Sunday, September 20, 2009

Maloney Wants Comptroller To Audit Town

Maloney says the $13 million, or approx. 30% of the total budget, Auberger is holding in reserve funds is twice what the Comptroller recommends.

"The Town of Greece is holding the people's money. And not providing adequate information about the process to taxpayers. This situation is all the more troublesome given the sad state of our economy." ~~ Dan Maloney, Dem.

Deputy Supervisor Jeff McCann says the fund will be closer to 15% of the budget in 2010.


Anonymous said...

So if I read this right, McCann says it's overinflated to cover building costs but will be back to normal levels in 2010 after the election?

How convenient! So perhaps Jeff can tell us what they are going to build in Greece between now and then that will cost 7 Million Dollars?

A shrine to Auberger????

Anonymous said...

They will probably be using it to pay for the lawsuits against Joseph and Pignato, the Auberger hires. No matter what he says, he is the boss (as he makes everyone well aware) and the buck stops there.

Anonymous said...

Why is Dan always reading from a prepared statement (by someone else most likely)? It's good he brought Joe Moscato in to help him out. Joe's a much better speaker.

SCATS said...

To 5:06PM ~~ Why would you assume someone else prepared it? What difference does it make that he uses a prepared statement? Even the President does. Maybe Auberger should try it. He keeps stumbling over his words.

Anonymous said...

While he's at it, maybe Maloney can get them to give us back the money that Auberger let the Assessor steal from us.

I want my f'n money back!

Anonymous said...

What has Maloney's union demanded in increases over the 6 year perdiod that average Greece income (inflation adjusted) has gone down 16%?