Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Maloney Plans Economic Development Summit

Friday @3PM ~~ 2300 W. Ridge Rd.

Maloney campaign:
Plans to boost jobs through friendlier govt
Reduce permit fees
Offer training & business support programs
Redevelop vacant stores

Auberger campaign:
Proud of 90% business occupancy rate
Cites Wegmans, HSBC & Ridge Rd. redevelopment projects


SCATS ~~ Mr. Maloney: While I await your Friday summit patiently, it would be nice if you would respond to the specific fiscal/financial questions I emailed to you on 8/23/09 and then again on 8/25/09. Mr. Auberger: Is there ANYTHING that happens in this town that you don't try to take credit for? I rather doubt that you had much to do with either Wegmans or HSBC's decision to revamp facilities in Greece!


Anonymous said...

Does Maloney intend reduce permit fees for homeowners too? I just had to pay $50 to get my driveway repaved! I see the Town of Greece has added all kinds of new permit requirements that weren't in place until recently. It's ridiculous to pay these when repaving an existing driveway! I'm really annoyed!!

Anonymous said...

Plans to boost jobs through friendlier govt

C'maon, is this a serious plan or just more campaign rhetoric with no real details. How about these to add:

Plans to cure all illness through friendlier govt

Plans to stop global warming through friendlier govt

Plans to walk on water through friendlier govt

Plans to fly to the moon through friendlier govt

I'm sorry, I know people here love Dan Maloney (sincere or because they're working on his campaign)but I just can't take him seriously when he wastes time holding goofy sounding press conferences like this.

SCATS said...

To 11:55AM ~~ So instead, you take Auberger "seriously" when he claims credit for all the "good" things that happen in Greece, like "Potty Tales at the Library", but has no knowledge of any of the bad stuff? Gimme a break.

PS ~~ Auberger already invented walking on water, but then he discovered hell CAN freeze over and suddenly found himself on thin ice ;)

Charlie Hubbard said...

To 10:46 point;
Don't let ANY politician get away with talking about fees and or taxes - it's SPENDING and SPENDING only.
If it's a permit for your driveway or higher taxes or a permit to build a house it's ALL driven by the cost of our government and the services they provide. SPENDING - it's pocket A or pocket B.
Mr. Maloney is quoted in todays d+c concerned about fees. Very simple question - are you going to reduce SPENDING the same amount as the reduced revenue?

The town budget - give me the top 5 items in cost. What was the increase in the cost budget to budget and WHY they increased. It may sound a little simplistic but it will speak volumns.

The question is the same for Mr. Maloney or Mr. Auberger.

Anonymous said...

12:28 SCATS - by your reasoning then, does this mean you'll stop blaming him for any/all bad things that happen in Greece? I doubt you'll remain consistent with your points but I gotta try. It's the whole cake and eat it thing. ;)

Anonymous said...

you take the good AND the bad or take none. and the truth is probably that NONE is soley his credit or fault...there were many fingers including his in many pies. But who baked those pies...

one single man didn`t really get us in this mess and one won`t get us out, unless as a community we help him.

Anonymous said...

I hear that the grand jury has charged Barry Morris - what can you find out SCATS?

Anonymous said...

figuring out the budget situation in Greece may turn out to be harder than one would think. IT does not appear to be very transparent. As we have seen there seems to be slush funds due to "unfilled" positions reports of no show jobs for crony friends, and who knows what is funneled from unaccountable county LDC's in which Greece officials may have a hand. We need to get Auberger out to see what he really has been doing with our money.

Anonymous said...

I would hope some positions remain unfilled until the investigation costs have been covered.
Would that not be the responsible thing to do.

SCATS said...

To 1:16PM ~~ I asked a question and now you want me to stop holding Auberger accountable? I think I need a translator on Aisle three!

SCATS said...

To 2:31PM ~~ I know from news reports that GPD charged him on July 31 with a first-degree criminal sex act and endangering the welfare of a child. I'm not finding anything about the grand jury ... as yet.

Anonymous said...

Northgate is only about 20% occupied. And the mall is at 80%. Dewey stone is looking a little tumbleweed ghost town. Where are we at 90%?
Maybe I am just hanging out in the wrong part of town.

Anonymous said...

Even at Christmas the mall doesn't hit 80%! And look at all the shops that closed up with the Ridge Rd construction.

SCATS said...

UPDATE ~~ An email from Dan Maloney promises he will respond over the holiday weekend to the fiscal/financial issues I asked him about. When I receive that, I'll post it.

Anonymous said...

Auberger already invented walking on water, but then he discovered hell CAN freeze over and suddenly found himself on thin ice ;)

I absolutely LOVE this line!

Anonymous said...

