Thursday, September 10, 2009

Reilich Petition Supports People's Convention For Reform

64% of New Yorkers Support Reform of NY

People’s convention would reform issues regarding political term limits, backdoor borrowing, state spending and tax reform, the re-call of elected officials, non-partisan redistricting, establishing procedure vacancies and enacting initiative and referendum; it will also require a two-thirds majority vote on any tax increases.

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Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly did we not have an attempt several years back to have a Constitutional Convention? I believe that whole process was derailed by the special interest groups like the NYS teacher union. Anybody have some history on this.

I would love to see another convention but I think hell will freeze over before it happens.

Anonymous said...

Having a Constitutional Convention would be great for us. 7:22's right. No way in heck the unions allow us to. Just think about having the opportunity to REALLY change how our government operates and functions! No more of this warm and fuzzy, wishy washy "Change" political rhetoric speak. Let's get some real change going.

Anonymous said...

Do you seriously think that Bill Reilich and Joe Robach are going to lead us into an era of reform. Maybe one that entrenches permanent seats for republicans

I think this has to com about more as a citizens initiative where a number of non-governmental groups representing the diversity of the forge the agenda.

IT has to be done with thought however.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised people believe "THIS" is the answert to anything.
If a convention were to happen downstate and the unions would absolutly dominate.

This is all about making you think your rep is looking out for you.
It's a joke = a con for your emotions.

Anonymous said...

Democrats control state government. Unions control Democrats. They will block any attempts at a convention with every ounce of power they have.

"I think this has to com about more as a citizens initiative where a number of non-governmental groups representing the diversity of the forge the agenda."

Basically, you must want unions, ACRON, Working Families Party, NOW, NARAL, and siminlar special interest groups to help kill the concept.

Maybe you weren't paying attention. The public WANTS a constitutional convention. Anything and anyone who supports this should be allowed to participate in the discussion, not just who one side wants.

Here's another point of reality to understand. State leaders must pass legislation for a convention to occur. How can you NOT have state legislators involved?

Please don't keep yourself uninformed or misinformed.

Anonymous said...

Ooops, it looks like the constitutional convention has bipartisan support! Found this in a Newsday article:

--A Republican's proposal to hold a "people's constitutional convention" to overhaul New York state government gained a critical co-sponsor Friday.

Assemblyman Mark Schroeder, an Erie County Democrat, is the first majority member to sign onto the campaign started by Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb, a Finger Lakes Republican.
Kolb proposed the constitutional convention to consider sweeping changes to the state's budget process, limits on spending, property tax caps, term limits, and a nonpartisan way to redraw legislative districts that critics say have long been engineered to protect incumbents.--

Go Convention!!!