Friday, September 11, 2009

Do Spelling, Grammar & English Skills Count?

Could We At Least Pretend To Be A School District ?

From pg. 4 of the Adopted Minutes of the August 11, 2009 BOE meeting:

"H1N1 Plan Update
District is putting a response plan in place should there is an outbreak. Parents and the community will be notified of the plan as it develops..."

"Family Support Center
Moving forward with the plan to use West Ridge, however the process is taking longer then anticipated..."

"Work Force Diversity
Steve spoke with Joe Brown, talked about addressing the issues. District was looking at it from a staffing position. Joe talked about expending to the entire district..."

SCATS ~~ No wonder our expending has been expanding. There's confusion over the difference between the two!


Diane said...

Maybe they laid their proofreader off.

Anonymous said...

Proof reader!?!? There's no such job. It's the district clerk's job to take the minutes, type them, yada yada yada

Didn't they give her a huge pay raise a couple years ago? Something like $10,000?

Diane said...

Someone should tell her they have night classes to hone her "skills" ;D.

SCATS said...

To 4:37PM ~~ It was $11,000 several years ago, as I recall.

To Diane ~~ She already works nights, since that's when most BOE meetings are held.

Anonymous said...

how about the flyer sent about the dress code..."no offensive t-shits"

Diane said... that's funny!

Anonymous said...

What flyer and when was it sent? Can you post a copy?

Anonymous said...


SCATS said...

To 10:09AM ~~ Yupper. I blogged about it on 8/16/06 (BOE Meeting Minutes (Draft) Posted Show Raises) when it happened, too. Three people were given hefty raises on a vote of 6-1. The clerk went from $45,694.00 to $56,500.00 that day. Nice huh?

Diane said...

Maybe she can get a job at the D&C. Their editor can't spell either.