Monday, September 21, 2009

GTA Filing For Conciliation; Wants New Contract

The Sticking Points Are:
Current 90% District Contribution For Health Insurance;
Current Average of 4% Annual Salary Increases

“They need to understand bargaining is a two-way street — so far, it hasn’t been.”  ~~ Don Pallozzi, GTA Pres.

“We have to continue to work together and be at the table together.” ~~ Julia VanOrman, BOE


SCATS ~~ That's very insightful Julia! Maybe you could share some tea & cookies together at that table ;)

A question to Mr. Pallozzi: Let's assume you got everything GTA asked for. WHAT ARE YOU OFFERING on this "two-way street?"


Anonymous said...

I am liking this superintendent more and more when it comes to the union negotiations. He is not afraid to say that they want more teacher "participation" in the health insurance costs. Also we can't keep up the 4% yearly pay increases. Conceivably we could be at impasse for forever or until one of them blinks and it won't be the district. Unless we get a new superintendent that is in bed with the union. Let's not let that happen. Even though the walts administration and his brief successor were hard on the union it seemed they kept giving them very lucrative packages.
And as for the other lady's What did she mean? Is she still the board president? Why are they quoting her?

Anonymous said...

Blah, blah, blah. Enough with the school district stuff already. People don't care, taxes will go up and the teacher's union will win. There. Get over it already!

Anonymous said...

Four percent at a time of near zero inflation? How many people in the private sector got a four percent raise? Most people I know took a pay cut (unpaid vacation weeks) due to the economy.

GTA - when you have everything, what else can you ask for? Teachers were given great benefits to compensate for low wages. Then wages improved yet teachers kept the benefits. It is killing the school budget. Come on! Lets get back to reality.

Anonymous said...

5:06, Take a look back at some of the "teacher" comments on the parent appreciation day topic during the last few days. Reality, and our Greece teachers couldn't be further away from one another. Not for nothing, but let's also remember that results are going DOWN. I realize this is not soley our teachers fault, but how can any group expect more at a time when the results are less?

Anonymous said...

What does that mean"conciliation"?

The union is requesting that. Is it used as a negotiation term? Does it mean that they are force dto agree on something no matter how horrible?

Anonymous said...

It is also called mediation and someone else from a government agency is brought in to make them reach an agreement. It is done at a table so Julia will be happy.
Let's hope they don't do that. Isn't our tax money better spent on other needs?
Like bribing people to buy cars with $4500.

Anonymous said...

Greece income, inflation adjusted, down 16% over 6 years. (D and C 9.22.2009) Greece school budget up, up and away. And the teachers want more money and to continue very high fringe bemefits. What gall!.

Anonymous said...

The GTA Union needs to read the story on the D&C front page today about how incomes have DECLINED in GREECE. And I quote....."Greece had the largest decline in median household income amoung the local communities when adjusted for inflation. The median household income in Greece declined by 4 percent since 2005 and by 16 percent since 1999.

Get real GTA! And you wonder why you don't get support anymore from the Greece community. Even the PTA ladies don't support increases in your salaries and benefits.

Be thankful you have a freakin job that actually has health care benefits! There are tons of people in our community who are paying through the nose via school taxes who have no health care at all and are barely making ends meet.

Concilliation my rear end. I hope the super and school board tell you all to take a hike!