Sunday, September 13, 2009

Question: "How Do You Know Your Teacher Cares About You? "

Answer: "Because she told me."

There was a video clip on YNN yesterday about a school in the city, Nativity Preparatory Academy, I think. "Nativity" was in the name and the students who attend are all receiving free or reduced lunches. In fact, the school serves three meals a day and operates from 7:30AM to 6PM.

Anyway, back to the video clip. The reporter interviewed a young girl and asked her, "Do you think your teacher cares about you?" The girl replied with an enthusiastic "YES!" Then the reporter asked her, "How do you know your teacher cares about you?" The girl replied, "Because she told me."

Simple and to the point, right? 

It left me wondering, how often do Greece students get that message from their teacher/s? Do they ever hear the words? What actions might convey the message that they really care?

Then today, the comment below was posted on a discussion that evolved about student discipline.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard a concern from gta about student conduct?
I think some people are making things up.
I have no reason to believe student conduct is a problem in Greece.
If student conduct was having an effect on results the gta would step up right?
The dress code is no problem because i have not heard the principals speak of it.
There are no cell phones used in our schools because the board has a policy against them right?
9/13/2009 6:05 PM

It strikes me that we hear from the head of the Greece Teacher's Assn. whenever there is an issue with the contract. We hear from him whenever the teachers fill a bus or some boxes full of food donations. We hear from him when they engage in some sort of volunteer effort. These are all times when it might be appropriate to hear from the GTA President. However, as the comment says, why don't we hear anything about student discipline? Or the dress code? Or even more importantly, about flagging student achievement, lower graduation rates, schools "needing improvement" or anything else related to academics?

Could it be that he ... and they ... don't care? How would we know?


Anonymous said...

On the issue of discipline I know that teachers have to put up with a lot of poor behavior and disrespect. But when you talk about respect, you must remember it's a two way street. Many teachers show little to no respect for their students. And they do "get the message." And that message in turn only hurts the teacher more in their ability to teach. It's a vicious cycle. But it can be broken.

Me said...

There is no such thing as discipline, it is all the feel good motto of catch a kid being good. And wll when they are bad, you empathize with what they are feeling. "To discipline" is harmful to the psychie.

Anonymous said...

I know many caring teachers and others who are primarily interested in order.

You probably can;t overgeneralize.

Plus in a bad environment it can be dangerous to care too much

SCATS said...

To 7:57PM ~~ The question is, how can you tell that a teacher cares? Are you suggesting that Greece schools are too dangerous? Give an example please.

Anonymous said...

Would someone tell me what 7;57 is talking about?

Anonymous said...

Long ago, an elementary school teacher took the time to really get to know her students. She tuned in and learned about their likes, dislikes, what made them happy or sad, what made them laugh ......

The point is, she got to know them as people. In return, she got a group of fairly cooperative 7-8 year olds who enjoyed trying to please her. And they did pretty well academically as a result.

I heard she retired a few years ago. Too bad she couldn't be brought back to share with other teachers about how to get and keep the students' attention and respect. She was amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

She sounds like the type of people we really need in the classrooms. It seems rare to hear stories about a teacher inspiring a student in Greece Central. Why is that?

Why don't more teachers try engaging their students as people? I'm sure it would work wonders!

Anonymous said...

I read about that prep school. They could teach Greece a thing or two or three about educating young people who get free lunches.

Anonymous said...

You could not pay me enough money to teach kids in the Town of Greece. Today's kids are totally disrespectful having learned the behavior from their parents and they all have a sense of entitlement again courtesy of the parents. Parents have no clue as to how to parent nowadays. Teachers are expecting to not only teach, but parent the kids as well.

SCATS said...

To 7:56PM ~~ Thank goodness we don't have to worry about you getting near our kids. Phew!

It's so easy to blame the parents for everything. But that's a complete crock. Sure, parents need to be responsible, but when the darlings are at school, parents should be able to expect their kids are dealt with using respect, professionalism, and a generous dose of caring. It's a very rare day when any teacher or administrator ever admits to making a mistake. They aren't infallible, as the headlines clearly demonstrate.

Oddly, parents tend to worry about the sexual predator their children might encounter during their walk to school or the bus stop. In reality, chances are the predator is teaching in a classroom.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea what teachers have to put up with? How do you teach a kid with an IQ of 15???? How do you teach a kid that hits, punches, spits and pees and poops his pants in the classrom and you have another 20 kids to deal with. I'm sorry but these kids belong in a special school with special people to deal with them. They do NOT belong in a regular classroom. The other kids are not getting the attention they need to grow. I'm so sick of this stuff. We need to get real and put these special needs children in a special place that can take care of them.

Anonymous said...

Does a teacher have to show respect to a kid that punches, kicks and spits at then? Give me a break. Go into a classroom and see how these kids are. "No Child Left Behind" is the worse thing that ever happened to the education system. They couldn't pay me any amount of money to teach these days.

SCATS said...

To 7:33 and 7:40PM ~~ I'm a regular when it comes to BOE meetings. I've heard no complaints from the unions, community members or anyone else. Given that, it can't be as bad as you say because if it was, people would be complaining about it to the powers that be. Right Mr. Hubbard?

Charlie Hubbard said...

Unfortunately community members seem to have given up.
Simply put if management doesn't want 'it' to happen no matter what 'it' is then it's not going to happen.
I will say these last couple postings sounds like someone who works in the system. Now THEY could make it happen - if they cared.
Just like dicipline in the schools - if the people working in those buildings don't care - it's not going to change.

SCATS said...

To Charlie ~~ I tend to agree. I'd also say that I'm terribly frustrated by the abesence of focus on education within GCSD regarding almost any topic. They seldom talk the talk, so they sure can't walk the walk.