Thursday, September 24, 2009

Town's Stewardship Over Braddock Bay Questioned By Joe Moscato

Press Conference Points Out:
1 - Braddock Bay levels down to dangerous two-foot depth;
2 - Cites negligence on part of the town of Greece with property owners & boaters;
3 - A $475 million Federal allocation to clean up the Great Lakes is an opportunity for the Town of Greece, with 7 miles of lake front including Braddock Bay, to apply for monies from that allocation to do the necessary clean up without using tax dollars.

Joe Moscato, 2nd Ward Candidate ~~ “Given the very significant questions surrounding Town of Greece’s role as the NY State licensed operator and caretaker to the Braddock Bay area, one must question the process, care, and maintenance denied to this area and the overall negative impact that has occurred as a result."

“I certainly think it’s alarming that Supervisor Auberger has ignored the pleas of property owners and boaters whose requests for action have gone unanswered. The property values have decreased as a result of the lack of access from Braddock Bay. Boat owners cannot gain access to the lake, nor can the Coast Guard gain access to Braddock Bay from Lake Ontario, presenting safety concerns for local boaters and those who moor at Braddock Bay Marina, currently leased and operated by the Town of Greece."

"The environmental impact to the protected species of wildlife, plants, fish, and birds is impacted by the lack of turnover from Lake Ontario, and the run-off from local industrial area contamination to the bay."

“Is it wrong for elected officials to ignore the greatest area of environmental stewardship in all of Monroe County. The long term ramifications and impact of this negligence on the future of Braddock Bay does not go without consequence."

“The Town of Greece has too many unanswered questions. The buck stops with our Town Supervisor, and it’s time he began with answers.”

UPDATE ~~ Update ~~ On the 5:30PM news on WHEC-TV, the Town of Greece responded by saying that maintaining this area with taxpayer money for a 4-5 month boating season doesn't make sense.

SCATS ~~ I don't understand why they bother to plow roads in winter then either, geesh!


Anonymous said...

fish don't vote why would Auberger care about them?

SCATS said...

To 5:39PM ~~ Fisherman & boaters vote.

Anonymous said...


that was just meant as a joke --like Auberger's response

Auberger calculates everything via the votes he can get. He either thinks these folks already vote republican not matter what or they don;t care enough to vote. Hopefully he is wrong

SCATS said...

To 5:47PM ~~ Sorry! With all of the ridiculous garbage in days of late, I missed the sarcasm. I really need to download that special font ;)

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Greece to turn its back on the biggest asset we've got going for us. Instead of maximizing the potential for our WATERFRONT PROPERTY, we decide to ignore it!!!!!!!!

Where's the logic??????

Anonymous said...

Not only that, but there is federal money to implement the dredging, but they can't be bothered looking into it. The bay has been known as the the "jewel of Greece" and we are going to let it turn into a scum pond. This is not just for boaters, it's for everyone, including the abundant wildlife who live in the marshes. How can we just turn our back on something like this, when all it takes is dredging the channel.

Stupidity at it's worst, but typical of the thinking of the Auberger administration.

Anonymous said...

They just really do not care about anyone except themselves. That's the bottom line.

No more.

SCATS said...

I read a comment someone left on Craig's List about this topic. They asked, then why is the Irondequoit Bay Bridge allowed to be closed so boats can get through in the Summer if it isn't worth doing for just a few months? Good question, I think!

Anonymous said...

Is there any limit to the ways the Dems. can come up with to spend my tax money. This is just another example of the addiction some have to hand outs. Enough is enough!

Anonymous said...

If it's federal monies available, why hasn't Louise Slaughter done anything to help? I know Moscato wouldn't have had the opportunity to make this an issue against the town, but if he really cared about getting something done, why wouldn't he go to Slaughter? And why hasn't she done anything? Does she not care about fish, wildlife, boaters and fisherman too?

I know you guys love Moscato and will let him get away with anything here without question, but if he truly cared, he'd have worked with Slaughter and then run a press conference that he delivered, instead of doing nothing and just running a press conference attacking the town for pure political purposes.

You know I'm right on this one SCATS. Call it what it is.

Anonymous said...

@"Not only that, but there is federal money to implement the dredging"

Why do we even have Louise Slaughter representing this area if she refuses to deliver the funding for this?

Anonymous said...

Strange reporting by the D and C on this item this morning?

Anyone notice

SCATS said...

To 7:07AM ~~ Do you realize Greece used to provide the dredging? And they did so under REPUBLICAN leadership!

Regarding Louise Slaughter ~~ Seems to me little is heard from her related to our area at all these days. I think she's gotten lost in DC. Maybe wandering ...

To 10:40AM ~~ Stranger than usual? Nah, I don't think so lol

Anonymous said...

"To 7:07AM ~~ Do you realize Greece used to provide the dredging? And they did so under REPUBLICAN leadership!"

It been reported that after dredging the area, it will just refill again. If you get so mad at expenditures made by the town, let us know what you're willing to pay to keep this going?

Bad decision then. It's better greece doesn't do that anymore.

SCATS said...

To 2:19PM ~~ Wow! Who would ever think that a MAINTENANCE ITEM on a waterfront that most consider to be an asset to the area would be considered a waste of money? Given your logic, why did the town bother redoing the interior of the lodge at Braddocks? It will just need to be done again in the future! Why waste $$ on all the pretty landscaping outside Palace du Auberger or the library or court? The weeds will grow again, the shrubs will require trimming & the wood chips will need to be replaced yet again next year! Why waste money on picnics for "alumni" of the Citizen's Police Academy? Why even bother having a Citizens Police Academy? I'm sure ALL of these things require $$$ EVERY YEAR.

