Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Under the Radar? Jeff McCann vs Jo Meleca-Voigt

19th District Monroe County Legislature Race

We know quite a bit about Jeff McCann from his positions as Deputy Supervisor in Greece and in the Monroe County Legislature since 2003.

But who is Jo Meleca-Voigt? Yes, I know she is a Greece teacher and an outspoken advocate for gay & lesbian rights. Her bios say she favors openness & transparency, but that doesn't translate into what she plans to do if elected.

What does Meleca-Voigt stand for?

What does she want to accomplish, if elected?

When GTA marched in early September, did she participate? Why or why not?


Anonymous said...

SCATS - you asked before if she marched with GTA. Her silence on the issue is your clue to the answer. Of course she participated! If she didn't, you would have heard about it right away.

Anonymous said...

This is a very quiet race. I think McCann expects to get reelected without having to work for it. You know, based on name recognition. I think Jo expects her friends in GTA, GLBT and the Dems will put her over the finish line. It could get interesting.

Anonymous said...

One thing we don't want is more Jeff McCann.

I don;t think he has any principles. If the dems win any other seats rumor has he will filp.

Jeff is do nothing know nothing kind of politician.

Anonymous said...

who cares

Anonymous said...

Watch out for those hyphenated ladies; they are dangerous!

Anonymous said...

I don't see what any teachers issue has to do with county legislature.

SCATS said...

To 12:23PM ~~ The issue is whether or not she participated in a union demonstration to support Greece teachers. Several people have brought this question up, so it IS on people's minds.

Anonymous said...

She can barely walk. How can she accomplish anything if she can't even take the stairs to get in the county office bldg?

She ran before and lost miseray. How does she believe that public sentiment has changed? She isn't even liked by the majority of people on her own committee and even Fred and Pat Amato steer clear of her and they were mainstay democrats for YEARS. Pass on this bad apple. She's a poor leader and a great excuse maker. At least I know what I'm getting with McCann!

Anonymous said...

I know Jo. I think she would be a very good county leg person. Way more active and involved than McCann. I don't see how the dispute between pro-lifer's and pro-choicer's in the local democratic party really impacts upon the big issues in that district. That issue should be taken up another time.

I will be voting for her. I can;t list one thing McCann has done other then collect his double dipping checks. His double dipping alone ought to disqualify him.
Greece incomes are down 16% this decade. The city is in deep decline. The narrow focuses on taxes has led to a neglect of any real issues and the need to reconstruct our social and physical infrastructure

I don't think the republicans --especially Jeff and Auberger too -- are going to win any fitness or beauty contests. FDR did better on his death bed than any of you could on the best day of your life.
So can the Monroe Rotting attack crap.

Could we discuss some issues on this race? How are we going to fix our economy. McCsnn has a solution more jobs for himself, his family and friends.

What do some of you think is vital to that leg district.


SCATS said...

To 2:20PM ~~ While I'm glad to hear from you, it would be nice if Jo would stand up and tell us what we're getting if we cast a vote for her. In my opinion, it is much too quiet out there when the election is just a few weeks away.

In fact, I just got home from cruising about some areas in the second & third wards along Dewey Ave, Mt. Read Blvd & Maiden Ln. I saw ONE sign supporting Jo. I saw only ONE sign supporting Jeff, too.

There are quite a few signs supporting Joe Moscato and somewhat fewer supporting Dan Maloney. Oddly, I saw several lawns with a Moscato sign next to an Auberger sign! I am happy to report that the number of Shawn Lavin signs appeared to outnumber the Andrew Conlon signs. I'm depressed to say there are more Auberger signs than I would hope, but then, he has the $$ to spend. Anyone else notice any trends in certain neighborhoods?

Anonymous said...

I live in the 2nd ward and have noticed a definite lack of Auberger signs on my neighbors lawns who always had all the Republican candidates before. This year, they have signs for the Republican judicial candidates and that's all - no Auberger and no Bilsky. If that means they are just as disgusted as the rest of us, that's a good thing.

SCATS said...

To 3:58PM ~~ My more immediate Rep. neighbors haven't put up any Auberger signs this year. I did see two Bilsky signs when I was out on the road. As you said, lots of signs for the judges!!

Anonymous said...

What does Meleca-Voigt stand for?

Do you really want us to answer that question?????

Anonymous said...

I would hope that most voters would ask themselves only one question when they enter the polls. Are we better off with the liar crooks that are in office or with anyone else? Now if anyone else is a felon or pedophile or is mean to small animals and children then maybe crooks are better. But it would seem that the candidates running against the Republican machine are decent people who want to put our town "house" back in order. Lets give them a chance to do that.

Anonymous said...


I agree.

What could be worse then the current gang of thugs.

Nixon is dead.

Anonymous said...

So basically, it's 3 days later and we still don't know what she stands for. Her silence on protesting to possibly get better than 4% pay increases and a better than 90% chunk of her health benefits covered is making it harder and harder to NOT form an opinion here.

A quick question to 2:20. So are you saying Meleca's interest in getting what you call double-dipping checks ok then? At least try to be fair here.

Does she know the County Legislature (all of them, Dems and Reps) don't protest to get pay increases? I hope that's not the change she wants to bring to County government.

SCATS said...

To 9:59AM ~~ I suspect she is purposely avoiding the issues/topics. Plus, I'm told she despises anyone who criticizes GCSD. See my halo? ():)