Friday, September 25, 2009

Braddocks Marina Operator Wants Town To Help Dredge

Marina operated under contract with Town of Greece has lost 80% of its business

Maloney & Moscato Say Auberger Has Ignored Boaters, Residents

"The town has decided we're not in the dredging business. Dredging is very expensive, benefits only a small number of people — many of whom don't live in town — and isn't permanent." ~~ Jeff McCann, deputy town supervisor
"Small and medium-sized business owners should be given the opportunity to flourish." ~~ Dan Maloney, Dem. candidate for Supervisor who considers it a matter of economic development


Here's the license agreement Greece made with state DEC to manage the Bay area

The DEC says: "The area has also been designated a Significant Coastal Fish and Wildlife Area by the New York State Department of State and was identified as a priority area in the state's 2002 Open Space Conservation Plan."

The DEC Fact Sheet and Assessment Form ranks Braddocks Bay as Irreplaceable

The DEC Summary on Braddock Bay BCA Management Guidance

SCATS ~~ If we can't afford to dredge the bay, then I think Auberger should end all those picnics, concerts and other events he pays for under the big tent. They only benefit a small group and it isn't permanent. (But hey, I realize that's how he gets his votes ;)


Anonymous said...

Rochester and Greece are maybe the only places on earth where the politicians have utterly failed to capitolize on the waterfront resources available to them. Dredging Braddocks should be something done to promote this asset. Our lake and river and other waterways are just that- ASSETS! Why do we have this backwards view? It's beyond my ability to comprehend.

Anonymous said...

It shows both a lack of economic saavy and a callous disregard for our vital public resources.

Auberger seems to care little for the public good just the private crony club he claims is a government

Anonymous said...

The bay is irreplaceable: Auberger is not.

Why do we get everything backwards in this town.

There are many environmental issues in this town. Auggie don't care.

How about the Russell Plant. One of the biggest coal plant polluters in the nations.

Anonymous said...

3:29 Maybe that's why he left his home on the lakeshore.....

Anonymous said...

I bet there is a lot of poison buried at Kodak park.

As Kodak sells our we will be left with the clean up costs.

Anonymous said...

Our area is not rated highly for environment health. We really should be paying attention to our stewardship over nature.

Air pollution alert days have been rising steadily. I think that Ms Julia does or used to work with asthma groups. Where is her voice.
bad air is especially hard on the very young and very old.

Another reason to end Auberger pollution. less ozone

Anonymous said...

What's really sad is that it only costs about 10K to open up the passage.

John Auberger hates Mother Nature.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the $30,000 of our tax dollars that buy the fireworks for the First Bible Baptist church"s 4th of July event. Auberger puts the money where he can buy the votes.