In the case of Braddock's the Town of Greece agreed to oversee it (i.e. maintain) and dredging was part of that understanding, because it was happening at the time. This is Auberger reneging on a promise. It really is that simple.

Anonymous said...

All towns have obligations to public goods. Governments serve the public interest. Our government doesn't just serve Auberger's private passions or interests whomever they may be.

There are many ways keeping up the Bay serves the public interest. Environmental protection, quality of life, economic development no doubt others.

If you wonder why Greece has become a laughingstock it is because of the attitudes like those shown by 2:31 Our currnet government equates the public interest with the desires of its leader. That's autpocracy.

Anonymous said...

We haven't seen much of Slaughter because she doesn't represent this district anymore. If you recall the Republicans gerrymandered this area when Tom Reynolds was in Congress. We are now represented by Christopher Lee who cares didley about us.

Anonymous said...

I think Slaughter still represents some areas right near the lake but Lee would represent the rest. Its typical irrational redistricting to create safe seats for both parties

Anonymous said...

Auberger reneges on many promises.

Anonymous said...

@"MAINTENANCE ITEM on a waterfront that most consider to be an asset"

1. SCATS, Maloney, Moscato, Mr. Gibbs, and the pro-Maloney commenters here do not constitute "most." Run a SCATS poll to see.

2. SCATS, you conveniently didn't answer the question. Any thoughts on what you're willing to pay?

You're probably one of those people who don't want to pay school taxes because you dont have schoolage kids...

but I have to pay for this dredging even though I dont live on the bay or have a nice boat like Joe Moscato.

Nice rationale SCATS.

Anonymous said...

"We haven't seen much of Slaughter because she doesn't represent this district anymore."

You are clearly one of the following:

1. a non-Greece resident

2. a Slaughter staffer protecting her neglect of Greece.

3. a person who has never looked at a recent Congressional map

Lousie represents the entire waterfront in Greece and was brought to this area and asked for help for dredgeing the bay.

She refused to do anything and continues to do so to this day.

She has access to millions in stimulus dollars but refuses to use any of it for dredging the bay. Instead she wants to squander it all away on a high-speed train to New York City.

Funny how Dan and Joe neglected to mention any of this.

Funny, but not surprising.

Anonymous said...

redistricting is approved by both republicans and democrats in the senate and assembly. dems have controlled the assembly for many, many years. any disappointment by democrats that districts are not cut better for them should be directed at their own assemblymembers.

SCATS said...

To 10:06AM ~~ Are you saying that YOU do NOT consider having waterfront property in Greece to be an asset???

In general, people are naturally drawn to the water. Waterfront property is an asset most anywhere in this country, except in the Rochester area where everyone wants to keep it from being put to good use. Funny that it was good enough for Auberger to own a waterfront home for awhile, but not good enough to provide enjoyment for others. Dredging that area IS A MAINTENANCE ITEM. Compare it to cleaning up the beach every Spring. We don't have to own the equipment, we can choose to hire it done. It's certainly not that expensive. The marina operator is looking for some help.

There's a lot of things in this town that we are paying for that benefit very few. Let's drop those catered tent parties where the Republican politicians ALWAYS COME TO CHOW DOWN WITH JOHN, and dredge the marina instead!

SCATS said...

Oh and 10:06AM ~~ You jump to so many conclusions (like about me not having kids in school) with no evidence. But I know and understand that a cheap shot is your best shot ;)

Anonymous said...

To 10:29 AM:

You cite the failure of Dan and Joe to get Slaughter to pay up for the dredging.

They're not elected YET, but you can rest assured it WILL be dredged once they are elected, and at no cost to the taxpayers.

That's the difference between them and Bilsky/Auberger. They can actually get things DONE.

Thanks for helping make the point!

Anonymous said...

@2:15 - do you even know what you are writing? You make no sense whatsoever. So what you're saying is Louise Slaughter disregards the town of Greece and the shoreline because we don't have democrat officials? That is completely insane and makes her a horrible representative. And Bilsky doesn't represent the shoreline genius. Neither would Moscato if elected. But I see his interest. He wants Greece taxpayers to pay almost a million dollars so he can get his boat out there.

Let me let you in on another reality that eludes you right now. Come close.


Government gets its money from... wait for it...

Taxpayers! That's the problem with Maloney, Moscato and the rest of the Democrat slate. They plan on forcing taxpayers to pay for this but have people like you lie and say it won't cost us anything.

Keep working on that and let us know when you figure it out.

SCATS said...

To 7:06PM ~~ GIMME A BREAK!! It didn't cost anything close to a million dollars when Greece bought & operated its own dredge! Like I said before, give up the tent parties ALSO AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE BUT TO BENEFIT FEW ... and we'd have the money to dredge.

RAY said...

Okay, is there still a legal up to date permit to dredge the Braddock Bay Channel? Not sure but rummer has it that Gibb's got caught dredging without a permit. Was this true???? It's hard to have a channel without a break wall and jetties.....

SCATS said...

To Ray ~~ You are the first to mention any of that on here. Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Dredgeing is not the only issue. What the Auberger administration has done in regards to Braddocks Bay is to follow through with the dialogue that the previous administration was having with DEC and the Army Corp on how to make a Braddocks a safe port while maintaining the integrate of the wetlands and ego system.
Louise Slaughter's office was also involved in these talks.
When Auberger took office he made it clear that he is not interested in growth or looking into the future.
Auberger came in with one agenda which was and still is "keep everything status quo" so I can get my retirement time in and get out.
Many initiatives are willling to be studied if the Town administration extended a hand.
Steve Gibb is the only one who attempts to keep things alive in the Bay area.