Friday, September 04, 2009

"Leadership With Integrity"

That's the headline on the Greece Democrats website.

"Auberger opponent in Greece stresses business aid" was the headline in the D&C announcing an economic summit scheduled for 3PM today at 2300 W. Ridge Road.

SCATS ~~ I'm told by a friend who went there to attend this summit that no one knew anything (others in the office bldg were asked) about any such meeting! In other words, no summit could be found. Is integrity out the window already?


Anonymous said...

Didn't Scats post that meeting here Wednesday Sept 2 at 9:30 ?
So why didn't anyone know about it? Did they need personal invitations? This is confusing.
Why were friends of scats complaining that no one knew about it? Scats also posted a link to the source which was a story in the D and C.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Did the event take place?

SCATS said...

To 6:58PM ~~ Yes, SCATS posted about it. You misunderstood today's BLOG. Someone went to the named location at the appointed time to attend the summit. THERE WAS NO SUMMIT TO ATTEND. No one at that address knew where this event was supposed to transpire within that building.

SCATS said...

Given the apparent lack of clarity, I've reworded the BLOG ;)

Anonymous said...

It wasn't a media event. It's my understanding he got together with a bunch of business leaders and discussed ideas on how to turn the town around and get business booming in Greece as well as creating jobs and filling empty storefronts.

I don't know why you're saying there wasn't anything. Or what exactly whoever was supposed to have been there was expecting?

The concept to me certifies Maloney's commitment to integrity and leadership BOTH. When is the last time Auberger asked local business for anything other than a campaign contribution?

Probably just misrepresentation due to the poorly written article in the D&C.

Anonymous said...

Again SCATS, what was this person expecting? Did they bother to read the sign in the foyer that said to go to the suite on the 2nd floor?

I guess some people need a guide dog!

SCATS said...

To 7:14PM ~~ At the end of the D&C article was the following information:
"Maloney will hold an economic development summit at 3 p.m. Friday at 2300 W. Ridge Road."

Why would Maloney or his people publicize that if he didn't intend to let community members attend? That makes NO sense at all.

Anonymous said...

You will have to ask Meeghan. It was a business summit - not a community forum. I think maybe a slant created again from poor reporting. Who knows.

SCATS said...

To 7:16PM ~~ I was told that other people in that office bldg were asked about where this summit was being held. They knew nothing. I guess everyone needed a sign in a larger font, more conspicuous location and with an easier message to spot, if in fact there was such a sign in place at the proper time.

Anonymous said...

Joe Robach's office is in the same building. Maybe they took down the sign, and sent a couple of lackey's to the foyer to redirect.

SCATS said...

To 7:24PM ~~ I'm asking Maloney & his campaign people, right here and right now. I doubt the reporter went out of her way to publicize something like that unless she was told about it and/or asked to include it in the story ... in either case, telling her could be expected to lead to such publicity, right? My point is: Why mention it at all, especially to a reporter, unless you want people to attend?

Anonymous said...

So you're asking why you would mention to the media that you're trying to do something good for the community while you're running for office?

Let me think about that one for a while.

SCATS said...

To 7:37PM ~~ Nice attempt to twist the idea;) I'm asking why would someone give the media a date, time and location for an event if the event isn't supposed to be either publicized or open to the public? That makes NO sense.

Anonymous said...

7:16pm sounds like they were there, so how about telling us who attended and the highlights of the discussion? Or was it a secret meeting held behind closed doors? You know, the type our current administration does so well!

Anonymous said...

I thought you were calling Maloney? Did he answer the phone?

SCATS said...

To 7:56PM ~~ I don't know who you are asking. If you meant me, I never said I was calling anyone. But I will email the reporter in question ;)

Anonymous said...

Remember a little bit ago the city had a meeting about the business downtown in the wake of the ren square sinking and I was disappointed as I was unable to attend. Even though I live in Greece I am interested in the city. This was another case of the people holding the meeting for a select few and not the public. Not even the regional transit was invited. (ironic since many of the issues involve them)
Surprised people were apparently turned away after reporters were given a few sound bites. And I heard about that meeting on the radio. So it would seem the politicos want publicity and attaboys for having activity sessions for themselves.
Sounds like they like to play "public service" with themselves.

