Monday, September 07, 2009

Schools Prepare To Handle Swine Flu

Updating websites, sending automated calls & mailing brochures spread swine flu info to parents & students

"It's developing some type of comfort level that everyone is consistent with their message." ~~ Deborah Hoeft, asst. supt. student services for GCSD



Local Nurse Refuses To Get Mandatory Vaccine

"I so strongly don't want a vaccine that I'm not comfortable having injected into my body. If I refuse I can' work in nursing." ~~ Deborah Gerhardt, RN



Diane said...

How can they be so sure this vaccine is really "safe"? I know that when I get the regular flu shot every year..I always get sick. (You're supposed to have 2 wks rest BEFORE you receive the shot and not be tired)..yuh, ok.

But this Swine Flu epidemic that's killing people is serious business. They are giving the vaccine to pregnant women so they must feel it's a good vaccine.

Anonymous said...

As a former RN, I don't blame her for not wanting this vaccine. It's being rushed into production and there isn't a lot of information/or study results that give a good safety profile. They all said the last swine flu vaccine was safe, but people became seriously ill. After what happened with the last swine flu vaccine, there's no way I'm getting this one.

I can understand the Health Department for mandating this vaccine, so there will be health care providers able to treat the public. However, most nurses and doctors will go to work sick, anyway, since if you use your sick time, you get penalized for it.