Monday, September 28, 2009

Nicolo Restitution Hearing Delayed

The D&C reports:

Nicolo claims he couldn't hear judge during videoconference;
But prison counselor with him heard just fine

Judge says Nicolo may have to be transported to hearing in Rochester;
But Nicolo said his poor health may prevent it

“Mr. Nicolo, you said you can’t hear and you don’t want to cooperate with this proceeding so we are finished. This will not go away... I can’t envision us going to him, as much fun as that would be.”  ~~ U.S. District Judge David Larimer


Anonymous said...

Do not give the money to Jack, just make payments directly to the taxpayers this time. Schwabbs money went right into Jackies paws to build the community center that he touts in his campaign BS as being his accomplishment instead of giving it back to it's rightful owner, the taxpayers of Greece,

SCATS said...

Great idea 5:47PM ! I think I'll use mine to buy a candy bar!