Thursday, September 03, 2009

How Much Did Your Child's School Supplies Cost?

SCATS ~~ An item about saving money on back-to-school needs by shopping at thrift stores really caught my eye! It cites a study on the costs with figures that astounded me. What do you think? Too high? About right? Too low?

"... average school supplies for an elementary school child cost $473. The same study showed the supplies for a high school student cost an average of $999." ~~ Huntington Natl Bank study


Anonymous said...

All I know is in my family, there's 2 sets of grandparents helping out the 4 grandchildren with purchasing the supplies, clothing, outerwear, etc. With the rising costs of everything to raise a family, help is always needed (and appreciated).

But it's not enough just to "buy" the stuff-we also make sure they follow through with good study habits, good grades.( We want a return for our "investment" ;D.)

Anonymous said...

What were the parameters for this study? What are they counting as "school supplies?" We shop around and even with the classroom-use care package (we didn't do that when we were young but I don't have a problem with it) we don't have to spend as much as that.

Anonymous said...

What is a classrom-use care package?

SCATS said...

To 12:07PM ~~ I suspect it includes various necessities to make teacher's life more livable given his/her low income salary :D

PS ~~ I sure hope none of that Kleenex, wet wipes or hand sanitizer makes its way out of the building.

Anonymous said...

I spent less than $20 on his backpack and two sets of "required supplies". After coupons and sales, it was relatively cheap to do so. He's only in pre k though so we got off with a pretty light list.

We did spend around $160 on clothes, undergarments and shoes but I thought that we went quite a bit overboard. As we got a little closer to the start of school, I realized that my son wouldn't fit into a lot of the clothes we bought so $50 of that was for "emergency stock". Lol!

I don't know where the heck these people get their numbers from!

Anonymous said...

"School supplies" are not the same as school clothing. Even at that, I'd never spend $400+ on my high school kid let alone the middle schooler. "Let them wear KMart!"

Anonymous said...

Total we only spent about $25 on 2 kids 2nd and 4th grade. Much less than we spent at our private school last year.
Complete aside - but does anyone know if the Greece schools are intending on showing the Obama speech Tues?

Anonymous said...

Were these studies a national average or a state or local average? And what do they consider "supplies"..all things connected to getting them ready for the school year including clothing? Maybe the study was including book purchases? Those figures seemed high...however if sports attire, etc needs to get purchased, it adds to the cost.

And yes, even though we help out our kids (as stated previously)--we shop the sales & bargain stores, use store coupons. Anything helps.

On a side note: how do you feel about the swine flu vaccine for kids when it comes out in October?