Friday, September 04, 2009

Flu Season Is Coming ...

Regular Flu = 1 Injection
Swine Flu = 2 Injections 3 weeks apart

Will you get YOUR kids immunized?

GCSD H1N1 Info & Links (An update to the district's "Pandemic Plan" is expected at the Sept. 8th BOE meeting)

Monroe County Health Dept

SCATS ~~ My personal doctor has vaccine for the regular flu shot ready to go. The MCHD website shows NO schedule for the usual "Flu Shot Clinics" as yet. Are they falling behind schedule?


Anonymous said...

We were at the Peds and they too have the flu vac. however they thought that the swine flu vac, if one becomes avail, may not be given through private Drs but rather county sites, and schools.

We have not decided if we will give it to the kids.

SCATS said...

To 9:30AM ~~ That's my understanding too about public flu clinics once the swine flu vaccine becomes available. I'm just surprised that Monroe County doesn't have any schedule set up for dispensing the seasonal flu vaccine yet. The message I was hearing was for people to get their seasonal flu vaccines ASAP so that they could be ready to go as soon as the swine flu vaccine became available. Personally, I'm underimpressed with MCHD's ability to handle anything out of the ordinary.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I was told by our childrens Doctor that he is not using the H1N1 vaccine in it's present state. He claimed that the rapid production of the vaccine made him more nervous than the virus itself. Anyone else heard this?