Anonymous said...

7:28 - I can't believe that would be true. Someone from Maloney's camp would have busted them. But a call to Robach's office should clear this up. I'll report back tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Just got a brainstorm. This summit bait and switch is another negative and irresponsible action by Maloney camp. Very frustrating and more and more not willing to cast a vote for the "anyone but the incumbent."
Why don't we all vote for Auberger and have him preside over the mess that is left. Even better have a total town board that is democrat with Lonesome Jack left at the helm. Definitely replace the board with newcomers.

SCATS said...

To 8:26PM ~~ Oddly enough, the address of this building has been used by political campaigns in the past for "meetings" that other people also could not locate. I was suspicious when I saw that no Suite number was given in the article ... that's exactly what happened in the past ... no Suite number ... no "open" meeting ... potentially no meeting at all ...

SCATS said...

To 8:33PM ~~ I've proposed that too, as a means for holding JA accountable for all his sins. While it sounds good in theory, it's probably very risky in reality. And I'm sure it will waste a lot of time cleaning up.

SCATS said...

For the record, I don't believe what 7:28PM suggests, either ... though it is tempting :)

Anonymous said...

Depending on the election outcome will "The Shredder" be utilized ???
Why does the movie Transformers come to mind.
Who is Optimus Prime in the Town Hall?

SCATS said...

The reporter, Meaghan McDermott, has responded to my email regarding the mention in her article about this economic summit. She wrote: "Maloney mentioned the event during his press conference at the old eckerd earlier in the week. It was my understanding it was open for anyone who wanted to go."

Just as I thought.

Anonymous said...

Meaghan's response confirms Maloney announced the event to the press with the intent to encourage the public's participation. Others here have said there were signs directing the public to the meeting. Pretty simple deduction that this meeting was open to the public. I'd expect Dan would want plenty of people there to show all of the support he has in this campaign.

If the event he announced did in fact occur, what are the details of how it went?

If it didn't take place, I'm pretty perplexed too as to why. I agree with others here - not very well executed.

Anonymous said...

Will Maloney keep his position as president of his union at delphi if he wins?

SCATS said...

To 8:58PM ~~ I rechecked with my friend who attempted to go to this event. I'm told there were no signs, the parking lots were all nearly empty and the person did in fact go to the second floor in addition to asking others if anyone knew where this summit was taking place.

The reporter sent another note that basically concurred with what I said from the gitgo: Why would someone announce at a press conference that they're holding a summit on economic development at a specific time and place unless they wanted people to attend? And if they wanted people there, why not post appropriate signage? Frankly, I'm very disappointed.

Anonymous said...

so pretty much maloney lied to the people of greece? this is the type of leadership he wants to bring to greece. say what you will about auberger but maloney cant even follow up on a meeting that he announced to the press. it seems to be just a case of a wannabe politician and mediorce politician who is getting poorly advised by people around him

Anonymous said...

Maybe he is a person that volunteered to run thinking he didn't have a chance and due to the problems in Greece now finds he might get elected. Uh-oh.

SCATS said...

To 11:04PM ~~ I'm not ready to characterize it that way so soon. Give it some time. Maybe there was an emergency or some other explanation. I will say that I'm disappointed that we didn't get to hear anything about how he would handle economic issues in this town. It's an important topic.

To 11:32PM ~~ Maybe your imagination is running away with you ... ut-oh!

Anonymous said...

Altghough if it was cancelled for some legitimate reason, the reporter would have been contacted to get the word out. A story could have gone up on the D&C and Greece Post websites within minutes. I hope this meeting wasn't announced just to get some press covergae but there was no intention to even put it togtether.

Anonymous said...

It went out the window when we saw the gta endorcements.

Anonymous said...

it could be just a dumb mistake or campaign screw up.

Not the best thing but not the end of the world either.
Don't let it happen again though

SCATS said...


Anonymous said...

Or you could just call Vince Moyer, at Moyer, Russi & Randall, the law firm whose office hosted the summit.

Yes, such a major conspiracy!

SCATS said...

To 10:37AM ~~ If it's all that simple then why wasn't the press told who was hosting it when the announcement was made? If you are going to call a press conference and then at that event announce the time, date and address of an upcoming "economic summit" then by all means assume no one wants to attend ;)

If this portends of things to come, I'm getting a bit nervous. This is strike two for me this week with Maloney at bat.

