Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some BOE Highlights From the 4 Hour Marathon

* The BOE plans to try to track their unfinished business (What a novel idea!)

* Joe Moscato spoke about how GCSD broke NY State Law by officially hiring the law firm of
Geiger & Rothenberg ONLY AFTER ALREADY EXPENDING $2000+ for services related to Steve Walts health care. The total bill for their services was $7234 ... and then the BOE voted to give Walts a "free pass" on the situation.

Joe also spoke about his inability to obtain via FOIL requests the CARR facilities report (related to structural deficiencies in several bldgs) and the EFP limited audit report that looked at Steve Walts travel and cell phone costs.

* No Union Leaders Addressed The BOE ~~ (Are they boycotting the meetings?)

* Finance Committee ~~ Major budget gap issues are documented for the years 2010-2013

*Faith Committee ~~ They are changing their composition and may rename themselves. (Hallelujah!!)

*Tax levy ~~ Set at a reduced amount of $21.70/$1000 of valuation. (Hallelujah again!!)

*EXCEL Project update ~~ NYSED still hasn't approved the plan. They want emergency strobe lights and other lighting added to the plan at additional cost.

*Swine flu plan ~~ Parents are asked to specifically state why a student was absent upon their return to school. (Yeah, right.)

* Safety Committee ~~ The Supt., union leaders and head of security are discussing an alternative educational plan & program to be provided at an alternative site. (HALLELUJAH!!!!)

*Family Support Center ~~ West Ridge Community Center is presenting challenges since the district doesn't own the building that they want modified. This program may have to start-up in a different location and move when the WR Center is ready.

*GASA Contract approval ~~ BOE adopted this 9 to 0 without a roll call vote and without discussion of how the district benefits. (Sorry Charlie)

SCATS ~~ Thank God Julia's need to continue to lead ("control") the BOE continues. Tydings needs ALL the help he can get!


Anonymous said...

As per the the swine flu request, I am angered as when I called and asked about how many student were absent from 6th grade in my child school, 2nd to last week of classes) I was told they are not able to discuss that with me. As a parent I have the right to know what condition in which my child is in or exposed to. If you expect me as a parent to be forth coming for the good of all I expect the same in return.

I don't have confidence that the schools are prepared for the H1N1 this fall. I am not paniced or alarmed. I would like to be informed when large number are absent with suspected cases so that I can decided what is best for my child, not the district.

Anonymous said...

If the answer was 17 - now what?

Anonymous said...

FERPA laws prohibit schools from sharing information with you. They won't tell you how many kids have AIDS either. This is for good reason so get over it.

SCATS said...

To 7:24PM ~~ The schools CAN TELL YOU that X% of pupils were absent on a given day or that Johnny's class had 7 out of 25 children absent. As long as they don't say "Susie missed school because of strep throat" the info sharing is just fine. In fact, I've seen reports in the media using all sorts of numbers. It shouldn't and needn't be kept secret.

Anonymous said...

This is extra important for families with children that already have compromised immune systems or respitory issues. They desrve to know that something like the H1N1 may be going throught the school in large numbers.

I have a child that is suspectd of having the H1N1, now healthy and recovered after only one other child in my family getting it. It was much worse than the flu. This happened the last day of school. After finding out there were almost 100 kids in her grade absent I question why a letter had not gone home, so that I the parent could make the choice to send to school or not.
It is not asking to much, they already send home strep, pink eye and lice warnings. To keep information from parents is not ethical. I should be given any infromation avail ( with in the law) so tha I can make the choice for what is best for my children and family.

Anonymous said...

So keep your child home if you are worried , that is your choice. The whole city of Rochester is not going to shut down becauseof this possibility. Are you going to stop going to the grocery store ? Or are you going to call every place your child may be going first to see how many people are home because they are ill. You won't know if they are out because of the H1N1 or something else because they can't tell you that and we aren't testing for the H1N1 any more. So everyone could be suspect. People are going to get sick this fall and winter, and it isn't automatically going to be the Swine flu ! It is going to be your parental judgement whether you want to send your child to school or not.

SCATS said...

To 1:40PM ~~ Re: "The whole city of Rochester is not going to shut down becauseof this possibility."

That remains to be seen! If this virus becomes more virulent or mutates into something with more complications & a higher death rate, LOTS OF THINGS may have to be shut down, despite what Maggie likes.

Re: "Are you going to stop going to the grocery store ?"

I change my habits during a typical winter flu season in a number of ways. People might decide to wear disposable gloves & masks and make Rochester look like China if things get bad enough.

Re: People are going to get sick this fall and winter, and it isn't automatically going to be the Swine flu !

True, but given certain symptoms, educated guesses will be helpful.

1:40PM ~~ Would YOU send your child to a birthday party if you knew the host's family had been battling a bug with symptoms of a cough, fever & respiratory issues just a day or so before party time? Or would you take a pass?