who are paying his salary gather for meetings of their government.

Anonymous said...

"Ever see him react if anyone protests say item 12 on the agenda at a town bored meeting?

He'll get PO'd and skip right to item 12 and vote it down just to make his point that "he" is the man."

Do you have an actual, real example of that? If so, please post it here. If not, admit you made it up.

That'd be like me saying "Ever see Dan Maloney in a bar knocking em back one right after another?"

There's no proof to back it up.

Unless, we ALL can have free reign to sling whatever mud we want at whomever we want. I don't think that's what SCATS intended for this site but it's up to him/her.

SCATS said...

To 10:37AM ~~ I didn't write the comment you are referring to, but I have seen it & I can give an example. The night of the vote to decide on switching to Time-Warner cable on the PEG TV issue is a great example. Maybe a dozen or so people PLEADED with the board to table the issue and hold a public FORUM for some TWO-WAY DISCUSSION on the topic. As soon as the last person finished, Auberger moved that item up to the FIRST ITEM OF BUSINESS and held the vote. And the look on his face when he did was mean and nasty! He was showing WHO ran this town! I was flabbergasted! As bad as the BOE can be, I don't think I have ever witnessed such an act of pure ego.

Anonymous said...

So it couldn't have been that because of the number of people there to see the outcome of that item it was moved up for a vote out of convenience to the speakers?

Noooo, that possibilit wouldn't fit into the "plan" here.

SCATS, in all seriousness, I'm sure you guys aren't being at all objective when determining facial expressions.

"I didn't get my way so he's a big bad ol' meany!"

Could that possibly be it?

SCATS said...

To 1:35PM ~~ Since you don't know MY BACKGROUND, you certainly can't assess my abilities of reading facial expressions, tone of voice, body language, etc. You do realize that MOST COMMUNICATION is from other factors than the words?

Ever hear of "Listening with your eyes?" I have. Here's a quote to ponder, before YOU ACCUSE ME OF BEING INCAPABLE AS A WITNESS :
"One study at UCLA indicated that up to 93% of communication effectiveness is determined by nonverbal cues. Another study indicated that the impact of a performance was determined 7% by the words used, 38% by voice quality, and 55% by the nonverbal communication."


Anonymous said...

How close did the study say one must be in order to properly and accurately ascertain non-vercal communication?

How close weeerrre yoooouu SCATS? ;)

(say the last line in a sexy voice for proper effect)

SCATS said...

To 2:39PM ~~ The meeting room isn't very large. I was close enough to see the dried milk at the corner of his mouth ... it had curdled :D

(You definitely asked for that!)