Anonymous said...

10;37 What is the major conspiracy implied?
No one said there was a conspiracy. It just looks like another arrogant exclusive person running for office who will be just as close minded and cloaked as everyone is accusing the present powers of behaving. The surprise is that we were made aware of his penchant for closed government before he got elected. Usually there is a honeymoon period.

SCATS said...

By the way 10:37AM, since you know so many of the details, please fill us in on the discussion/highlights of this summit. Thank you.

SCATS said...

To 11:01AM ~~ I think there are a number of different ways to characterize this. It all depends on if you actually believe a summit occured. I'm leaning towards the "very skeptical" since I'm told the parking lots were nearly empty at the appointed time and location. But then again, maybe they all parked at the mall and walked across Ridge Rd for the excerise ...

Anonymous said...

@10:30 - This isn't just some minor snafu. Dan has claimed to make economic development a major apect of his campaign. That's a good thing. He went so far as to hold a press conference on it where he announced an ec. dev. summit, gave a date/time & location for interested people to come to. Another good thing. But seemingly never even held the event? That's a very bad thing.

With no clear explanation from Dan or the campaign, people here are right to question this.

We rightfully expect a lot from our elected officials and those seeking elected office. If Dan (or anyone for that matter) does not follow through on their pledges and promises, their competancy and sincerety should be questioned and scrutinized.

Please note that I am not slamming Mr. Maloney as we have yet to hear back from him on this. SCATS is doing a good job on this topic - asking questions and offering the opportunity for an explanation. If he is not forthcoming or if a clearly weak response is given, this entire issue becomes one of understandable continued concern.

I will apologize now for any claims or intimations of partisanship I have made towards SCATS throughout this campaign.

All people may lean a particular way based on the information at hand (and this issue may not change any minds in the long run) but, at the very least, reporting on this issue clearly shows SCATS is not "in Maloney's camp."

Kudos for calling it what it is and as you see it.

SCATS said...

To 12:38PM ~~ Thank you! And to think I didn't even have to pay you for that ;) lol

If there's ONE THING I EXPECT from our elected officials or candidates, it's honesty. Say what you mean. Mean what you say. If you screw up, tell us about it! Don't blame someone else for what YOU did.

Anonymous said...

SCATS love it when people kiss up to him. Don't you SCATS? Or is it rats?

50 million things I hate about Greece by SCATS. Why do I live here? Even I don't have the answer to that.

SCATS said...

To 2PM ~~ I live here because:

1 ~ I can :)

2 ~ Greece needs more people like me ;)

3 ~ To annoy you! :D

Anonymous said...

questions for 2pm:

What do you love about the town government in greece?

What do you love about sexual harassment and coercion by police officers in Greece?

What do you love about a police officer being hired when he has problems with drugs and alcohol in Greece?

what do you love about the administrators that allowed an officer with those problems to skate through in Greece? until he almost killed someone and got caught.

What do you love about shredding of evidence in Greece?

What do you love about obstruction of justice in Greece?

What do you love about officials lying on sworn documents in Greece?

What do you love about hiring law firms after they have already billed the school district in Greece?

What do you love about harassing older teacher in Greece?

What do you love about a person that is in charge of children in Greece taking alcohol?

What do you love about exiting employees taking our school property and justifying it by citing a policy written after the fact by the thief?

Anyone got any more questions for this "lover" at 2pm about what there is to love in Greece?

And I live here because there is still hope that all of this will be cleaned up.

SCATS said...

To 3:06PM ~~ Sadly, your list is but the tip of the iceberg. You forgot to mention:

Secret/closed door meetings, no public discussion and no dissenting votes by town board members;

Preprinted agendas noting who will "move" and "second" each item ... even naming new board members who haven't been sworn-in yet;

Using phone banks at Town Hall to promote/"get out the vote" for certain candidates;

Doctoring police reports;

Sending out emails to specific BOE members to "cut off at the knees" certain other BOE members;

Building/hiding broadcast studios;

Giving away lifetime FAMILY HEALTH CARE BENEFITS behind most everyone's back;

Failing to investigate crimes committed by colleagues;

Ignoring policy, law & ethics whenever it suits GCSD;

Failure to learn from past mistakes (I can't wait until the Comptroller revisits!) ...

