Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fact Or Fiction: Our Superintendent Is On Borrowed Time

I asked Joe Moscato to provide a summary of his address to the BOE last night regarding Steve Achramovitch's status as our Superintendent. Here it is :

I appear before you tonight to address the rumors concerning the employment status of our superintendent, at the present time, as well as in the future. I'm sure most of you are aware of these rumors as they have appeared on local blog sites as well as in conversations by members of this community. Now, it may be that there is no basis for these rumors, but then again there may well be, so let's talk about what we do know.

After reviewing Steve's contract, we know he is entitled to a board evaluation in June. I must, therefore, assume that his evaluation did take place. Given that, at no time was the public made aware of the fact that Steve was given a raise in compensation. Therefore, I believe it would be fair to conclude that one of the two following scenarios exists. First, Steve did not ask for a raise, or second, his evaluation by the board was so bad that he did not deserve a raise. I believe the latter to be the most likely. As the result of a FOIL request, we now know his compensation package remains unchanged, so I think it's fair to conclude his evaluation was unsatisfactory. I know that by law you are not required to make the evaluation public. However, the above facts lend themselves in support of the previously mentioned rumors.

I just got the red sum-up light so that being said, until this board stands up and deals with these rumors one way or the other, your already low credibility will suffer even more. It's time to end your silence. The members of this community are entitled to and have the right to the true facts impacting this school district and its superintendent.
~~ Joe Moscato

SCATS ~~ I heard on the news yesterday that according to the Rochester Business Journal, our Supt's salary is the THIRD HIGHEST in Monroe County! If his performance is unsatisfactory, then isn't it time the BOE get started with finding a replacement who earns his/her keep?


Anonymous said...

Is this what school board meetings are about now = rumors

Anonymous said...

Joe's trying to stir the pot again.

SCATS said...

To 5:33PM ~~ It isn't "rumor."

To 5:43PM ~~ He doesn't have to stir the pot. I'll gladly do it for him :)

The so-called "rumor" is 100% true. Remember those legal & other documents I pointed out that were posted to BoardDocs over the holiday weekend? Don't bother looking. They were taken down sometime after I posted about them ;) But I kept copies of them for just such a time as this :D

One showed a FOIL request for the Supt's. salary info made by reporter Meaghan McDermott:

"A request was received for the following; the 2009-10 school year salary for your Superintendent of Schools; the 2008-09 salary for the
Superintendent of Schools and any document or Board of Education
resolution granting a raise or other compensation increase to the
Superintendent of Schools for the current school year. I provided the
third amendment to the superintendent’s contract showing the 2008-09 salary and a note stating the salary has not changed for the 2009-10 school year."

Question: How long do you think he'll hand around without a raise? Answer: It just doesn't happen! The BOE isn't happy with him so he'll be leaving.

SCATS said...

Make that "hang" not "hand." ;)

Anonymous said...

True or false: This guy's goose was cooked the minute he did the right thing and chose to terminate "Webby"?

To my knowledge, prior to that situation our BOE (majority) was all about supporting Steve 2.

SCATS said...

To 6:39PM ~~ I hadn't really thought of it in that light, but you make a very good point.

Anonymous said...

He has the third highest salary in Monroe County and he has committees and consultants doing all the work he is supposed to do. I never thought I would say it, but he's beginning to make Walts look good.

The pot on this school board needs to be stirred constantly. I watched their study session or whatever it was called on Channel 12 and laughed my head off. All of their goals would be unnecessary if they had a competent superintendent, even the goals about their own behavior which was hilarious. Most boards do not have to worry about micro-managing because it is not necessary if you have a super who does the job he is paid to do. This one does not.

The board's only job is to hire and supervise a competent superintendent and approve the budget. The big stumbling block for this board is the super. Are they that blind that they cannot see this? If they can't, they should not be there.

Providing our children with the best education at the lowest cost is their only goal and all this other nonsense and political infighting is preventing them from doing that at great cost to the taxpayers.

