Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Comptroller Audits School Lunches

Schools Are Meeting Federal Nutritional Standards
But Junk Food Availability Is "Exceptional"

191 out of 200 vending machine items tested didn't meet suggested guidelines of the Inst. of Medicine


SCATS ~~ A look at GCSD's menu for K-5 in Sept. shows lots of pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers & breaded chicken items. Is our motto: "Let them eat carbs & fat!" ?


Anonymous said...

This year my kids are not buying as much last year, for health reasons.(As of today they have packed everyday) We invested in quality lunch kits amd thermos containers. So far they have loved having food from home and they are learning to prepare and cook a few items.

As a side note the PBJ sandwiches, are now three pices of white bread two layers of peanut butter and oe jelly. All in an effort to increase the protein, yet it also adds on e more slice of sugary white bread.? So for extra 9 g protien they add how much fat and carbs? Not really healthy. Coffee

Anonymous said...

By the time my kids hit middle school, they were completely turned-off by school lunches. They serve such swill in those cafeterias.

I can say that a lot of the offerings on that menu are things I've NEVER EVER served for a meal at home. Nachos are a snack at a ball game, not "lunch." Giant pretzels with ham and cheese?? Who eats that? Popcorn chicken? It has almost no beneficial nutritive value. Yucky!

Anonymous said...

So Doug tell us how you feel about school lunches.

SCATS said...

To 12:28PM ~~ Who is Doug?

By the way, I'm watching your behavior here! I can & will delete without bothering to explain why, since I know you already know the rules. That was obvious the other night ;)

Anonymous said...

What the heck is a "quality lunch kit" and how would I know one if I came across it?

Anonymous said...

Re: Lunch kits; One that has mulitple uses, and will last the school year if not longer. We got the kids the salad kits( Fit Fresh from Wegmans or target) that have utensils, lids with dressing storage and ice pack that snaps into lid, it can also be used for sandwiches that need to stay cold. we also got bento boxes, again re-usable,"Funtainer" thermoses to keep soups and pastas hot, and SIGG water bottles. I meant that they will last, well made, easy to clean and sanitize and serve more than one purpose for food storage, and it cuts down on waste of plastic baggies. We chose to invest some money so that it would be easier to pack healthy lunches and that would reduce waste for enviornmental reasons. Hope that clears it up :) Coffee