I could go on for hours, but I won't. I don't want 2PM to cry.

Diane said...

I tell you make ME even want to move...and I always loved this town! ;D

SCATS said...


Diane said...

I've seen such a steady decline and it's all so overwhelming...did the town grow too big to handle responsibly? I'm not liking the fact that Northgate project gets blocked on a continued basis...must be those who are against it like living with the decay. If they think THAT'S going to improve their property value..they're only fooling themselves. And who wants to live around people with miserable attitudes?

I'm so disgusted with the whole thing, I'd rather move, remember how Northgate really used to be..and let all those stubborn RAW people live with the decline.

My daughter just bought a house away from Greece and will move soon..she WAS looking forward to Walmart, but hey...let the place rot-that's what the people obviously want.

How do Joe Moscato, Shawn Lavin, and Dan Maloney stand on this issue?.I'd be curious to really know their answers.

Anonymous said...


1. The town has declined because of crony politics and government by people incapable of addressing greece's emerging problems.

2. Despite the mess at Northgate the RAW people arenotthe problems. There are many many downsides to Wal-Mart stores. In the long run Wal mart stores cause many more problems then they solve.

There were other viable alternatives that were not pursued

Anonymous said...

Sue the town for failure to uphold the existing codes of the Town.

They are in place to be enforced. They are ignored so that they can "force" their will on others.

Be it Walmart or Pop's Sicles, there is no excuse for the decay except that the Town leaders don't like the 1st, 2nd or 3rd wards. Those are the "poor" city overflow areas. Now the FOURTH WARD - that's Camelot! Lots of land, nice big houses, plenty of BIG tax bills, lots of open space - yeah, that's the life. Unless you can grab yourself a nice one cheap on Edgemere. Right Mr. Auberger?

Anonymous said...

@2:00 - No one is kissing up to SCATS. I've not agreed with him/her on a great many issues but I'd be no different from the political hacks that troll here if I didn't acknowledge the fairness of this post. Why don't you try and add something to this discussion. This post has nothing to do with hating where you live. Dan Maloney misrepresented a major aspect of his campaign and got caught not following up on an event he announced to the press and invited Greece residents to participate in. That was a bad move on Dan's part.

So far he and his campaign have disregarded a request to simply provide some information on why he did this. At this point, it's becoming obvious that this is something he doesn't intend to respond to.

I'm beginning to think that this is quickly approaching the "broken campaign promise" level. If he does something like this now when he's not in charge of this town, why should we believe he's capable of actually running it in the top leadership post.

He created this issue all on his own. My opinion of him and whether anyone does or does not support him is secondary to him messing up pretty big time here.

Anonymous said...

@6:31 - RAW is the SOLE reason for Walmart not being built by now at Northgate. Don't try and spin this onto anyone else.

RAW's lawsuits have held this project up for years. Plain and simple. Many people in many areas can be considered responsible for decline in an area. Please do not make excuses for this group's actions which have done nothing to help improve the situation.

BTW, please explain your point about how the store itself causes problems. Actually, building it creates jobs; people will work there after it's built; the area will be cleaned up; other businesses will be located there; it'll add to the tax base. So I guess I don't know what kind of "problems" you are talking about.

I'd love to hear your reasoning and what you really feel the issues are. Please, go ahead but be prepared to defend your comments.

Anonymous said...

7:11 and 7:24 you are right. This candidate is stubbornly ignoring our questions. We know he must have people that read this. If he didn't he would be a poor candidate. And we assume the reporter might have asked him a question about the event that didn't happen.
And you are right about the RAW. They sued and so far have not won but keep on appealing. When will that stop? So far the petition is not against the particular store but the way the town approved the application. (supposedly...that is their legal weapon but fear is the real reason)
Every court so far has said the town acted properly. But they can still continue appealing since they really don't want that store there and must have lots of money for lawyers.

We all know what they are REALLY afraid of and they will not put it in print.

Diane said...

Fourth ward is not so great..they have Creek House Commons...LOTS of problems there-subsidized housing, trouble there like English Village. Elmridge is nothing great either.