Get Rid of Achramovitch!

Anonymous said...

How ironic that "the one" right thing he did (firing Webby) will ultimately cost him his position. Go figure....

Anonymous said...

What has the board got to hide? If these are just rumors, why not dispel them. They can't because they are absolutely true and the secrecy and back room dealing on this board is ridiculous. Why can't they just be open and straightforward and tell it like it is.

They have a totally ineffective, incompetent superintendent who happens to be a golfing buddy and fellow Rotarian of the political arm twister on the board. He will do anything necessary to keep this jerk in place sacrificing the education of our students in the process. All this, just to show us who has the power. Very shortly, this bunch will be totally out of office and maybe, just maybe then, we can run this town and district as it should be.

Anonymous said...

"He has the third highest salary in Monroe County and he has committees and consultants doing all the work he is supposed to do. I never thought I would say it, but he's beginning to make Walts look good."

I agree with you 100%, except maybe for the Walts portion of your commentary. That said, this behavior was applauded by our BOE majority prior to "Web Gate". These people (BOE majority in the recent past-present) are a freakin' joke.

Anonymous said...

SCATS, why don't you just admit that your Joe Moscato. Seriously, its getting a little bit obvious now. I'd say that you were the founder of the Moscato fan club, but I'm not sure there's that kind of club, therefore I must deduce that you are in fact him

Anonymous said...
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SCATS said...

To 9:47PM ~~ Sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm not Joe. I can't even vote for Joe, since I don't live in the second ward.

You mentioned you were looking for his fan club. Try this link:

SCATS said...

BLOG Administration deleted the two comments posted at 9:47 & 9:51PM. Both were silly one-liners, one aimed at me and the other at a named individual.

Comments such as these and a few others on this thread prove to me that I'm right on track ;)

Anonymous said...

Scats' past record has been pretty accurate about this stuff. I'm betting on him this time too. I'm also betting Moscato gets elected to town board.

Anonymous said...

Not for nothing but Joe Moscato is an announced candidate for public office. That makes him fair game too.

Now you're deleting "silly one liners?" Are you kidding me? That pretty much wipes out you're entire site.

Oh ya, but those are pro-Democrat and anti-Republican one liners.

I almost forgot that those are ok. Sorry. Carry on. ;)

Anonymous said...

9:47 brings up an interesting question. So SCATS... are you he?

SCATS said...

To 11:56PM ~~ What portion of my response at 10:39PM didn't you understand?

I'm wondering why so many of you are attempting to divert attention away from the BOE and our lame duck Supt. and change the focus to Joe Moscato. Hmmm ... maybe it's because YOU are on the BOE ;)

Anonymous said...

No, I just thought it would be funny as heck to ask it that way. Don't read so much into things SCATS. Lighten up. Life's too short to be angry all the time. ;)

Anonymous said...

It was all about web-gate. A web-gate parent ran for the board and was elected.
I feel sorry for Steve on that one because he was following the guildlines set by the board.
Board guildlines and policies are only followed when it feels good - when it is politicaly correct.
Is there any better example than schools of choice.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he didnt get a pay hike because the board recogonizes the public would not accept any pay raise in these ecomnomic times.

SCATS said...

To 7:27AM ~~ I wasn't angry. In fact, I laugh at such ridiculous notions ;) I am not "he" nor am I "him." I might be a "they" ... let me go check!

I need for someone to invent two things: an "angry font" and a "sarcastic font." Any volunteers? :) I'd use the sarcastic font a lot!

SCATS said...

To 8:03AM ~~ If you really believe that, could I interest you in some nice waterfront property in Florida? :)

He could probably file for discrimination if that were the case. I believe everyone else has gotten raises.

Anonymous said...

scats wrote~~" If you really believe that, could I interest you in some nice waterfront property in Florida? :)"

I'm not interested in property but I do believe the gig is up joe-z the pussy scat.

SCATS said...

To 4:14PM ~~ Your imagination is going to waste here. Have you ever thought of becoming a police chief?