When your driveway needs to be repaved the town building dept has to assess whether the storm drain at the end of the driveway needs to be replaced as well as the sidewalk that meets the driveway if there is one. Then they have to inspect and most of the time replace. Only after that work is complete may your contractor do the driveway replacement. Afterward you have a beautiful driveway. It was $40 6 years ago so it hasn't changed that much. Most reputable contractors know what the fees are in each town and plan accordingly and should tell the homeowner. Also if there were no permits needed some people might just pave their whole front yard. Less mowing.
And $50 is a small percentage of the price to repave a driveway properly. Could cost between 2,000 to 5,000 depending on the size of your driveway and whether there is the need for a better foundation.

SCATS said...

To 5:50 PM ~~ Excuse me but Greece charges this fee even when the town just replaced the sidewalks, street pavement & gutters! And they inspect nothing whether you pay them or not.

I for one have NEVER seen them "inspect" anything, including my own property for work I had permits for, neighbors who had no permits, or a neighbor that took half a dozen phone calls to get shutdown from demo'ing & rebuilding a substantial portion of his home. IMHO, the Greece Building Dept is usually "Out to lunch."

PS ~~ Requiring contractors to have $6 million in insurance to conduct business here is overkill too. I'm sure (cough, cough) there's nothing political about that either ;)

Anonymous said...

The 90% occupancy is the same quote that Auberger through out over a year ago at a Nortgate Meeting. Funny how that 90% figure never changes. It's all BS either way. Look around at all the empty space in Greece.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we need to have more gas stations..we only have 7 on Dewey..or maybe something more to do with autos..we only have 2 muffler shops, a car parts place, a Goodyear, an oil change place, a body shop, another repair station across from Barnard FD..add a couple more to that list on Stone (another gas station & auto parts store).

Talk about living on Gasoline Alley. We need some diversity.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is Auberger kidding? Even the Mall at Greece Ridge, with all those COMIDA tax dollars granted to them doesn't have a 90% occupancy rate! Take a look in that mall, unless those fly by night kiosks count?

He's a failure. He has failed to run this town like a business, and as a result, it has not been friendly to business.

Auberger wouldn't know how to treat anything with cash attached to it unless there was a payoff to his "Friends of John Auberger campaign slush fund.

And all of the town cronies elected have, or have had (the ones that didn't drop out of sight due to ROBUTRAD) full time day jobs sucking off the public teet of Maggie Brooks.

Business friendly? Not Greece. Innovative? Not Greece. Upstanding? Not Greece. All of the gains of many years in the making (most of them under a DEMOCRATIC administration might I add) lost to the greed of the Auberger administration.

All one can hold out hope for is that Parinello and Rahn come out and call a spade a spade.

Been a little too quiet in that camp these days, and I have to believe that they will not let Little John and the Z-Man hang them out to dry.

And at least Maloney is talking about it? 2 years ago those drooling town board members were whining about how Eckerd's would be filled, and the Dewey Corridor would "once again be filled with the sound of cash registers and neighbors celebrating the rebirth of our cherished Barnard".

What the hell happened John? A few trash cans and some potted plants from Van Putte (another big donor on the Auberger campaign roll) are supposed to make people happy?

All of the high brass of the GPD in jail, arrested for felony charges, or bolting for the retirement scape goat is supposed to make people feel safe? Or are we supposed to hang our hat on that little award you fudged each year?

You should hang your head in shame John Auberger, for the wrath you have brought on this community in the name of greed. All of the prayers in the name of whatever diety you now cherish at the town hall won't save you this time.

Neither will your silly worthless quotes. This community is smarter now, educated more, and no longer falling for your falsehoods and lies.

And while Maloney is talking about business, maybe he can ask how Auberger's daughters Talbot's shop on Long Pond was granted multiple building variances so she could have it close to the road so "everyone could see it" in violation of so many of those town rules you like to shove down the throats of every other business. Why don't you talk about the "deal" you made with the funeral home next door so that they would kwitbitchen about how you blocked their access and visability from the road?

Wake up Greece. This is YOUR town - take it back!

Anonymous said...

It's my impression that all of the space at the mall used by the school district is provided for free. So the occupancy figures at Greece Ridge Center are highly suspect anyway.

SCATS said...

To 9:52PM ~~ That is my take on things, too. GCSD gets the space for free until such time as it becomes needed for an actual retail store that would lease it. That hasn't happened in all the many years since the mall invited the district to house some programs there.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Way to go Charlie Hubbard! You should run for office!

SCATS said...

BLOG Administration deleted the posting at 8:02AM for name-calling.

Anonymous said...

What about Wegmans redevelopment? Where? The store at Latta has an empty field to the south where they were supposed to expand. The store at Britton will be empty soon. The town really mishandled the Walmart and Northgate issue. At the very least the town should insist that the property at Northgate get cleaned up. Mostly vacant eyesores are nothing to boast about.

SCATS said...

To 1:40PM ~~ Two points about Wegmans @ Britton Rd.

#1 ~~ Wegmans has a history of abandoning stores in "urban neighborhoods." IF they do close this store, it should be seen as a **WARNING** sign for everyone in Greece Town Hall.

#2 ~~ I've heard Wegmans is having some second thoughts about closing that store due to the overall poor performance of the Mt. Read Blvd location ... whose mgmt needs changing (IMHO).