This whole mess is like being on a runaway train...bad leadership, bad parenting from those who's IQ is lower than their shoe size, street crime, bickering neighbors, vacated stores from the Mall to forsaken Ngate to Stone Rd to Long Pong/Ridge...all I see is a wreck ahead.

When will it end? When will it get better? after I'm dead? This town used to have people who cared, people who were nice and helpful, people who enjoyed having the convenience of having stores close by. Whoever had the bright idea of building 2 large malls side by side..and then JOINING them besides killed Dewey area, killed Northgate little shops.

At least Walmart (for all its faults) was going to pay for the refurbishing of the ENTIRE area...something the town would never do! and something NO OTHER store will ever offer to do.

I hope those people who belong to RAW continue to live in the slum they seem to enjoy...their "viable" other options included ideas from the guy who owns Herrara's Mkt...HA! Has anyone ever seen that filthy store??? Like THAT plaza is "successful".

"Birds of a feather flock together..and so do pigs and swine;
Rats & mice will have their choice..and so will I have mine".

Diane said...

and BTW...considering this is Labor Day weekend, I wouldn't expect any politician to expound on anything. And for that reporter who called it a "Summit" (was that HER terminology?)..was it posted as such that said "PUBLIC INVITED"? I didn't take it that way at all...I just assumed it was a bunch of guys getting together to talk about stuff..not necessarily 'resolving' anything..but just opening up discussion.

Anonymous said...


Low wages
Has deliberate policies to drive out local businesses
profit goes to Sam Walton heirs to carry out culture wars not to local workers or businessman. They impoverish rather than enrich the areas they enter.

Very low quality goods.Exploits poor third world workers even moer than most

Sexist polices
Few benefits
Actively punishes pro-union activities
Indoctrinates workers
Draws crime

Too many Greece residents have become so filled with self-hatred that they attack those who try to stand up for a better community for Greece.

There are and will be many drawbacks

Diane said...

One other thing..this RAW group is having their very own taxes pay for the defense AGAINST asinine is THAT? So I should keep funding this merry-go-round that's going nowhere?

Don't they realize their "stalling" the project prohibits ANY kind of development of that area? Stupid is as stupid does.

Brockport's got a nice Walmart in a nice plaza...some very beautiful residential homes, too. I don't see those people bickering and squabbling because Walmart came to town.

Maybe they should move the cemetery down by Northgate...then they can have all the peace & quiet they want.

Diane said...

To 8:19...keep your slum..enjoy your "better community"...stalling gets you nowhere.

Anonymous said...

I read that Summit remark as the same thing Diane, not an invite, but simply to state he was working on solutions.

Now his email is on his website, and so is his phone number. If anyone really cared (which I don't) why wouldn't they just call the dude?

Whine wine Whine (hick)

Anonymous said...


All across the country and in other parts the world. Walmart has been subject to extensive criticism and lawsuits for predatory practices and unjust treatment of workers.Are all these people just whiners.

The question of wal-mart's effects on the communities it colonizes is a very serious one, and needs a more serious and less dismissive attitude. It not about dissing some group you don't like.

Diane said...

to 8:35: exactly! I've called him and he's always returned the calls at his convenience (but it's always been prompt!).

And that Meagan McDermott...her "reporting" leaves a lot to be desired anyway. What do you's the D&C. ;)

and back to the NGate issue: I heard that if Walmart doesn't move in..McDonald's is pulling out. So Good! Perfect! Beautiful! Way to Go!...another vacant bldg contributing to the "plight for a better community".

I mean..who needs a 24 fast food restaurant anyway, right? One that pays a landscaper to keep the grounds appealing. what.

But the RAW residents will be thrilled because they get to keep STALLING and living with a rat-infested plaza. They can't even bring any new "ideas" before the town..they just get to stall, stall, stall. And pay, pay, pay.

Diane said...

Take your argument to THREE courts who uphold the decision that Walmart can move into Northgate.

And hey...I'm joining the Raw group...I want things to be kept like the 'sithole' it a testimony to the "citizens working towards a better community". I hope it lasts YEARS AND YEARS.

Anonymous said...

Go back to SCATS' 6:58 comment. Regardless of the fact that Dan didn't want residents there, someone DID go and DID NOT find any meeting taking place.

