Friday, September 04, 2009

Loszynski Declines Invitation To Hold Forum

Joseph Loszynski, the investigator & Public Safety Officer hired by Supervisor Auberger to conduct the internal investigation into the Greece Police Dept., responded in writing to decline an invitation from Greece Citizens In Action to hold a public informational forum.

He cited the ongoing criminal investigation and said: "In the weeks to follow, more information will become public as to the overall findings of this investigation."


Anonymous said...

While I applaud Joe Moscato and Citizens In Action for pushing a public meeting with Lozinski, I do understand why the investigator declined the invite.

Why jeopardize the investigation and future criminal charges right now? I know he was hired by Auberger but I really think this investigator is on the up and up. Otherwise, we would not have had all the top brass of GPD arrested or forced to retire.

Auberger is up to his eyeballs in this mess. And just my opinion but I don't think this investigator is willing to ruin his entire career covering up for old Johnny Boy. The crap will hit the fan soon.

Anonymous said...

While we may learn more in the coming weeks, I doubt we'll ever get the whole story. I'll be shocked if we're even told the entire cost! We're dealing with a secretive town government.