So another point is, did Maloney lie about having a meeting to discuss economic development issues? He tells the press he's having one, gives time/date/place but it never happens, and someone finds out.

That's even worse!

Is the problem with Walmart that they're not a union or government run company?

Does anyone really know what RAW's problem is with Walmart? Is it union related, or because they're big box or because of the dreaded "those people." Oh my!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting review by an outside lawyer. About the dilemma of the RAW group. The courts say that the zoning board is allowing a proper commercial use of the property. We knew that already but this article is showing that we are of interest to some people elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Here is a blog that shows candidate Maloney pretty close with the leader of the RAW Mr. Rice. So we could guess where he stands on this issue.

SCATS said...

To all ~~ Mr. Maloney's credibility is very much on the line with me and not only for the summit that couldn't be located.

On 8/23/09, I emailed Dan to request that he answer several economic/fiscal management type questions after I saw his interview on YNN the previous day. This was well before the announcement of the "Economic Summit" in the Sept. 2nd edition of the D&C.

Hearing nothing, I emailed his personal email account a couple of days later at the suggestion of someone who has worked with him. It was a "reminder."

On 9/2/09, after another apparent reminder by the person who gave me his personal email address (I provided that person with a copy of my previous email to Maloney and complained that I had gotten no response. I believe they forwarded it to him and told him to respond!), I finally received a brief email questioning whether I had received an earlier email from him explaining how busy he had been and his promise to tend to the matter over the holiday weekend.

I can assure everyone, I did not receive any such email. In my 3.5 years of running this BLOG, this is the very first time I've had any issues concerning an email becoming "lost."

After all of the wonderful things I'd heard about how responsive Dan Maloney and his fellow candidates have been to people making inquiries, I am quite perplexed by the difficulties I've encountered communicating with him.

Since not a single sole has written to say they attended this economic summit or to tell us what transpired there, I'm finding it more difficult to believe by the minute that any such summit actually happened.

Tick ... tick ... tick ...

Anonymous said...

Here's a theory that is as good as any:

The Summit was scheduled and announced and none of the invitees accepted or showed up. Rather than announce a cancellation, the campaign could have banked on community apathy - if no audience shows up anyway, it dosn't matter if the cancellation was never announced.

I mean, scheduling it for a Friday afternoon before a long holiday weekend wasn't the best tactical plan anyways, unless the plan was to not really have to go through with it as far below the radar as possible. And look, it almost worked!

If an emergency or other situation caused the cancellation, itis still suspect that no announcement was made or sign posted, because how would the campaign know that barely anyone would show up?

Anonymous said...


By invitees I mean those invited to participate, not those invited to observe (which I know it is still unclear whether or not observers were thought to be welcome). I, however, don't think that the date, time, and place should be announced to the public if you don't want the public to show up!

SCATS said...

To 10:39 PM ~~ I agree with you. If you don't want or expect "outsiders" to attend, you say: "I'm holding an economic summit on Friday." If you do want them to attend, you say: "I'm holding an economic summit at 3PM on Friday at 2300 W. Ridge Rd."

Even the reporter thought it was open to all.

SCATS said...

In my 10:14PM comment, make that "soul" not "sole" even though something is starting to smell fishy ... :)

Anonymous said...

LOL. PS - What, no wink SCATS?

I'm a sucker for detail. ;)

Anonymous said...

9/04/2009 7:14 PM, are you still here? SCATS and/or others have asked you about any details you might have because you seem (by your post) to know what went on.

Any light you could shed would be very helpful.

Anonymous said...

9/4 7:14 and 7:24 tried really hard to blame this on McDermott. At least she contacted SCATS with some info. That's more than Maloney has done so far.

And no, I'm not her. Just calling it as I see it. What's fair is fair.

SCATS said...

To 12:47AM ~~ To clarify, I contacted her to ask about the announcement of the summit at the press conference she covered. As per my comment on 9/04/2009 8:50 PM, you can see her response.

Anonymous said...

I should have said "responded to SCATS."

I'm getting very irritated by the reluctance of those here who obviously know what went down on Friday to share. Now I'm curious to know who attended and what the recommendation and outcomes were. That's if the event even happened.

Was it just retail business owners? Were developers invited? Were employees of these businesses allowed to go?

Did they talk about the proposed Walmart? Now it looks like people are asking where Maloney stands on that issue. I know it's probably a tough one for him but by now he's got to be yea or nea.

Anonymous said...

Scats; or anyone with knowledge some clarification please.
IE; Northgate
The RAW group is working with the democrats to fight Wal-Mart?
Is the concern with Wal-Mart or any change to Northgate?
The law suits have been in reference to what?
Are the democrats concern with Wal-Mart being non-union? In other words what is the democrats dog doing in this fight?

Diane said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
SCATS said...

BLOG Administration has deleted the previous posting by "Diane" and reposting the first portion of it below. The second portion is a lengthy, sarcastic rant using named individuals to convey again on a personal level much of what was better said by the portion that's reposted here:

Diane said...
Thank you 10:04/09...those articles were verrrrry interesting.

I'm no fan of Aubergers..but you'd think he'd push this project through to show his commitment to furthering the development of Greece! (knowing full well, Dems may continue to stall the issue)..however, I AM a Dem and confused by the fact that people like Donn Rice can influence any political would-be leader.

Those comments left in the article all agreed Dan Maloney needs to distance himself from Donn Rice..those photos and connection to him for stalling the Walmart project could be very damaging and cost him the race (sad to say). When we all voted LAST time around..Walmart was a big issue THEN and people kept the Republicans to safeguard the decision to keep Walmart! I just don't get this at all.

SCATS said...

To 12:03PM ~~ I share your sense of frustration and impatience. It's a lot like calling Town Hall and wanting to speak to the current Supervisor, isn't it?

I promise to post/communicate anything I receive that responds to the issue of the summit, the participation (or not) of two Dem. candidates in the GTA protest last week, the Dem's position on Walmart and/or the responses to the financial mgmt questions I sent to Mr. Maloney.

What makes all of this silence even tougher for me to swallow is the fact that a link to this BLOG mysteriously appeared on Dan Maloney's web page about 2 weeks ago. Go figure.

SCATS said...

To 12:24PM ~~ I don't think anyone here can answer your questions. We need to hear from the Democrats in some direct way, or from one of their campaign people at the least.

The failure to go on the record about so many financial issues at this late juncture doesn't bode well, in my opinion.

I consider this thread to BE CLOSED unless I receive answers to the questions posed, or some other new info to share. The rest of this horse is still dead.

Anonymous said...

Here is a front page editorial by Heather Knappen who is Maloney's campaign manager. Metro Justice is a city organization although anyone can join. From the position of the photo of Northgate it would seem that her editorial approves of the sentiments in the caption which is against the Walmart. We can only predict that her boss Maloney, although he is careful to never openly state an opinion, is against Walmart. Or he will be in trouble if he gets elected and comes out in favor of the superstore.

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here is the link

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I am Dan Maloney, and I can see that there has been much discussion regarding the Greece Economic Summit that was hosted by the law firm of Moyer Russi & Randall, 2300 Ridge Road, 2nd Floor, large conference room in Greece. The public was invited to attend, as Meaghan McDermott reported in her article dated September 2, 2009 titled “Auberger opponent in Greece stresses business aid”. There were signs posted on the first floor, the second floor, and the 4th floor, which is the headquarters to the Greece Democratic Committee candidates as well. The phone number for my campaign headquarters is 723-6335, and anyone in our community can contact me at any time. I have been busy trying to knock on all of the doors of the good people in our town of Greece, and 54 miles of town can be quite an effort. If I am delayed in responding on here, it’s because I am truly committed to concentrating and listening to and meeting all of our community’s residents, and incorporating their ideas into plans we can make a reality when I am elected, something my opponent has failed to do for years.

This meeting was called due to the need to form an alliance for the future of small and medium sized businesses in Greece. The current administration has created an unfriendly environment for small business to thrive in our community. I have heard this over and over as I have met with many of our town’s residents and business owners. Many businesses in Greece have stated they are over-regulated, and find little help or assistance in trying to turn their ideas into long-term success in Greece. Because of the downsizing of many of the large, industrial corporations in our area, such as Eastman Kodak, and Xerox Corporation, many of those laid off employees will often times tie on a ladder to their truck, or hang a shingle on an office in Greece, hoping that they can make up the difference needed to meet their financial obligations of a mortgage payment, utilities, insurance, food, and transportation. But the sad reality is that most of these small business ventures fail within the first year of operations.

As a community, we may all see or realize those shifts in the work force and the impact on our community in many ways. Perhaps it’s an empty storefront on a local corner, a neighbor who has struggled to make ends meet since becoming unemployed, a foreclosure on a neighbor’s property, or perhaps it’s even you or a member of your family. With a community the size of Greece, we know we can do more.

Let met start by thanking Mr. Vincent Moyer of the law firm of Moyer Russi & Randall, who was kind enough to host this summit at his office. Many of you may know Mr. Moyer as a distinguished member of our community, and former board member with the Greece Chamber of Commerce. Throughout the campaign, I have received numerous calls from retired business executives who have stated that they are willing to volunteer their services in a “brain trust” to help small and medium sized business flourish and give Greece a brighter future and increased employment opportunities for our residents. If elected, I plan to bring together all forces to bear to make this a reality. It’s all about job creation – creating jobs for small and medium-sized businesses and continuing to support the larger business in our community.

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In attendance at the meeting were myself (which, by the way, my Chevrolet Blazer clearly “wrapped” with “Elect Dan Maloney for Greece Town Supervisor” was parked right in the front of the building, along with the other attendees vehicles) were representatives from the West Side Business Network, a well-known group of small business owners who want to see Greece become a more business-friendly community. There are currently over 40 businesses within this group that have a vested interested in the future of Greece. Their membership consists of business owners, managers and employees who connect with other west side businesses. Also in attendance was Mr. James Bertolone, representing the Rochester Labor Council, (, a collaborative of Rochester’s organized labor unions and workers. Also in attendance were individual local business owners as well as a few local residents.

The discussion was based on first-hand experience on the over regulation of businesses in Greece, and the unfriendly environment for small and medium sized businesses and how we can make it easier, and friendlier for businesses to succeed. In doing so, we also create jobs, and economic stability for our entire community when we bring forward all the forces we have to bear, including the Greece Chamber of Commerce, the Westside Business Network, the Small Business Administration (SBA), and the Small Business Investment Company (SBIC - whose mission “is to improve and stimulate the national economy and small businesses by stimulating and supplementing the flow of private equity capital and long term loan funds for the sound financing, growth, expansion and modernization of small business operations while insuring the maximum participation of private financing sources.”

When elected, it is my intention to develop an Economic Development Group that will focus on effectively creating and prospering the growth of new business and jobs in Greece. We cannot idly sit by and wait for business to come to Greece. We need to make certain that business knows that they can count on our community to help them establish and grow their business, and that the groups and agencies that are currently in existence, including the Town Hall, will be there to help them every step of the way. It’s what our community deserves, it’s what our residents deserve, and it’s what business wants. As your supervisor, I will continue to listen and act on the concerns of our community, and will strive to continually make Greece a place where the town motto of “Discover The Promise” actually means something.

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Please feel free to visit my website at, or email me at or call me at 723-6335. You can also join me at my next get together on Sunday, September 13th from 3:00 PM til 6:00 PM at the Braddock’s Bay State Park Lodge. I would love to have the opportunity to discuss the issues that are most important to you. Thank you all for the incredible support I have received from our community!

And to SCATS...I will be responding directly to the questions you have put forward after this holiday weekend. It's a working weekend for me, and I will be marching in the Labor Day Parade, but you have my word that you will be receiving answers to your questions.

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Unfortunately 2:37 the site's newsletters cannot be accessed...but thanks for your summation anyway.

SCATS said...

Diane ~~ I had no problem accessing the entire 12 page document. Perhaps you need to try to empty your computer's cache ... ?

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Maloney's associated with Metro Justice? Thanks for the link to that story. I never would have known that by reading his website. Sorry but that's just another deal breaker for supporting him. You want your taxes to go through the roof? Let Metro Justice and AQE have a puppet in town government. and sorry, but I'm not paying for the chance to meet Dan on the 13th. Notice he didn't say "feel free to come to my fundraising event" which is what that event is.

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